Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby Roman Diapers - Spotlight

 I love getting emails!!!  But I especially love getting emails for AWESOME WAHMs asking for me to help their business out :)  Being a WAHM is not an easy job!  Taking care of your little ones while trying to make items to sell is a major juggling act.  I got an email one night from the wonderful Samantha at Baby Roman Diapers to review her diapers and also to do a giveaway!!!  Another WAHM that I had done a review and giveaway for suggested me to Samantha!  Which just made my night :)  Thank you so much to the original WAHM and especially to Samantha for giving me this fantastic opportunity to help your business grow.  Samantha will be stocking this Friday (6/22/12) at 7 pm EST/6 pm Central.  

 A Little About Samantha and Baby Roman Diapers

Tell me a little about yourself and your family

My name is Samantha and I'm a 23 year old mom to a crazy toddler named Lydia and the sweetest 6 month old baby boy, Roman. I am engaged to my fiance Lucas who I have been with for almost 4 years. He is so supportive and helpful with my business and amazing with the kids. I love them all so much and definitely wouldn't be who I am or doing what I'm doing without all three of them. I have always enjoyed making art and doing crafty things so when I had kids I wanted them to have as many handmade things as possible.

Do/Did you cloth diaper any children?

I have two kids, my toddler Lydia who is 2 1/2 and Roman who is 6 months old. My toddler is cloth diapered part time and Roman is cloth diapered full time.

Baby Roman!!!
Where did the name come from?

My name came from the baby who inspired me to cloth diaper, my son Roman. His skin is very sensitive and disposables don't work long term for us. If he is in a sposies for longer than a day he gets rashy.

What made you decided to make CDs?

I decided to make cloth diapers when I was trying to figure out a side project I could do at home while taking care of my kids. I really did not want to get a job outside of our home and put them in daycare when I knew I could make money using my sewing skills. I was looking at diapers I had for Roman and looking at how big he already was and I knew our big name diapers weren't going to fit for long and none were made with bamboo that I heard so many positive things about. I think it all fell into place and I started drafting patterns.... many patterns. Until I got it right and my chubby boy had a diaper that fit him. I started selling them and have gotten nothing but positive feedback. It makes me so happy to know something I make is worn and loved by babies all over and I can also give mamas in my area an option to get diapers locally since we don't have a cloth diaper store. 
The clothing side of things

Do you make anything other than CDs and if so what is your favorite product to make?

I love to sew and have recently gotten into making children's clothes and am considering making them and selling in addition to selling diapers. My favorite product currently is probably my night time diaper or nap time insert that will both be available after further testing next month!

The "Stache" Diaper
What is your favorite fabric you have?

My favorite fabric I have has to be "Where's My Stache?" by Alexander Henry.

What are you hopes for Baby Roman Diapers in the future?

My hopes for my business' future is that I can continue to build a fan base and be able to help support my family while doing what I love and taking care of my kids. It is definitely a juggling act. No babies were left to cry it out in the making of my diapers!

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