Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Genghis Grill!!! Super YUMMY!!!

 Last spring we got an awesome new place to eat near where Hubby works.  He had gone there a few times before he finally took me after church one day.  When he explained what it was to me I was super excited to try it out!  You may already know where I am talking about (hint: the title!), but if you don't it is Genghis Grill and you have to check out their website to see if there is one close to you!!!

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

Genghis Grill is build your own stir fry restaurant.  It is not really a sit down place but it is not fast food either.  You go up to their fresh ingredient bar that has around 80 items and choose what you want in your bowl!  1st you grab any proteins you want, then you add your seasonings, top that with your veggies, and pick your sauce in its own little cup!  You then take your bowl up to the big counter to be cooked where you pick your starch.  They cook it for you on a HUGE Mongolian BBQ and bring it to your table when it is finished!!!  Super easy, super yummy and you make it your way!!  You can check here to see what ingredients they offer :)

You defiantly need to check them out sometime soon!!  Make sure to check them out and like them on Facebook for amazing deals, including free appetizers and bowls for sharing the Genghis Grill promotions with your friends!  Also sign up here to become a Khan's Klub member, and receive a free birthday bowl, and other great offers!  Man, now I really want some Mongolian Stir Fry!!!

This is a sponsored post.  It has been sponsored by Genghis Grill!   

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