Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scarlet's Naturals Sunscreen - Review

Sadly I am just now getting to do this review :(  I received my SunBlock for Scarlet's Naturals in late April/Early May.  But between the funky/yucky weather we have had and all of the horrible illnesses my children decided to get over the past month or so we just this past weekend got to use our SunBlock more than ONCE!!!

Let's start this off with me telling you how much I LOVE Scarlet's Naturals and the owner Desiree!!!  I received an email from Desiree back at the end of April asking me if I would like to do another review for her :)  My answer was DUH!!!  Of course I would!  I have tried a handful of products from Scarlet's Naturals and have LOVED everyone of them!!  So can see a full list of everything I have tried (most with reviews or coming reviews) under the Review tab.  So I was super excited to try one of her newest items....SunBlock!!!  Northern VA had been having some crazy weather at the time with days in the upper 80s (in April!) and we were getting close to the point where sunscreen was going to become a much needed item.
This is a stock photo but I like it a lot better than the one I took :)

The 1st time I got to use my new sunscreen was Mother's Day!!!  We went down to Georgetown for lunch and to do some walking around.  I was super excited but the sun was extremely strong that day.  I have the type of skin that BURNS and I mean BURNS!!!  I burn so bad that I was talking to my next door neighbor outside one day for 15 minutes and I came inside looking like a lobster (no joke).  Luckily both of my kids have their Daddy's skin and don't burn (Hubby is 1/8 Native American making the girls 1/16).  I still use major amounts of sunscreen on them though just to be safe :)   

So while we were down in Georgetown I made everyone use some :)  Had to get a couple test subjects, right?!?!  My Hubby HATES to wear anything on him that smells at all.  He is extremely sensitive to any product that has any smell to it at all.  He can't even stand when I wear lotion :(  But he LOVED this SunBlock.  His favorite thing was that it did not smell like SunBlock AT ALL!!!!  I got the unscented (knowing it would be better for him) but it still had a really light clean tropical smell to it.  But not so over powering that you could tell it smelled after it was applied.  But it did not smell like that disgusting big name brand of sunscreen that you feel you have to take a shower to get it all off as soon as you get home.  It didn't leave a residue on your skin either which made it comfortable to wear all day long.  After it soaked in you couldn't even tell you had anything on.

The biggest problem I had with the SunBlock was that it is very thick.  Which really isn't a bad thing :)  But it did make it harder to apply to Baby K who likes to pull away while being sunblocked.  But applying it to myself and A was a lot easier.  It does take a little bit to soak in so you do have a white sheen to you for about 10 minutes or so.  But for something that is natural and you can actually read all the ingredients in makes it worth it!!!

Since Mother's Day I have only been able to use my SunBlock a handful of times :(  Between bad weather and sickness we have been in the house a lot so far this summer.  But every time I have used it I have LOVED it :)  It stays in my diaper bag at all times so that it is always available.  And for someone who burns constantly I have not burned with this stuff.  I have gotten a slight pink but I think that is more from just being out in the heat than a burn because it is always gone by the time I wake up the next morning.

I would defiantly recommend trying Scarlet's Naturals SunBlock for your whole family!!  And since it is all natural you can even use it on those itty bitty babies that should not be exposed to the big name chemical products.  You will not be sorry :)  Also check out the SunStick for throwing in your bag.  The SunBlock sells for $15 and the SunStick is $10.

Thanks so much Desiree for another WONDERFUL all natural product!

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  This SunBlock was provided by Scarlet's Naturals for review.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review.   

From Desiree at Scarlet's Naturals about ingredients and EWG Ratings :  The ingredients are as follows: Non-Nano uncoated Zinc Oxide, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Apricot Oil and Beeswax. If anyone would like to know the ingredients of any of our other products they are more than welcome to email me at anytime. :)  We are currently working with EWG to get listed on their website, and we have been given a skin deep rating of 1. If you have any other questions, I am more than willing to answer!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fluffy 4th of July Giveaway Event

Welcome to the Fluffy Fourth of July sponsored by Gnome’s Naturals and hosted by Life With Levi!
Whether you’re just starting out using cloth diapers or already a fluffy pro, this giveaway prize offers something for everyone.
Fluffy Fourth Ultimate Starter Pack
One lucky winner will receive the ULTIMATE cloth diaper stash starter pack, valued at over $415!!!
This amazing prize prize pack includes:
  • THREE ones & twos All In One Diapers
  • ONE AppleCheeks Bamboo Little Bundle
  • ONE AppleCheeks Microterry Little Bundle
  • TWO Tots Bots Easy Fit or Tini Fit Diapers
  • TWO Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diapers or Little Joey Newborn All In Ones
  • ONE Bummis Beautiful BASIC Kit
  • SIX Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers
  • ONE Bummis Super Snap Wrap
  • ONE Bummis Super Lite Wrap
  • TWO Snappis
  • ONE AppleCheeks Storage Sac Pail Liner
  • ONE M Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag for when you're on the go.
  • ONE KalmSkin Travel Size Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Stick
  • ONE Bag of Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent
  • ONE Clean Cheeks Wipes Concentrate
  • ONE 6 Pack of AppleCheeks Cloth Wipes
  • ONE Mini Shower Diaper Sprayer
  • ONE Pack of AppleCheeks Flushable Diaper Liners

That's all the diapers AND accessories you need for 18 diaper changes!!
Gnome's Naturals is a cloth diaper and natural parenting store owned & operated by Lori Whitlock. As a mom of a toddler, Lori is always searching for great natural products for herself and her family. When she finds products that she loves, she sticks with them. Lori created Gnome's Naturals to share those products with you. As a cloth diaper blogger, Lori has tried almost every cloth diaper on the market and strives to carry only the best of the best.
In addition to some well known brands that Lori loves, Gnome's Naturals also carries work at home mom (WAHM) made items in the store. Make sure you check out the WAHM Spotlight section for products that are handmade by moms in North America. Lori is a huge proponent of moms supporting moms and she hopes that by retailing some mom-made items, she can help support them financially as well.
If you’re new to cloth diapering, Gnome’s Naturals offers several different cloth diaper trial packages. Beyond cloth diapers, Gnome’s Naturals also carries a great selection of baby carriers, baltic amber teething necklaces, breastfeeding products, and more. 
Ready To Win?
Just enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below.
All entries are optional – be sure to come back often to complete the daily entries, since the more entries you have, the more chances you have to win!
Giveaway open to residents of the US & Canada. Contest ends Friday, July 6th.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby Roman Diapers - Spotlight

 I love getting emails!!!  But I especially love getting emails for AWESOME WAHMs asking for me to help their business out :)  Being a WAHM is not an easy job!  Taking care of your little ones while trying to make items to sell is a major juggling act.  I got an email one night from the wonderful Samantha at Baby Roman Diapers to review her diapers and also to do a giveaway!!!  Another WAHM that I had done a review and giveaway for suggested me to Samantha!  Which just made my night :)  Thank you so much to the original WAHM and especially to Samantha for giving me this fantastic opportunity to help your business grow.  Samantha will be stocking this Friday (6/22/12) at 7 pm EST/6 pm Central.  

 A Little About Samantha and Baby Roman Diapers

Tell me a little about yourself and your family

My name is Samantha and I'm a 23 year old mom to a crazy toddler named Lydia and the sweetest 6 month old baby boy, Roman. I am engaged to my fiance Lucas who I have been with for almost 4 years. He is so supportive and helpful with my business and amazing with the kids. I love them all so much and definitely wouldn't be who I am or doing what I'm doing without all three of them. I have always enjoyed making art and doing crafty things so when I had kids I wanted them to have as many handmade things as possible.

Do/Did you cloth diaper any children?

I have two kids, my toddler Lydia who is 2 1/2 and Roman who is 6 months old. My toddler is cloth diapered part time and Roman is cloth diapered full time.

Baby Roman!!!
Where did the name come from?

My name came from the baby who inspired me to cloth diaper, my son Roman. His skin is very sensitive and disposables don't work long term for us. If he is in a sposies for longer than a day he gets rashy.

What made you decided to make CDs?

I decided to make cloth diapers when I was trying to figure out a side project I could do at home while taking care of my kids. I really did not want to get a job outside of our home and put them in daycare when I knew I could make money using my sewing skills. I was looking at diapers I had for Roman and looking at how big he already was and I knew our big name diapers weren't going to fit for long and none were made with bamboo that I heard so many positive things about. I think it all fell into place and I started drafting patterns.... many patterns. Until I got it right and my chubby boy had a diaper that fit him. I started selling them and have gotten nothing but positive feedback. It makes me so happy to know something I make is worn and loved by babies all over and I can also give mamas in my area an option to get diapers locally since we don't have a cloth diaper store. 
The clothing side of things

Do you make anything other than CDs and if so what is your favorite product to make?

I love to sew and have recently gotten into making children's clothes and am considering making them and selling in addition to selling diapers. My favorite product currently is probably my night time diaper or nap time insert that will both be available after further testing next month!

The "Stache" Diaper
What is your favorite fabric you have?

My favorite fabric I have has to be "Where's My Stache?" by Alexander Henry.

What are you hopes for Baby Roman Diapers in the future?

My hopes for my business' future is that I can continue to build a fan base and be able to help support my family while doing what I love and taking care of my kids. It is definitely a juggling act. No babies were left to cry it out in the making of my diapers!

Baby Babu - Giveaway June 2012

If you entered the Baby Babu giveaway and/or read my Baby Babu review post then you should have already expected this giveaway!!!  Baby Babu has been AWESOME in allowing me to giveaway 1 diaper a month for the next YEAR!!!  That means 11 more Baby Babu diapers will be given away right here :)  Thank you so much Baby Babu for this wonderful opportunity!!!  Please check out there website, where they are now offering FREE SHIPPING!!!!  Not only do they sell cloth diapers but they also carry extra inserts, wet bags, covers and Biodegradable Diapers!  And also on Facebook :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Canada Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway

Here is the awesome Canada Day Giveaway!!!  Fill out the Rafflecopter below and then click on the button to find out more about the wonderful prizes :)

Canada Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Death, Life & Second Chances Video!!! You will NOT be sorry!!

I have been wanting to share this video with my wonderful fans for a while now but I didn't know the reaction I would get to it so I haven't....until NOW!!! This is the video that my church played during our Easter Sunday service. It was shown in 3 different parts throughout the service but can be seen all together HERE!!! I was worried about showing this for a couple reasons. 1st I didn't know how to bring religion into my blog and how it would be received. Obviously I am finally getting the courage to say I'm doing it and I don't care :) and 2nd and this is a WARNING you WILL cry!!! Well at least I did. But my Hubby is in this video and if you watch the whole thing you will probably be able to tell which one he is by me telling you it made me cry for the rest of the service!!! I know it is a kind of long video but please but in the 9 minutes of your life to watch it. I promise you will not be sorry and you may even get something out of it :) I would love ALL comments on this :) Thanks and please enjoy!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 6/6/12

All I can say is CREEPY!!!  This is a picture of the Shops at Georgetown Park in Georgetown, DC.  All but about 5 stores in this entire 4 story mall are EMPTY!!!  And as you can see NO one was inside and this was a Sunday at about 1 pm.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet Southern Bums - Spotlight

I have followed the wonderful Mama, Angela, at Sweet Southern Bums on Facebook for a while now :)  She was also part of Baby K's 1st Birthday Event!  I found SSB on Facebook through a group that I am in, WAHM Shop*, where WAHMs can sell and show off their products.  Angela has now come out with a new product for Mamas.  I know you want to know what it is but you will have to read the post to find out :) 

A Couple Questions for Angela and SSB!

Tell me a little about you :)

My name is Angela and I am 26 years old.  I have a wonderful husband of 6 years.  We have been blessed with a wonderful two year old girl, and will be blessed by a little boy in late September. Before becoming a mommy and a WAHM, I was a dental assistant for 5 years. I absolutely loved it! But I knew I would never get this time back with my daughter. I love cloth diapering! It has become an obsession almost!
Example of diaper with matching keychain
Do or have you Cloth Diapered any children?

I started cloth diapering my now two year old when she was 4 months old. And I will have a new little one here in late September!
What made you decided to be a WAHM and how did you decided what you were going to make?

I decided to be a WAHM after I realized all of the cute Diapers I had to have, were more expensive than I could afford.  Living on a single income, and being a fluff addict is hard!! That's when I decided to learn how to sew!
Example of nursing pads
Where did the name come from?

The name was originally No Name Fluff, after I failed to come up with a name. About 8 months into being a WAHM, I decided that the name didn't suit what I wanted it to.  So I asked my fans to help me come up with a funner name. And Sweet Southern Bums was created! 

What is your favorite item that you carry or to make?

My favorite item I carry and make are my nursing pads. I have just started making them as testers, and they are being sent out with some of my orders.
Example of OS diaper with RUFFLES!!
What is your newest item you carry and tell me a little about it

My newest item is nursing pads!  They are basically made from scraps I have left over after I make diapers. They have hidden pul and an absorbent inner to prevent leaks. They also have cute prints and soft crushed panne (velvet) just for mom! 

What are your dreams for SSB in the future?

My dreams for SSB in the future, are to expand what I make. I recently purchased an embroidery machine to embroider diapers, as well as other things like shirts. I also plan to begin making fitteds!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Just For Kids Giveaway - Over $250 In Prizes! (5 winners)

Welcome to the Just For Kids Giveaway! We’ll be giving away five gift certificates to some of our favorite children’s online retailers for a total of $275 worth of prizes.

Our sponsors are fabulous so be sure to visit each of their websites to see all of the awesome children’s products they have available!  Here are the prizes we’re giving away:
  1. $50 gift certificate to Glow Baby
  2. $75 gift certificate to Polka Dot Pond Shop
  3. $50 gift certificate to Lilly James
  4. $50 gift certificate to Bumblebee Toys
  5. $50 gift certificate to Juley Jules
Five prizes means you have five chances to win, so be sure to do as many entries as you can! This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only and ends on June 18th at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck!

Fluffy Butts Cloth Diapering Giveaway Event

This is giveaway is coming to you from The Green Baby Goods.  Have you ever wanted to try an itti bitti tutto diaper but afraid to take the plunge and spend the $26 for one, well then enter here for your chance to win!

These are an ultimate AIO, and is so soft. Choose from any color Green Baby Goods has in stock!

itti bitti are well known for changing the way you think about cloth diapers and have done it again with the brilliant new bitti tutto!
After being bombarded with requests for an itti bitti one size / birth to potty diaper, we’ve spent over a year developing the best fitting one size diaper you can get – in our humble opinion of course

bitti tutto cloth diaper sizes
a diaper that grows with your child? wise choice
one size fits most from tiny newborn to small child

We’ve eliminated the bulk associated with a lot of one size options and this cleverly designed diaper, fits neat and slim from birth (8lb) right through to a 44lb child!

But we didn’t just design the best fitting one size diaper, we have solved the most common issue – the dreaded ‘pooplosion’.

The bitti tutto has a complete internal gusset, protecting the sides and back – it’s our patented ‘poo fence’ which means you don’t need to worry about leaks and can use this diaper with confidence!
bitti tutto cloth diaper inner
Hip snaps help give a perfect fit at each size, for slim and cuddly babies, without bulk or wing droop.

tutto soakerEach diaper comes with three soaker pads, so you can customise the absorbency to suit your baby. PLUS bitti tutto is brilliantly economical, as you can buy extra soaker pads separately (in the original super absorbent bamboo, or quick dry microfibre) and re-use the outer shell!

With luxurious, soft and waterproof minkee fabric on the outside for babies comfort, no cover is required.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Where to HOP next!!!

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40. My Cloth Diaper Stash US/CAN*  80. Parent Palace -- WW  

(Collection closed)
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itti bitti Changing Mat - Giveaway

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE itti bitti!!!  So who would like a giveaway from one of my favorite companies?!?!  I know stupid questions :)  So now for the giveaway prize :)  SAH Cloth Diapering Mama is giving away a luxury changing mat thanks to itti bitti!!!  Thank you so much eco-distruibution for this awesome giveaway!!!  Winner will be able to specify girl, boy or GN for their prize.


Friday, June 1, 2012

itti bitti Changing Mat - Review (more pictures to come)

The wonderful Eco-distribution company sent me a luxury changing mat from itti bitti to review!!!  There is also a giveaway to go along with this review :)  I LOVE itti bitti!!  One of my fellow CD friends suggested the itti bitti d'lish to me when I first got into cloth diapering because I liked the sized diapers so much.  I ended up ordering them in my 1st big order and have loved them since I first looked at them.  I now have 4 d'lishes and 2 boos :)  Now I am excited to say I also have a luxury changing mat to add to my itti bitti stash!!!!

The gorgeous Ayannah print
 So I was sent an awesome luxury changing mat in the Ayannah print.  This print is adorable and I think I now need a diaper in the same print :)  This super soft changing mat features fantastically soft bamboo velour for the baby to lie on and are backed in waterproof minkee for practicality.  The mat measures 26.5" x 17.5".

My Thoughts

When and Why I use it:  I have tried using this mat on the little changing tables in the bathrooms while out.  For baby K sadly it doesn't work very well :(  It is larger than the changing table and Baby K is too long for the changing mat.  And little Miss K is way 2 squirmy that is moves around way too much since it is minkee on the back.  I think if it had some kind of rubber on the back it would be a lot better.  That way when baby gets older and moves around a lot more the mat will stay in place.  I do LOVE that it has the waterproof layer.   

Why I LOVE the waterproof layer:  So you need to hear the WHOLE story to understand why :)  We went away for Memorial Day weekend and the night before we left hubby and I were going through a mental check list to make sure we had everything.  Hubby making a joke asked if I packed an extra car seat.  So that night I put baby K in a sposie :(  Yes a sposie.  And yes I know, what was I thinking?!?!  But I didn't want to leave any dirty diapers at home since I just washed them all that night.  So we left super early the next morning, so I left the kids in their jammies and just put them in the car.  We stopped a couple hours later for me to nurse Baby K, give the kids breakfast and to change Baby K's diaper.  Well do you see where this is going yet?  When we took Baby K out of the car she was soaked and I mean SOAKED!!!  Her whole car seat was soaked.  The extra pads and a large amount of the cover.  I had no idea what to do.  I had no blankets, nothing to put there and I didn't want her to sit in wet for the next 5 hours!!  I finally remembered that I had the changing mat in the diaper bag.  It worked GREAT!!!  It was super soft for Baby K to sit on and since it has that waterproof layer nothing soaked through to her.  I was so happy that I had it with me.  Baby K kept rubbing her hands across it most of the car rid and she was dry as can be after that.  Teaches me to use sposies :)

Price:  The changing mat runs just under $17.  It seems a little expensive but when you go to a store and look at the cheap ones they still run you around $10.  So is the $7 worth it?  I would say yes.  Even if it is just for something like what happened to me :)

Recommend:  I would definitely recommend having one of these.  As a changing mat I would recommend it if you have a little one.  For my 13 month old it is not the greatest as a changing mat but it has come in handy in other situations.

Overall:  I love the look and feel of this changing mat.  It is super soft and who doesn't want something like that for baby?  It is extremely well made, just like all itti bitti products.  And has adorable prints, regular and limited edition.  All of my itti bitti has come from Kelly's Closet.    

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  The changing mat was provided by the Eco-distribution company.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review.  

What's coming summer 2012?

 So I am going to try a new "schedule" for the summer to try and keep me on track and posting more than I did in May.  May was a hard month after the April event.  I needed a little time to recuperate after and to catch up on some other things.  So I am an ENFP!!!  Most people probably do not know what that means.  It is my Myers Briggs personality type indicator test results.  And being a P means that I hate planning and I am extremely spontaneous!!!  So making a post schedule and keeping to it is going to be extremely difficult for me :)

So here is the list that I am going to try and follow (monthly) :)

Giveaways (at least 2)
Reviews (at least 2)
Wordless Wednesday (2-3)
Meaningful Video (1)
Home Schooling post (2)
Random Post (1)
Guest post (if possible)

So that ends up being around 2-3 post a week.  And then I will throw anything else in there that I feel like along the way :)  If you have any questions or suggestions please either leave me a comment on this post or send me an email at  Also if you would either like to sponsor a review/giveaway or be a guest poster please let me know :)

Blogger Sign Ups for the Hot Fluff Cool Baby Giveaway Event

Just Add Cloth

Sign ups are now open for the Hot Fluff Cool Baby giveaway event! We are giving away a $300 cloth diapering prize pack from Greenie Beanie Bottoms! Head on over to Just Add Cloth and sign up for this free event!