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Cow Patties Cloth Diapers Stuffable AI2 - Review

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Cow Patties Stuffable AI2 Review
Outside of diaper
I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Megan from Cow Patties Cloth Diapers over the past month!!!  Not only was Megan nice enough to sponsor a giveaway but she also allowed me to have the opportunity to review one of her diapers!!  She even let me pick the fabric :)

I received a stuffable AI2 diaper in the adorable Star Wars fabric!!!  Hubby loved the fabric since he is a huge Star Wars fan and I loved that Megan made it girly for Baby K by adding ruffles!!  Who doesn't love ruffles?!?!  Well I guess you wouldn't love them on your boy...or would you?  At 1st I was a little confused by the stuffable AI2 and wasn't sure how to use it.  But in reality it is a pocket diaper that you can use an insert in the pocket or lay it on top like an AI2.  Best of both worlds!  Make sure to check out Cow Patties on Facebook to see all the wonderful fabrics Megan has and to keep up to date with all that is happening.  You can also check her out on Twitter and Pinterest.

Cow Patties Stuffable AI2 Review
Inside of diaper with the AI2 insert

My Thoughts

Cow Patties Stuffable AI2 Review
Snap for AI2
Ease:  I use this diaper as a regular pocket diaper, so it is super easy to use :)  All I have to do is stuff the diaper with an insert and snap it on baby.  I usually do not us the extra snap that is in the diaper to make it an AI2.  I am not 100% in love with it as an AI2 but as a pocket I love it!  I have never tried a WAHM pocket diaper before so this was a new experience :)

Cow Patties Stuffable AI2 Review
Smallest Rise Setting

Price:  Megan prices her diapers by size NOT style (other than the Famous Pockets Fitteds).  A regular diaper ranges anywhere from $6.00 for a newborn to $16 for an X-Large and a OS is $14.  As for the Famous Pocket Fitteds they run $14-$18.  So depending on what size diaper you need depends on the price.  Most sized pocket diapers run around $15 and OS around $18 so Megan's diapers are either a little cheaper or just the same as a big name brand but you are supporting a WAHM and creating a unique diaper for your little one :) 

Cow Patties Stuffable AI2 Review
Medium Rise Setting

When and Why I use it:  I usually use this diaper when we are at home so that I can show off the ruffles.  Since the ruffles do no detach it is hard to fit this diaper in pants.  I also use this diaper when I want to show some super cuteness of to some Geeky people :) 

What I don't like:  Honestly there is not much that I don't like about this diaper.  But the 2 things that I don't like.  The 1st is the AI2 snap in the diaper, just because I like to use this diaper as a pocket.  So honestly that is not a big deal it is just more personal preference.  The other thing is I wish the wings were a little longer and the snap placement was different (at least for Baby K).  This is the only diaper that I can not use the 2 out most snaps on.  So they end up leaving snap marks on her side.  But still not a huge deal because I know you can find snap covers to prevent that.  So both things are just personal and baby preference :) 

Cow Patties Stuffable AI2 Review
Largest Setting
Recommend:  I would definitely recommend trying a Cow Patties diaper!!  For the price they are a steal and Megan has a ton of fabric to choose from.  I bet one would look adorable under your tree Christmas morning :)  If you are a pocket person then you need to add one of these to your stash if for nothing other than cuteness!!!

Overall:  I have loved having my Cow Patties diaper in my stash.  Hubby especially loves the fabric and both girls love the ruffles!!  A likes to choose this diaper for Baby K because she knows Daddy loves it and she loves to mess with Baby K's ruffles!!!  Thank you so much Megan for giving me this opportunity and I hope that all of my fans will check you out and think about adding a new dipe to there stash!

Cow Patties Stuffable AI2 Review
Baby K with her Ruffles!!!
All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  This diaper was provided by Cow Patties Cloth Diapers for review.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review.

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  1. It has ruffles!!! I love it! I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but what a fun way to make a Star Wars diaper super girly! I would love to add some more AI2s to my stash. I hate that I have to put my favorite pockets in the diaper pail after only one change, lol!