Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankvember Day #7

The Vagabond Studio

Today I am THANKFUL for my Mama :)  She may drive me crazy at times but I know she is always there.  I spend more time on the phone with her in any given day than anyone else!!!  I know that I can always call her and she will be there to talk.  She loves both of my girls like nothing else and lets them get away with way too much stuff when we visit!!!! (HINT, HINT Mother!!!)  She lets A play on her scooter and do anything she wants and spoils both girls as much as she can!  A and Baby K both LOVE Mimi and talk about her all the time!  Baby K will sometimes just start yelling Mimi!!!  I am very thankful that we have gotten a lot closer since I graduated high school and in the last 10 years have formed a wonderful friendship!  Love you :)

A messing with Mimi's scooter like always (2010)

Mimi, A, and Me Christmas 2009

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