Monday, January 23, 2012

Buttercup Baby Review and Giveaway!!!

I have now bought cloth diapers from 4 different stores.  They all have their good, bad and GREAT qualities.  Some of them I like because of the promotions they run.  Some I like because of the products they carry.  Some I like because of their customer service.  Buttercup baby has it ALL!!

I feel that over the past couple of weeks I have gotten to know the wonderful owner of Buttercup Baby, Audrey.  She has an adorable little girl, Baby S and is extremely passionate about cloth diapering and doing things better for your baby.  She is the person that I go to when someone has a question that I don't know the answer too or when I need a little more information on something.  She always takes the time to get back to me as soon as her little one allows :)  Sometimes I don't know what I would do without Audrey, if nothing else to just chat about diapers!!

Buttercup Baby carries a TON of different items/brands and is adding more stuff, it seems like everyday.  When I 1st started following Buttercup Baby they only carried gDiapers, FuzziBunz (OS), and maybe 1 or 2 other brands.  They now carry about 7 different types of diapers, baby food, CJ's BUTTer, BabyLegs, and more.  If I know Audrey there will probably be a Facebook post in the next week or so of something new she is going to start carrying :)

I loved ordering from Buttercup Baby!  Audrey had 1 FuzziBunz perfect size that I really wanted and was selling through Facebook for a discounted price (just this one diaper).  I decided that I was going to get it and also her deal of the day, Ruby Moon Wipe Bits.  I was waiting on getting some paypal money from a bow order I had just sold.  Audrey held my stuff for me until I got the money to pay for it and as soon as I paid she shipped it out.  Unfortunately my items were delayed in getting her because of a postage issue.  But as soon as she found out she sent me a message letting me know what had happened.  When my order got here everything was there including a free little tub of CJ's BUTTer!!!  I love getting free stuff and if you look at their website it says free sample with every order!!!

I really want to need more diapers so that I can order from Audrey again :)  She has wonderful customer service and is extremely passionate in helping you get what you need and want.  Thanks you Audrey for such a wonderful store! 


We have a wonderful giveaway sponsored by DaisyMama!!!  DaisyMama's home is in faboulus Hawaii,!!!  The owner Amanda makes gorgeous designer burp rags that have a lot personality.  The old plain white burp rags are boring so Amanda decided to make them chic for the modern mommy.  So why not be a little stylish while that cutie of yours makes a total mess out of you :)

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

GIVEAWAY from Dapper Diapers!!!

We have a wonderful giveaway from Dapper Diapers!!!  We are giving away a new diaper AND a pair of leg warmers!!!  Please make sure to be truthful with all entries because I do check and I hate having to delete entries :)  Let's show Dapper Diapers some love and make this a GREAT giveaway!!!

Buttercup Baby Preview

I will be doing my own review of Buttercup Baby in a couple of days along with a giveaway from them!!!  Sorry for the long delay but sickness has hit our house hard.  Baby K has strep throat AGAIN along with a really nasty cough (that is scaring me because it makes her throw up) and A had a 24 hour virus.  This is a little something written by the wonderful owner of Buttercup Baby!!!  This is why I order from them in the 1st place :)

Buttercup Baby is a brand new natural living and baby boutique founded by new mommy Audrey Marandino. Her first child Sophia, 5 months, inspires her to be a little bit greener every day. The journey started when Audrey was a infant caregiver at a local daycare. Several parents touring the facilities inquired if the daycare allowed cloth diapers. This was completely new and foreign since last she knew cloth diapers were burp cloths and pins!

Fast forward a couple months later and Audrey was cloth diapering her newborn by 6 weeks old! She found the whole CDing world to be addicting, and the mommies were helpful and encouraging. Deciding to go in to business on her own was scary, and the "warehouse" that is actually her dining room looks like a cloth diaper tornado hit, but she says she would do it again in heartbeat!

Buttercup Baby carries a wide range of products to make cloth diapering and green living easier. Sophia, Audrey's 5 month old, has super sensitive skin and is prone to eczema. Therefore Buttercup Baby stocks only the gentlest, most pure and organic lotions and creams the market has to offer. Top brands like Earth Mama Angel Baby and CJ'S BUTTer are bestsellers in the shop for other moms with little ones that also suffer from sensitive skin. Natural, good smelling detergents without harsh chemicals from Ruby Moon are available in yummy scents!

Cloth diapers are sometimes a last resort for babies that battle diaper rash in disposables. Whether you need help troubleshooting a rash problem or have diaper questions on what is right for you, Audrey will take the time to find you your perfect diapering solution. Soon you'll just love the prints, colors, cuteness and over-all ease of cloth diapering.

You can find a wide range of cloth diaper options at Buttercup Baby- gDiapers offer both hybrid and full cloth options, and FuzziBunz, Happy Heinys, Thirsties and Rumparooz offer both fitted and one size options.

Just because the name is Buttercup "Baby" we didn't forget the Mommies! Moms can browse the shop for items for themselves too! Click on "For Mommy" at the top navigation bar and you'll find organic herbal teas from Earth Mama Angel Baby, mama cloth from Happy Heinys, and more!

Lastly we would like to let you know that there is always a giveaway, contest or sale going on at Buttercup Baby. In this economy, we know your hard earned money can be difficult to part with and that's why we want to make everything as affordable as possible. Feel good knowing that you got the most bang for your buck, and that the money that you have invested is in products that are natural, oftentimes made in the USA, sustainable and earth friendly.

Check out today for all of your natural living and baby boutique needs!  Fan us on Facebook to keep up with all of the sales, coupons and giveaways!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Super Skivvies Giveaway!!!

I am a Facebook Fan of Super Skivvies and yesterday they hit 600 fans!!!  Since they hit this awesome fan count they decided to giveaway 6 pairs of Super Skivvies to their fans.  I happen to be one of those winners!  I won 1 pair of Super Skivvies Convertible Cloth Training Pants.  Baby K is only 9 months though and I have no idea what size she will be when we potty train.  So I asked the wonderful owner of Super Skivvies if she would mind if I passed my prize on to one of my wonderful fans as a giveaway on my blog.  She was more than happy to allow me to do this :)  So you now have you own chance to win a pair of Super Skivvies for you little one!!!  You will be able to chose your own print and she will send the directly to you!  Happy entering

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 OS - Review

Inside of Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 with both inserts
Outside of Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 with both inserts
Tiny Tush has come out with a new version of the Elite. It is now the Elite 1.1! There really isn't much difference between the old version of the Tiny Tush and the new version. The main differences are that the snaps are now color coordinated to the diapers instead of being white and on the snap version there is now a cross over snap. Tiny Tush has also changed the logo and a slight placement change on the snaps as well. Overall they have not changed the fit, feel, size or look of the diaper.

My Tiny Tush Elite was given to me by a friend as my 1st cloth diaper!!! Tiny Tush has a special place in my heart because of that. I currently only own 1 of the Elites. That is not because I don't like it, it is only because I'm not a huge fan of OS (One Size) diapers. I personally prefer a sized diaper because I like the fit of them a little better. The Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 that I have to review has aplix (Velcro), where I am more a fan of the snap closer. The Tiny Tush has a PUL outer layer that makes it water proof and a super soft Microfleece inner layer (that is next to baby). It also has 2 microfiber inserts for absorbency.

 About the Diaper (from the Manufacturer)

This unique cloth diapering system is the easiest system available today. With a reverse envelope pocket opening in the rear of the diaper, the inserts are easy to install. The reverse envelope pocket opening also prevents stools from getting caught up underneath the flap. This makes cleanup easier and yuk free.

Rise setting #1 (smallest)
The exterior of the Tiny Tush Elite One-Size Pocket diaper is a water proof PUL. The inner layer is an non piling polyester micro-fleece to keep the diaper looking like new wash after wash.

Rise setting #2 (This is what I use for Baby K at 9 months about 18 lbs)
Tiny Tush Elite One-Size pocket diapers are designed to fit babies from 7-35 lbs. The snap down system for sizing is similar to the popular Tiny Tush Trim except that there is an extra row (a fourth row) of snaps for increased adjustability. There is also an extra column of snaps to keep this amazing diapering system secure and trim.
Rise setting #3
The four row snap down system allows the rise of this diaper to be adjusted incrementally from newborn, infant, crawler, to toddler. Both the Aplix and snap closures use the same snap down system.  
These wonderful pocket diapers are available in Aplix and Snap closures.
Rise setting #4 (largest)

My thoughts 

Ease:   The diaper is extremely easy to use.  All you have to do is snap the rise to the setting for your baby, stuff the pocket with the number of inserts you need (comes with a full size and a newborn size insert), put on baby and GO!!!

Price:   The Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 cost $19.95 (on both Tiny Tush's website and  This is an average price for a OS diaper (since they last so long you don't have to keep buying different sizes).  I have seen OS diapers as little as $17.95 and as much as $25, so this is towards the lower end.

When and Why I use it:    This has become one of my go to nap time diapers!  I love the fact that it comes with 2 inserts.  For nap time I snap down the rise to just above the smallest for Baby K (9 months) and stuff it with BOTH inserts.  She is a tummy sleeper and usually naps around 2-3 hours in the afternoon.  I haven't had any leak issues with this diaper at all :)

Recommend:   If you are looking for a good OS diaper Tiny Tush has got a lot going for it.  They have adorable colors, your choice of snaps or aplix, 4 rise settings on the 1.1, and extremely easy to use.  

Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 with Aplix (BOTH inserts being used and snapped to the 2nd rise setting)

Fit of the Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 with BOTH inserts

Overall, I would give Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 a B+ and recommend it as diaper that should be put on your list to try. You never know what diaper is going to work best for you, your little one, financially, or your household. Try a couple different types and brands to see what is best for you. You can buy the Tiny Tush Elite at or on Also on Tiny Tush's website they have some Elites (NOT the 1.1) left on clearance for $13 and there is not much (if at all) difference between the two but you can save almost $7 by purchasing the older version.

All opinions are my own.  I reviewed this diaper on my own and the diaper was purchased by a friend and not provided by the company.  No compensation was received for this review.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Diapers Galore!!! What do all these different types mean? Part 1

There are a TON of different types of cloth diapers out there. It can become overwhelming if you don't understand what any of them are. I will try my best to describe in simple terms what the different types are, what I think of them, if I have tried them, price ranges, and (my personal opinion) ease. We will take a look at (Part 1) Flats, Pre-Folds, Fitteds, (Part 2) Diaper covers (what you use them with), Pockets, (Part 3) AIO, AI2, SIO. If I have missed a type I am so sorry and please either leave a comment or email me and I will make sure to add it in. Let's start :)


Flats are the diapers of older days.  I'm by no means putting them down but the are the diapers that were probably used on your grandparents.  Compared to everything that is out there now they are know as the "old fashion" diapers.  They are either a square or a rectangle piece of fabric that can be folded in ton of different ways.  Flats either need to be pinned closed or you need to use a snapi.  

Personally flats SCARE the heck out of me.  They seem extremely confusing and it seems like it would take a lot more time than I have the patience for to change a diaper.  I have never tried them but I would not be opposed to it.  I just don't feel that flats make a good option in my household.  Also with flats you need to use a waterproof cover.

The benefits of flats (according to
  • The absolute most economical cloth diaper available
  • Can easily be hand-washed and dries very quickly (excellent for camping)
  • Multi-purpose uses; due to the softness and texture these make wonderful cloths for facials
Flats are still popular among some because of the price.  They are extremely cheap since you don't need as much stuff.  All you need is a couple of covers (because the can be wiped down and reused unless they get poop on them) and then your flats.  I checked out 2 of my favorite cloth diaper stores, and  Kelly's Closet has a dozen Birdseye Cotton Flat Cloth Diapers for $23.97.  Abby's Lane has a dozen Osocozy Birdseye Flat Diapers for $19.99.  A dozen "diapers" would get you through probably almost 2 days.  And then you would just need some covers also.  With flats you could probably 100% cloth diaper for around $100 or LESS.


Pre-Folds are a more popular option than flats. They are along the same lines as flats as they need to be folded and either pinned or used with a snapi or sometimes they are just layed inside of a cover. Pre-folds however look different than flats. They are divided up into 3 sections and labeled #x#x# (ex. 4x6x4). This means that the outside sections are # layers thick and the inside layer is # thick ( so 4 layers on the outside and 6 layers in the middle). A cover also has to be used with pre-folds.

Once again I have never used pre-folds before. They are much like flats except that they are divided up into sections with a certain number of layers. I do have friends that just lay their pre-folds inside of a Flip cover and LOVE them. In my own opinion I don't see how they don't leak. I feel that Baby K would pee in it once and then it would be all over :) This could make a great new born option though since they don't pee as much and you are always changing them anyways.

The benefits of pre-folds (according to Kelly's closet)
  • The most economical cloth diaper option! You can truly diaper on a dime!
  • $200 or less, from birth to potty training, with pre-folds and covers
  • Lasts for years (and through multiple children) when well cared for
  • Allows you the flexibility to decide between wool, fleece or PUL waterproof covers
  • Also make excellent inexpensive and absorbent inserts for pocket diapers too!
  • Can be recycled and used as household cleaning cloths or polishing rags!

Pre-folds are still a pretty cheap option.  Depending on where and what brand/type there are 5 different sizes and range in price from $22.50-48.99 per dozen depending on the size.  Kelly's Closet has a couple different options for prefolds.  They have 3 different awesome priced deals on the Econobum (brand) pre-fold system.  They have 1 cover and 1 pre-fold for $9.95, 1 cover and 3 pre-folds for $11.95, or a full kit (3 covers and 12 pre-folds, which would probably last close to 2 days) for $48.97.  And they also sell 6 pre-fold packs that range from $18-$21 along with various other covers ONLY that range in price from $8.95-$27.80 (depending on the cover you chose).

Abby's lane also has 3 Econobum options, 1 cover and 1 pre-fold $9.95, extra cover ONLY $8.95, and the full kit $49.95.  They also have 5 different size options pre-folds (preemie, infant, regular, premium, premium short and toddler) that range in price from $22.50-$49.99 per dozen.  They also sell a wide array of covers that range in price from $6.95-$21.95.

As with flats you could probably 100% cloth diaper your baby for under $100.  A lot of people still use pre-folds as a diapering system but in my house it just doesn't make sense.  If you would like to learn all the different types of folds you can use, I recommend search on youtube.  Watching a video for me makes learning something like that a lot easier.  I think next time I visit Abby's lane I will pick up a pre-fold or 2 and try them out!  I will get back to you in a later post about how they worked out for me.    

Comments on Pre-folds:
  • I am a big fan of pre-folds and covers.  With 2 in cloth its almost necessary as it is the easiest system for us.  The cost efficiency of this system is unbeatable and with minimal sorting and maximum reliability it is really the way to go! - Brittany Stilwell (Facebook)

Fitteds are still a 2 part diapering system, meaning you need to use a cover along with the fitted.  Fitteds have elastic around the legs and at the back and look pretty much like a disposable.  They can either have aplix or snaps for closings and are made in a variety of different fabrics.
I use a type of fitted diaper for nighttime with Baby K.  I personally use the itti bitti Boo with 1 extra booster and a Thirsties Duo Wrap cover.  I only use this for overnight and it has worked GREAT!!!  The big thing about Fitted diapers is that the whole thing is absorbent, so it makes a great nighttime option since it can hold more liquid.  I have not tried fitteds for during the day because personally it is a lot of work to get her into her nighttime diaper since it is a 2 piece system that I don't want to do that for EVERY diaper change.
The benefits of Fitteds (according to Kelly's closet)
  • Most absorbent and leak-proof diapering option
  • With Velcro and snap closures there's no need for diaper pins or fasteners
  • Ideal fit for newborns, especially in the early weeks
  • Excellent solution for a heavy-wetter (particularly when combined with a wool cover)
  • Available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and prints too!
The prices vary greatly with fitteds.  There are some as cheap as 12.45 and then as expensive as 34.97.  The price depends greatly on the type of fabric that is used.  I personally think that if you are going to go with fitteds and covers, unless you have a good reason why, you should just go for a pocket diaper.  They are around the same price (depending on the diaper) and I think they are easier than the 2 piece systems.  

It is recommended to have at least 3-4 covers per dozen fitteds.  The cheapest fitteds I found were at  They are the Mother-ease One Size Fitteds and they run $12.45 each.  I would recommend at least a dozen if not a couple more.  So for a dozen that would be about $150 plus covers still.  If you were to get the most expensive (I found them at and for the same price) it would be  $34.95 each.  If you got a dozen that would be about $419 plus the cost of covers.  I spent about half of that on my entire stash!!!  Personally I'm not sure if fitteds really have any benefit over other types of diapers, but that is just my opinion.

Next Time

Part 2 in this 3 part series will be all about my FAVORITE type of diapers....POCKETS!!!  Along with some info on the different types of diaper covers there are and a brief repeat of what you use them with.  Just in case someone missed part 1 :)

The switch to FULL TIME cloth diapering!!!

Once I decided that cloth diapering was the way I wanted to go I made the decision that I was going to buy the diapers that I wanted and how many I felt I needed all at once. For me it was going to be easier that way. I know that not everyone is lucky enough right now to be able to do that. I spent probably a total of just over $200 for all of my diapers. If I was still doing disposables I would have already spent $80 in diapers!!! When you think of it that way my diapers will be "paid off" in just a little over another 2 months!

The switch for me has been so much easier than expected. I now only have to wash every other night. Either after I get Baby K's jammies on or right after I put her to bed I throw all of my diapers in the wash with 1/2 of the recommended amount of Tide (I believe it is 1/8 cup) on heavy and hot/cold. I then go in the basement and hang out with my husband for the night. I can hear my washer from the basement so when it is done I run upstairs really quick and set my washer to do an extra rinse (I don't have that as an option on my machine) and I usually refill the cup. Then before I go to bed I throw them in the dryer and when we wake up Baby K has fresh, clean diapers. I'm not soaking and hang washing and all that other, you know what, that most people think of when you say the dreaded word "CLOTH DIAPERS".

When I told my parents that I was thinking about trying out cloth diapers there 1st words were, "with PINS and RUBBER PANTS?" No not with pins and rubber pants! Cloth diapers have come such a long way in probably the last 10 years and even further since I was a baby. Now they are cute and playful and most have either Hook and Loop (aka Velcro) or snaps (my personal favorite). You can either stuff or lay in or it is all in one. There are so many different choices that most of the time people look at you like you are crazy. And you are wondering why when you know the simplicity and ease and wonderfulness that is CLOTH!!!

I do have to say when I 1st started looking into cloth diapers I was overwhelmed. It seems like there are about 10 different types and a million different brands. You have the popular well know brands and then you have the unknown brands that stores sell and then you have all of you WAHM brands. Where do you even start?!?! My suggestion decided how much you want to spend on diapers in the 1st place. Do you want to spend on average $10 a diaper or $20 + on a diaper? Do you want a known brand or do you want to support the WAHM? Are you after thinking economically or do you want ease? I believe that there is a diaper out there for EVERY Mama if you are willing to do just a little research, read some blogs, go to a store (if you have one and actually look and feel) and just TRY!!! You can always sell them if you decided it really isn't for you.

The only regret I have in the whole things....WHY DIDN'T I START SOONER?!?!?! With Baby K or even better with my older daughter A. All those disposables that are in landfills now and all the hundreds of dollars I WASTED on them. I probably spent at least $1000 or more diapering just my 1st daughter. I could have saved so much money if I would have started on her but I am saving it now the 2nd time around. I have changed my ways and my diapers :) and I never want to look back!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Check out our very 1st giveaway!!!  It is from 2 wonderful WAH Sister!!!  Miranda handles all ribbon orders while Julie takes care of crochet orders.  I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for being so generous and sponsoring our 1st giveaway!!! Thank you ladies.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cloth Diapering Part Time....

If you are interested in cloth diapering but not sure if you will like it, a good option might be part time diapering.  I started my venture into the world of cloth diapering only part time.  I had received 1 diaper as a present (which started the whole thing) and I had bought 3 more.  My only option was to do it part time at that point.  4 diapers was a good number for me to try part time.  It gave me just enough diapers that with out using them at nap time and at bed time, unless baby K went #2, they lasted the whole day and I would wash EVERY night.  This got a little old for me after a while.

For me this was a good starting point and option, but to be honest it was a pain!!!  I HAD to wash every night so that I would have diapers for the next day or I had to use disposables.  It is a workable system.  For me it just was not ideal.  I have so many other things that I am doing at night that if I forget to put on the extra rinse (my washer doesn't have it as a option) then I either had to stay up later so that I could, then throw them in the dryer before going to bed or I had to dry them in the morning.

The more I used my cloth diapers the more I fell in love with them.  I personally feel that they are either just as easy as disposables or easier.  My house does not smell like baby poop anymore because I am flushing it down the toilet instead of throwing it in the trash.  I have an extra load of laundry to do EVERYDAY (by doing it part time) that I am always throwing extra kids clothes in with my diapers.  So now they ALWAYS have clean everything.  And most of all I feel that I am doing something good for my baby.  I mean think about it, would you like paper or cloth on your tush?

So after part time diapering for a little over a week I decided that this was for me!!!  I was super excited and could not wait to be done buying disposable diapers ALL the time.  I decided that Baby K was going to get new diapers for Christmas and by this point my husband had come to the conclusion that, if I was going to do it fine but then I HAD to follow through with it.  That was fine with me so I placed an order with the original lady I had bought from for 2 new FuzziBunz perfect sizes and I also wanted to try an Oh Katy (a one size).  And I also placed an order with an online retailer Kelly's Closet.  I ordered 2 itti bitti d'lish SIO (snap in ones) which a friend had recommended since I liked the FuzziBunz perfect size so much, an itti bitti boo (for overnight), a couple extra boosters for the itti bitti's since I had never tried them, and a Thirsties Duo Wrap cover for over the boo at night, and they were running a promotion that if you spent so much you got a free one size diaper and mind happen to be another Oh Katy. 

After Christmas Baby K now had enough diapers that I could wash every day and a half and use a disposable overnight every other day.  She now has 10 diapers and it does make the washing and ability to use much better.  I now wash one day at afternoon nap, skip a day and was morning nap, then the NEXT day afternoon nap and repeat :)  It is still a lot of washing especially since I went back to doing it everyday as of the 1st of the year so that I could totally cut out disposables.  I decided on that I was going to place another order and have a new overnight diaper on its way :)

Overall I would recommend cloth diaper part time only if you wanted to try it but were VERY unsure.  Also if you don't know others that might be interested in buying your diapers if you didn't like it.  But I would not recommend it for a long time frame.  I would say probably no more than 2 weeks tops or you might get burnt out to quickly trying to keep up with everything.  If you burn yourself out just trying to keep up with the washing because you don't have enough diapers you will never full enjoy the experience and (my personal opinion) the ease of cloth diapering.