Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lalabye Baby OS Pocket Diaper - Review

Lalabye Baby Review
Outside of the diaper!
I have to say the absolute best email I can ever receive, as a blogger, is when an awesome CD store, manufacture or WAHM contacts me to review one of their awesome diapers!!!  When I check my email and see something for a new potential sponsor it makes me super excited!!  Just the thought of something new and different makes me want to squeal :)  and that is exactly what I did when I received an email from Melissa at Lalabye Baby!!!

Lalabye Baby is an awesome Cloth Diaper, family run, company based out of Southern Florida!  They have only been officially in business since late summer/early fall but have put a wonderful OS diaper on the market.  You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with all the new happenings!!! 

About the Diaper (from Lalabye Baby)

Lalabye Baby Review
Inside of the diaper with PUL belly band
Lalabye Baby is a modern cloth diaper dreamed up by a mom with a vision!  Desiring to combine a love for cloth diapers and a passion for design, Lalabye Baby was created to provide a high quality, safe, eco-friendly diaper at an affordable price.  Along with our diapers, we hope to bring an awareness to the alarming amount of waste being produced by disposable diapers.  We look forward to all that God has planned for Lalabye Baby and appreciate your input and feedback!

Our diapers are one size pocket diaper designed to be used from newborn through potty training!  Using 100%Natural Bamboo Fibers and PUL (waterproof fabric) Lalabye baby’s diapers' are among the best.  Our diapers are designed in the USA and manufactured overseas.  Utilizing our global resources we custom create and design our diapers with your baby and ours in mind.

Lalabye Baby Review
large insert and small insert
  • Waterproof Exterior - PUL (polyurethane laminate).  This laminate-backed diaper fabric was originally developed for the medical community, but it's softness, flexibility and water-proof qualities make it perfect for cloth diapering.
  • Suede Cloth interior - Suedecloth wicks moisture away from baby, resists staining, and does not hold poo. In addition, suedecloth does not pill and stays new-looking.
  • Four layer bamboo inserts - Each diaper comes a newborn size insert and regular size insert.  Bamboo is one of the newest fabrics in the cloth diapering world. Bamboo is very absorbent, naturally anti-bacterial, and won't hold odors. It has a very silky and luxurious feel and stays soft wash after wash. Bamboo is also very environmentally friendly!
Lalabye Baby Review
Where the inserts snap together
  • PUL (waterproof) belly band - Having the PUL on the inside belly band helps prevent those leaks onto to clothes or crib.  This is especially true for those little tummy sleepers!  This also a front pocket making it easy for the inserts to agitate out in the washer.  No more unstuffing dirty diapers!
  • There's a snap on the inside to snap the inserts.  This prevents shifting of the inserts if you put it inside and also allows you to use the diaper as an AI2.  Just lay the insert on top of the diaper since bamboo can be next to baby's skin unlike microfiber.
  • Rainbow color belly snaps - no more trying to figure out the fit on baby.  Now you can tell your sitter, grandma or significant other how to use the diaper and make sure it's on right!
  • Back pocket & care label - Our diaper features a front and back pocket to help with the stuffing and unstuffing of the diapers.  The care label gives clear directions on how to wash the diaper.
Lalabye Baby Review
Color coded snaps!!!!  1 of my favorite things about the dipe!

My Thoughts

Lalabye Baby Review
PUL Belly panel and front pocket opening
Ease:  The only diaper that could be easier than a pocket would be an AIO :)  But if you are going to use a 2 piece diaper, a pocket is the easiest you will find!!  I personally like to use both inserts when I use this diaper.  I will usually use it for when we are going out somewhere and I want the diaper to last.  So I snap both inserts together, snap them to the diaper, stuff the inserts in the pocket and snap on baby :)  Super simple! 

Lalabye Baby Review
Even has a hip snap :)
Price:  At only $14.95 you can't beat the price!!!  That is a wonderful price for a OS pocket diaper with 2 BAMBOO inserts!!!  This is definitely on the low end of the price range for all the features this diaper has.

When and Why I use it:  I use this diaper when I know it is going to be at least 2 1/2 + hours until the next time I am going to be able to change Baby K.  With the 2 Bamboo inserts this diaper can really hold!  It is great for long car rides or when you are going to be walking around for a while with Baby on your back :)  I personally have been using this diaper for over a month and have never had a leak with it!

Lalabye Baby OS Pocket Diaper Review
Baby K from the front (the hair is from a Chewbacca doll)
Recommend:  I would definitely recommend having at least one of these diapers in your stash.  If for nothing else then nap time or long car rides.  The Bamboo inserts make it super trim compared to microfiber inserts and the colors available are adorable!!  And at this price point how can you say no :)  Plus if you keep an eye on Lalabye Baby's Facebook page they have had some awesome deals come up :)   

Lalabye Baby OS Pocket Diaper Review
Tush shot!
Overall:  I am extremely happy that I received that email one evening from Melissa to try this diaper out!  I have loved having it in my stash!  It has been a great addition and has become one of my favorite pocket diapers that I own (I have at least 6+ different brands).  I am always sad when it goes into the wet bag because then I have to wait until wash day to use it again!!  Baby K loves the bright pink of the diaper and is usually a top pick for her (when she is allowed to choose her dipe)!!!

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. This diaper was provided by Lalabye Baby for review. No additional compensation was accepted for this review.  

Friday, December 14, 2012

Blue Disco Dot Givaway from Irresistibly Green!!!

wet bag cloth diaper giveaway

As 2012 comes to a close it is time to get your groove on with the last giveaway of the year from Irresistibly Green!

Celebrate the coming new year with a blue dot disco package that includes a Wahmies Deluxe one size pocket diaper and two matching wet bags.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Diaper Junction's Birthday Giveaway - Enter to WIN a Beco Butterfly 2 Carrier!!!

Did you know that Diaper Junction's turning 10!?  They're celebrating their Birthday with a Giveaway for you and I'm co-hosting!

Diaper Junction is a Virginia Beach based retailer who carries everything from modern cloth diapers to baby carriers, eco-friendly toys to breastpumps, baby gear and much more!  You can shop locally or online via their web store.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Whispering Owlets On-The-Go Table Mat - Review

Whispering Owlet Review
On-The-Go Mat on the table :)
If you are like my family and have ate at a Chick Fil A more than once then you know of the throw away table mats that the kids get.  If not you probably still know what I mean :)  When little ones are small you usually just put their food on the table because you know that is where it is going to end up anyways!  But think about how much trash that is making everyday.  If you are a family of 2 and use the throw away ones 3 times a week then you are throwing away 6 more thing than you need too.  And think about how much traffic can go through a Chick Fil A in just 1 day.  I bet it adds up really quick!!!

Whispering Owlet Review
Cute Tags

So what can we do about it?  Just not use them?  Put Baby's food on the maybe clean table?  Have you ever thought about a reusable table mat for your little one instead of a throw away one?  I never had one when a was little but we also didn't eat out as much with her as we do now :)  Anymore sometimes it is much easier to just go and grab lunch or dinner and sometimes A asks if I can take her to breakfast and lunch.  I wish we didn't eat out as much as we do but sometimes it just works!

Baby K is just starting to use plates at home but when we are out I don't want her to throw a breakable plate on the ground so I usually just throw her food on the table (after I wipe it down myself).  But still who wants their kid eating straight of the table?  So I was super excited when I received the On-The-Go Table Mat from Whispering Owlets Boutique.  Now I have a cute and creative way to feed Baby K without just putting her food on the table or giving her a plate she might break :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

ReUsies - Giveaway

I know that everyone loves a good giveaway!!!  So how about something for the lunch box?!?!  ReUsies will make a wonderful addition to either your little ones lunch boxes, your Hubby's lunch box, or the diaper bag!!!

Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter!  US ONLY please!  And if you are not entering through your Facebook profile PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE leave a link to your profile in the 1st entry methods "extra info".  I will NOT try and search for your profile on Facebook to verify entries, sorry!!!

Project Pomona Jeans - Review

Project Pomona Review 2012

I have been lucky enough to be able to work with Meghan from Project Pomona on a wonderful review!!!  Meghan has been super sweet to work with, especially with everything being so busy with the holidays.  She has always been there when I needed anything and I always felt like I was important and cared for.

Project Pomona Review 2012
Meghan sent me an adorable pair of jeans in the new Stretch Faded Black option that was released at the end of November with and adorable Modern Paisley fabric accents around the cuffs!  They have cute pink snaps for the closures that make the jeans extra girly looking :)  You can roll or unroll the cuffs as much as you need for your little one and there are 4 snap settings on each side!!!  So you know you will be able to get a great fit over that fluffy bum (or can be used with a sposie bum also)!!

Please make sure to check out Meghan and Project Pomona on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up to date on everything that is happening and where you can find giveaways for these awesome jeans :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tiny Love Super Mat - Giveaway (ends 12/28)

Win a Tiny Love Super Mat
Sponsored by:  Tiny Love
Check out Messy Mama's REVIEW!  If you have an infant, you will want to have a Tiny Love Super Mat!  It's huge and so entertaining for your little one. 
One Lucky Reader will win a Tiny Love Super Mat.
Enter on the RC form below.
Must be in the Continental U.S. AND Canada and 18+
Good Luck!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ReUsies Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bags - Review

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review a set of ReUsies Reusable bags!!!  My set included a sandwich bag and a matching snack bag.  These adorable bags have a sold color for the entire pouch with a cute and fun fabric for the closure area!  The ones I received are mainly a bright orange with an accent fabric that is called Happy Fruit.  The colors remind me of fall and will be perfect to start A off to school with next year!!!

ReUsies Review
Snack size on the left and sandwich on the right!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cow Patties Cloth Diapers Stuffable AI2 - Review

Cow Patties Cloth Diapers Logo

Cow Patties Stuffable AI2 Review
Outside of diaper
I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Megan from Cow Patties Cloth Diapers over the past month!!!  Not only was Megan nice enough to sponsor a giveaway but she also allowed me to have the opportunity to review one of her diapers!!  She even let me pick the fabric :)

I received a stuffable AI2 diaper in the adorable Star Wars fabric!!!  Hubby loved the fabric since he is a huge Star Wars fan and I loved that Megan made it girly for Baby K by adding ruffles!!  Who doesn't love ruffles?!?!  Well I guess you wouldn't love them on your boy...or would you?  At 1st I was a little confused by the stuffable AI2 and wasn't sure how to use it.  But in reality it is a pocket diaper that you can use an insert in the pocket or lay it on top like an AI2.  Best of both worlds!  Make sure to check out Cow Patties on Facebook to see all the wonderful fabrics Megan has and to keep up to date with all that is happening.  You can also check her out on Twitter and Pinterest.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Hop 2012

Merry Fluffy Christmas 2012

Welcome to the 3rd annual Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Hop, hosted by And Then There Were 4!!!

This is probably the biggest Fluffy hop of the year and there are many wonderful Fluffy prizes up for grabs!!  Make sure to check out all of my wonderful sponsors below and enter on the Rafflecopter form!  This prize pack is wonderful because ALL 4 of my sponsors are WAHMs!!!  Let's show these Mamas some major support!!  Then make sure you check out the other 60+ wonderful blogs on the Linky at the bottom of the post to see what other wonderful items you can enter to win :)  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Green Christmas Gift Giveaway Hop

Green Christmas Giveaway

Welcome to the Green Christmas Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering, Going Green with Grizls and The Reynolds Mom.  Just under 50 members of the Green Moms Network have come together to offer you tons of opportunities to win green-themed Christmas gifts!  There’s sure to be something for everyone on your list!  We hope you’ll discover some great new brands to add to your Christmas list too!

Our hosts are featuring 5 fabulous grand prize packages from these green and natural brands: For Your Bug-a-Boo, Blue Manatee Boxes, Bulk Herb Store, Snug Bug Diapers, Nosefrida, My Pretty Playhouse, Wonder Forge, Kelly Kits, Kerrific Online, LibreTea, Grounds for Change, Zulka Sugar, Justin's Nut Butters, Better Life, ReuseIt, Strawesome, generationMe, Soybu, Purely Gorgeous, A Mothers Design, Dr. Bronner's and Xmittens!. Click here to enter the grand prize.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

GroVia OS AIO - Review (sponsored by Bouncing Babies)

Bouncing Babies Cloth Daipers I contacted the wonderful Mamas behind Bouncing Babies about 2 months ago to see if they would be awesome enough to sponsor a hop that I had coming up during this busy and hectic time of the year we call "The Holidays!!" :)  They obviously said yes :) or you wouldn't be reading this right now!  But seriously they were wonderful enough to say yes and also to allow me to review something of my choosing.

GroVia OS AIO Review
Outside of Diaper
I looked through their extensive inventory selection and had an extremely hard time narrowing it down to just one item.  I wanted to try them all!!!  But I ended up deciding on a GroVia OS AIO diaper.  I had tried this diaper when I 1st started cloth diapering Baby K at 8 months and I have to say THEN it was my least favorite and I sold it within a couple months.  The 1st time around it leaked on me all the time and I could never get a good fit with it.

But my really good friend and fellow CD Mama kept telling me how it was one of her favorite diapers.  So when I had the chance to try it again I took it :)  And I have to say I LOVE it now!!!  I don't know if I got a bad diaper the 1st time around or if it was Baby K's build at the time but I am very sorry that I sold that 1st diaper now :(  But more on why I love it below!!!  But I want to make sure to thank Stacey and Megan for being such wonderful sponsors and allowing me the chance to review an awesome diaper!!!  You ladies have been wonderful through everything and I have loved working with you!!!  Also make sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest where you can keep up with all the latest happenings at Bouncing Babies!!!

GroVia OS AIO Review
Inside of Diaper

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pretty Mommies Skincare Giveaway

Pretty Mommies Safe Skincare for Pregnant and Nursing Moms

Did you know it's important to use safe skincare while you're pregnant and breastfeeding?

The Blogging Mamas Network and Pretty Mommies have come together to bring you important information about safe skincare during these special times AND to offer you a chance to win 1 of 4 sets of Pretty Mommies Skincare!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Moby Wrap Giveaway

Sponsored by:  Moby® Wrap

Messy Mama was lucky enough to get a Moby® Wrap to review. 
She loved it, check out her REVIEW

Monday, November 19, 2012

Holly Jolly Jubilee Giveaway Hop - 2 Prize Packs

Holly Jolly Jubilee

Welcome to Holly Jolly Jubilee 2012!!!  This hop consist of just about everything :)  So you know that there will be some wonderful and useful items up for grabs from 90 different blogs!!!  All prizes that are up for grabs during this giveaway have a retail value of at least $25.  After entering my giveaway make sure to check out the linky at the bottom of the page for other great giveaways!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Diaper Donks Ruffle Bottom/Skirtie - Review

Inside of Diaper Donks diaper
I reviewed a ruffle bottom diaper for Jenny at Diaper Donks back in April as part of Baby K's 1st Birthday Celebration.  You can read the 1st review here :)  If you read that review then you know how much I love my 1st Donk :)  So you can only imagine how excited I was to receive a message from Jenny asking me to review another diaper for her!!!  Not only was I super excited to hear from one of the nicest WAHMs I have worked with but I was super excited to review one of her Skirties this time!!!

Outside of Diaper Donks diaper
So you may now be asking yourself....What is a Skirtie?!?!?!  Let's just say it is AWESOME!  Well it is but really it is a skirt that attaches to a Diaper Donks diaper!!! So now you can really show off that adorable diaper for your little girl while wearing the matching/coordinating skirt with it :)  Jenny was wonderful and allowed me to choose any fabric that I wanted from her huge stash for cuteness!!  I choose the pink Cranky Clouds HTF print.  It is adorable and I thought would be cute for a skirtie/ruffle bottom.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Strolling through the Holidays Giveaway!!!

Strolling through the Holidays


Would you like to go strolling with your loved one this Holiday Season? 

The Blogging Mamas Network and KiddyUSA have come together to bring you a great giveaway for the brand new KiddyUSA City 'n Move Stroller

This stroller is the perfect companion - it's Lightweight {at only 21 lbs}, Comfortable for Mom/Dad and Child, and Maneuvers Easily.

The Kiddy brand, based in Germany, is synonymous with innovation and style when it comes to children's car seats and strollers and now the brand has launched in the US. 

The KiddyUSA City 'n Move comes in 7 fantastic colors {Winner will choose their Favorite!} and accommodates children 6 months to 55 pounds! 

To see even more of the City 'n Move Stroller, including detailed pictures and favorite features, read the KiddyUSA City 'n Move Stroller Review by Lindsey from So Easy Being Green.
The KiddyUSA City 'n Move Stroller is available at a variety of retailers.  The City 'n Move retails for $219.99 and will be available on Amazon very soon!


This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+ only.  Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm EST on November 30th. 

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter Form below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure:  Special thanks to Hosts According to Jenny, So Easy Being Green, Leetle Baby, and other Strollin' Bloggers!  Event bloggers are not responsible for Sponsor Prize Shipment.

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WAHM Stocking 11/16-11/22

Who doesn't LOVE a WAHM diaper? But who can keep up with when they are all stocking? I have made it easy :)  Each week I will go through the list of WAHMs I have and see when each one is stocking and link you directly to where they are stocking!!!  Now I know I do not have every WAHM there is on here (these are just the ones I could come up with on my own) and not every WAHM stocks every week.  But these are the ones I have compiled for this week!!! 

If you have a WAHM you would like to see added to the list please let me know with either a comment or email me at  Happy Stocking!!!

Friday 11/16/12

Bagshot Row Bamboo                                            1 PM EST
Homestead Emporium                                            2 PM EST
Bitty Fluff (all newborn)                                        2 PM EST
Little Fancy Pants                                                  2:30 PM EST
Little Seedlings                                                      4 PM EST
Baby Roman Diapers                                             4 PM EST
Stalkerazzi Congo (Rainbow)                                8 PM EST
TheCraftEGal                                                          8 PM EST
Pirate Booty Fluff                                                   9 PM EST
HoneyBums                                                           9 PM EST

Saturday 11/17/12

Sunday 11/18/12

Monday 11/19/12

Chelory                                                                 11 AM EST
String Beans                                                           12 PM EST
Patty Pants                                                               3 PM EST
Cloth Dreams                                                          8 PM EST
Orange Diaper Company                                        9 PM EST  (leftovers stocking)

Tuesday 11/20/12

Little Boppers LLC                                                3 PM EST
Hipster Fluff                                                           8 PM EST

Wednesday 11/21/12

Thursday 11/22/12

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Luv My Box - Review -ADULTS ONLY!!!

This post is meant for adult ONLY so if you are not an adult please do not click the read more tab :)  Thanks so much for your cooperation!  I do not want to offend anyone so if you would rather not read please don't click the link either :)  But their will be NOTHING graphic in this post!!!  I will just be stating what I received, thoughts on each item, and overall thoughts on the subscribing service!  Thanks so much! ~SAH CD Mama

Monday, November 12, 2012

Giving Green Giveaway Hop - Diaper Donks

Welcome to Giving Green: The Green Gift Event!!!  This hop consist of Green gifts :) and no I don't mean that everything is the color green!!!  I mean that everything is related to green living!!  So you know that there will be some wonderful and useful items up for grabs from over 30 different blogs!!!  All prizes that are up for grabs during this giveaway have a retail value of at least $25.  After entering my giveaway make sure to check out the linky at the bottom of the page for other great giveaways!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankvember Day #11

The Vagabond Studio

Today I am THANKFUL for all of our wonderful Veterans!!  They have risked there lives and sacrificed time with their families to make sure we are able to live in a FREE country and live our lives the way we do.  We are extremely lucky as a country that these men and women have sacrificed so we don't have too.  Thank you to our Veterans!!  We appreciate you and know that our freedom would not be possible without you!

Thankvember Day #10

The Vagabond Studio

Today I am THANKFUL for nothing profound :)  Honestly today I am thankful that Baby K has not thrown up anymore!!  Sadly the poor Baby woke up this morning covered in sickness :(  She stunk, her room stunk and it was not the way you want to start a Saturday morning!!  Especially when it is in the upper 60s!!  But thankfully she has been absolutely fine the whole day and it seems like maybe dinner did not sit right on her tummy.  But after 4 baths to get the smell away lets hope that it was food related and not actual sickness related!

Thankvember Day #9

The Vagabond Studio

Today I am THANKFUL for all the wonderful teachers I have had through my life.  From my very 1st teacher in Kindergarten, Mrs. Marker to my teachers in High School and College.  Without them I would not be the person that I am today.

Teachers make more of an impact on children than most people ever give them credit for.  The sacrifice their time, energy and hearts for our children and they doing it happily and willingly.  Not only do they teach them "facts" but they teach them how to be apart of society and how to be the adult that they will once grow up to be.  Parents think they have a hard time being the parent but teachers love ALL their children just as much and care just as much about who they will be come.  Teachers are there for children when no one else is or cares to be.  They put their heart and soul into every child and every little thing they teach them!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Out & About Giveaway Hop - Whispering Owlets Boutique

Out & About Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Out and About Giveaway Hop, hosted by Crunchy Farm Baby and Crafting in My Closet!  This hop consist of items that are great for Mama and Daddy when they're Out and About with their little ones!  The hosts are offering TWO grand prize packages that you can enter to win on their sites (links below my entry form).  At Crafting in My Closet, you can enter to win a prize pack full of items for babies; and at Crunchy Farm Baby, you can enter to win a prize pack full of items for toddlers!  After entering my great giveaway, make sure to head to the linky at the bottom of this post to enter all of the other giveaways!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankvember Day #8

The Vagabond Studio

Since today is the 8th of November and A was born on the 8th (September) I thought today would be the perfect day to dedicate to her!!!  I am extremely THANKFUL not only for my 1st born but also my 1st born daughter!!  She is the one who made me a Mommy and that alone is enough to be thankful for :)

WAHM Stocking List 11/9-11/15

Who doesn't LOVE a WAHM diaper? But who can keep up with when they are all stocking? I have made it easy :)  Each week I will go through the list of WAHMs I have and see when each one is stocking and link you directly to where they are stocking!!!  Now I know I do not have every WAHM there is on here (these are just the ones I could come up with on my own) and not every WAHM stocks every week.  But these are the ones I have compiled for this week!!! 

If you have a WAHM you would like to see added to the list please let me know with either a comment or email me at  Happy Stocking!!!

Friday 11/09/12

Rainbow Monster                                                                        10 AM EST
PoopsieDoodles                                                                           11 AM EST
Bagshot Row Bamboo                                                                  1 PM EST
Taryn's Treasures (soaps and scrubs)                                            1 PM EST 
Homestead Emporium                                                                  2 PM EST
LilyLouHoo                                                                                  2:15 PM EST
Wild Coconut Wear                                                                        2:30 PM EST
Little Fancy Pants Cloth Diapers                                                   2:30 PM EST  
TheCraftEGal                                                                                8 PM EST
Fluffy Bottoms (via Facebook)                                                     8 PM EST
fluffEh (Cheveron Stocking)                                                         8 PM EST
Honey Bums                                                                                  9 PM EST  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Homeschooling Week 7

Week 7 is getting better.  It only took us 1 1/2 weeks to finish this week up.  Some of that was because of Halloween and we took a couple days to make sure that we got a pumpkin and carved it :)  Hopefully next week will be a lot better.

We are slowly getting back into a real routine.  At this point I'm worried that with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years might really mess us up.  We are going back to PA for Thanksgiving so I am going to have to figure out how I want to work around that.  I might take a couple small things back with us but I think I might split a lot of it with the week before and then Monday and Tuesday.  If you home school how do you deal with Holidays?  Especially if you are already behind where you wanted to be?

Homeschooling Week 6

Week 6 still gave us a little problems actually getting through everything in 1 week :(  Right now unfortunately it is taking us about 1 1/2 weeks to 2 weeks to get through 1 week worth of school.  At this rate I'm not sure if we are ever going to get through the whole year!!! 

I'm hoping and praying that we are able to get back into a good rhythm in the next couple weeks.  I just have to force myself to do schooling with her.  I sometimes try to put it off until later in the day and then it becomes lunch and nap and it never gets done.  I am also still trying to figure out what to do with Baby K while working with A.  Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

Thankvember Day #7

The Vagabond Studio

Today I am THANKFUL for my Mama :)  She may drive me crazy at times but I know she is always there.  I spend more time on the phone with her in any given day than anyone else!!!  I know that I can always call her and she will be there to talk.  She loves both of my girls like nothing else and lets them get away with way too much stuff when we visit!!!! (HINT, HINT Mother!!!)  She lets A play on her scooter and do anything she wants and spoils both girls as much as she can!  A and Baby K both LOVE Mimi and talk about her all the time!  Baby K will sometimes just start yelling Mimi!!!  I am very thankful that we have gotten a lot closer since I graduated high school and in the last 10 years have formed a wonderful friendship!  Love you :)

Thankvember Day #6

The Vagabond Studio

So I forgot to actually press the publish button yesterday on this post :( So here it is now!!

Today let's keep this short, simple and sweet :) Today I am THANKFUL for the country I live in (US), the fact that we are a democracy and that we all come from a different walk of life!!! So no matter if the election goes the way you would like it to or not be thankful that you have the right to voice your opinion!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankvember Day #5

The Vagabond Studio

Today I am THANKFUL for my Daddy!!!  No matter what has happened in the past or what is currently happening he is always there for me no matter what I need.  When I need to vent or cry or whatever it may be I know I can call him and he will always listen and do what he can to help.  Like today I was at a lose for what to do anymore .  So I called him and within minutes after hanging up the phone I had a slew of emails in my inbox with links that might help!!!  He is always there to check on me and make sure that everything will be OK.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankvember Day #4

The Vagabond Studio

Today I am not THANKFUL for anything major.  Today I am thankful for the extra hour I get to sleep!!!  Sunday is the day that the girls and I get up the earliest out of the whole week so that we can make it to church :)  Since the girls usually sleep longer they have no problem letting Mommy and Daddy get that extra wonderful hour of sleep!!!  Thank you daylight savings time :)