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Whispering Owlets On-The-Go Table Mat - Review

Whispering Owlet Review
On-The-Go Mat on the table :)
If you are like my family and have ate at a Chick Fil A more than once then you know of the throw away table mats that the kids get.  If not you probably still know what I mean :)  When little ones are small you usually just put their food on the table because you know that is where it is going to end up anyways!  But think about how much trash that is making everyday.  If you are a family of 2 and use the throw away ones 3 times a week then you are throwing away 6 more thing than you need too.  And think about how much traffic can go through a Chick Fil A in just 1 day.  I bet it adds up really quick!!!

Whispering Owlet Review
Cute Tags

So what can we do about it?  Just not use them?  Put Baby's food on the maybe clean table?  Have you ever thought about a reusable table mat for your little one instead of a throw away one?  I never had one when a was little but we also didn't eat out as much with her as we do now :)  Anymore sometimes it is much easier to just go and grab lunch or dinner and sometimes A asks if I can take her to breakfast and lunch.  I wish we didn't eat out as much as we do but sometimes it just works!

Baby K is just starting to use plates at home but when we are out I don't want her to throw a breakable plate on the ground so I usually just throw her food on the table (after I wipe it down myself).  But still who wants their kid eating straight of the table?  So I was super excited when I received the On-The-Go Table Mat from Whispering Owlets Boutique.  Now I have a cute and creative way to feed Baby K without just putting her food on the table or giving her a plate she might break :)

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About the Table Mat (from Rachael)

Owlet-On-The-Go Table Mats are easy to use for dining out with your little ones. They easily suction to the table and have a non-slip underside so that your little one can eat and play without pulling it off. They keep babies from putting their little mouths on a (questionably clean) restaurant table. They have an easy wipe surface and fun ribbon tags to keep your tot entertained. Comes with sewn-on suction cups that stick to most tables and a button fastener to keep it rolled up in your diaper bag. The fastener can also be used by running it through the middle loop at the bottom to fasten it to the highchair if needed. Owlet-On-The-Go Table Mats were inspired by my daughter when we went out to eat and she tried to chew on the gross table edge.  You can also request to have a Bead-Find window at the top of your mat instead of the matching cloth print.

Whispering Owlet Review
Rolls up nice and small!!!

Washing Instructions:

To wash your Owlet-On-The-Go Table mat I recommend washing it on delicate in cold to warm water with towels or other soft fabrics. Air-dry, do not dry in a dryer. Washing your mat will also help soften the wipe clean surface.
My Thoughts

Whispering Owlet Review
Peaking out of the diaper bag
Overall, I have loved having this mat!!  It has been a wonderful addition to my diaper bag and does not take up a ton of room since it rolls up so small :)  The 1 thing that I do not like about it would be that I have not been able to get the mat to suction cup to a table.  So I usually just lay it on the table but then Baby K likes to take it off and throw it on the floor :)  But other than that it has been wonderful.  

An On-The-Go Table Mat runs $20 which is an awesome price for something that is customizable and hand made with love!!  I think if you use the throw away table mats often then you need one of these.  Inside of making more trash more the table look cute!!!

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  This table mat was provided by Whispering Owlets Boutique for review.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review.

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