Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Homeschooling Week 1!! How do you think it went? :)

I know this post is long over due (4 weeks to be exact) but hey things come up being a Mama of 2, homeschooling, and do everything else.  Plus we had a couple of long weekends that included going to PA for a Memorial Service, Father-in-law coming down, my Dad coming up and A's 4th birthday.  So overall I have been a little behind but I am working on catching up!!!

So how did week 1 go?!?!?  I am very surprise and super excited to say that it went GREAT!!!  We had some problems over the summer when we were just getting to know the curriculum and not really "officially" starting school.  But I told her Monday morning (8/20) that we were officially starting school and everything changed.  She was super excited to start and was an excellent listener!!

The entire week went perfect!  I could not have asked for a better start to homeschooling.  Everything in week 1 plus some extra stuff we added got down.  We did some extra art projects, math and writing.  She did give me some problems with writing.  It just seemed like too much at once.  So for now we are putting writing on hold (at least for a couple weeks) and concentrating on really getting in a good rhythm.

So what did we learn this week?!!?  And what did we read?  All kinds of stuff, obviously :)  But A did learn some wonderful things.

Stories we read!

  • Bible
  • Paint for Cherry Blossoms
    • God Makes a Beautiful World
    • God Makes Adam and Eve
    • The World's Saddest Day
  • Mother Goose
    • Old Mother Goose   
    • Jack and Jill   
    • Simple Simon   
    • Mary's Lamb
  • Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book
    • Rabbit and Tiger Save the World
    • The Contented Priest
  • Uncle Wiggily's Story Book  
    • Uncle Wiggily's Toothache
  • Stories from Around the World
    • The Little Sparrow (a story from Japan)
  • Children's Book of Virtues
    • Cherry Blossoms
    • There was a Little Girl
  • Eric Carle's Animals Animals
    • Baby Chick
  • The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature
    • 4 Seasons
    • 12 Months
    • New Year's (January 1)
    • Winter
    • Snow
  • Things People Do
    • The Island of Banilla

Just some of what we learned!!

  • Memory Verse:
    • Pay attention, my child, to what I say.  Listen carefully.  Proverbs 4:20
  • Character Trait
    • Attentiveness:  I listen with my eyes, ears, heart.
Extra Cherry Blossoms!
  • Japan (Stories from Around the World)
    • Flag
    • Map 
    • Cherry Blossom Paintings
  • Science
    • 4 Seasons and 12 Months
    • Winter 
    • What we wear in the winter
    • What winter brings
    • Snow
  • Readiness Skills
    • Drawing lines/missing obstacles
    • Same/different
    • Things that belong together
    • What's missing
    • Listening to directions
All about Winter!
  • Math
    • Shapes
    • Left, right, middle
    • Counting pennies and matching the number
    • #8
    • Writing numbers 1-8

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