Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Diaper Addict Hybrid AI2 - Review

Outside of Diaper
The 1st time I met Amie from The Diaper Addict was last spring.  She was invited to a meet up I was going to by a fellow WAHM that I know.  We met at the mall play place one morning, hung out, chatted and chased some little ones around!  Thinking back on it I believe this was in late March to early April, since I was picking up Baby K's birthday diaper and we were talking about the event.  I was still looking for a couple days to fill in April so Amie was generous enough to donate a set of cloth wipes for one of the days!  This is where things started but it was just the beginning :)

I followed The Diaper Addict on Facebook since our 1st meeting and have kept in touch with Amie.  We would chat every once in a while on Facebook, keep up with each others pages, and the other surface stuff.  During the Olympics was when everything started to go below the surface!  Pretty much everyday I was spotlighting one of the Olympic diapers she made!  I would message her with how many likes, comments, shares, etc. the diapers were getting!

Inside of diaper with both soakers
Not long after the Olympics Amie decided that it was time for me to review an awesome Diaper Addict diaper!!  Was was super excited!  We met one afternoon, locally, and she brought the adorable diaper with her!  It was an AI2 with a cute and fun flower print.  A loved it, and of course she is usually the one to pick the diaper that goes on Baby K's tush!  I could not wait to try it out!

A Little About the Diaper (Hybrid AI2 from Amie)

Smallest Rise Setting & Cross Snapped
Round or Square Wing Foldover Rise AI2 -  a petal soaker is included.  Diapers should fit babies 10-12lbs to 30+lbs but each baby is different, these are just guidelines.  

Outer - Depends on Fabric Choice!!
Hidden - Polyester Fleece
Inner - Polyester Fleece
Petal soaker - two petals, each with two layers of heavy bamboo fleece, top petal has one layer of velour (either cotton or bamboo).

Diapers are made in a home with a beagle.

My Thoughts

Largest Rise Setting but Snapped in Middle
Ease:  I love that you can customize this diaper.  It has the 2 petal soakers that you can snap together and use both or you can use just the top one.  The diaper is super easy to use.  All I do is snap both petals together, snap them into the diaper, put the diaper under Baby K, pull it up over her, fold down the rise and snap.  The petal soakers in this diaper are just as absorbent as the snake style soakers but you don't have to worry about folding them to fit baby!!

When I use it:  I use this diaper at NAP!!  Since it is a Hybrid AI2 it is bulkier than most AI2s.  This is due to the 2 layers of fleece which make the diaper waterproof.  This is not a big deal in the summer when Baby is usually not wearing pants (to show off those diapers) but with winter coming Baby K will need to wear pants.  Sadly I could not fit pants over her tush with this diaper :)  It works great for us for nap though and I wear it under skirts or when we are at home.  The Diaper Addict does make an AI2 that has hidden PUL!!!

Price:  Hybrid AI2s run between $24 and $30ish depending on the fabric.  HTF and special fabrics do make the price higher than a regular fabric diaper.  But this is the way of ALL WAHM diapers.  They would just lose to much money buy purchasing the higher price fabrics and charging the same price.  The Diaper Addicts prices are usually $1-$2 cheaper than other WAHMs.  

Recommend:  I definitely recommend trying a diaper from The Diaper Addict!!  Amie is a wonderful WAHM to work with and she truly cares that ALL of her customers are happy.  She puts time and dedication into all the small things.  Even making sure a label is on your diaper!  In the end you will be more than pleased with the overall experience of a Diaper Addict diaper!!

Overall:  Amie has been on of the best WAHMs I have worked with.  She was super flexible with allowing me to push back the giveaway for a blog hop.  And then she has been super kind in me not getting the review up with the giveaway due to Baby K's rash :(  Thank you so much Amie for all your help, kindness, and understanding!!!  Hope the boys are doing great and can't wait to get together again soon!!!   

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  This diaper was provided by Amie at The Diaper Addict for review.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review.

Pictures of Baby K in the diaper coming soon!  Diapers are in the middle of being disinfected due to a rash and I don't want to reinfect baby :)  Thanks for your understanding! 



  1. I love Amie's diapers. She does wonderful work and they always get to me fast. We currently have at least 6 Diaper Addict diapers, and can't wait to add more. Thanks for the hard work, and keep it up. I LOVE THE DIAPERS I HAVE!

  2. I love how the shape is a little bit different, but it seems to fit him very well.

  3. The fabric is adorable! I like that it's customizable on the absorbency, and I'd love to try one of these. I had a WAHM AI2 once but it leaked like crazy. Made me so sad, because it was really cute!

  4. i haven't tried these yet by my goodness i need to! they look so squishy soft, and the prints are amazing!

  5. really cute diapers. I like that she uses snaps. I really don't like velcro diapers. My big boy takes them off. Recently though, he has figured out how to take snaps off too, so I guess I need to get him potty trained. :P

  6. I've never tried a hybrid ai2 before but I fell in love with her designs during the olympics and would just love to be able to try one. They're a little on the pricey side for our budget, but I'm sure they are worth every penny!

  7. Super cute diaper! Doesn't look all that bulky

  8. I think I'd like to try the one with the hidden PUL! I love all the fabric options and the multiple absorbency choices.

  9. I prefer diapers with PUL but would love to try one of these. I love the fact that you can adjust absorbancy and shoose a slimmer fit or extra absorbancy :)

  10. Never used a AI2 before and this looks like a great one to try. I love hidden pul because it opens up so many more fabric choices

  11. These diapers look amazingly well made!