Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankvember Day #9

The Vagabond Studio

Today I am THANKFUL for all the wonderful teachers I have had through my life.  From my very 1st teacher in Kindergarten, Mrs. Marker to my teachers in High School and College.  Without them I would not be the person that I am today.

Teachers make more of an impact on children than most people ever give them credit for.  The sacrifice their time, energy and hearts for our children and they doing it happily and willingly.  Not only do they teach them "facts" but they teach them how to be apart of society and how to be the adult that they will once grow up to be.  Parents think they have a hard time being the parent but teachers love ALL their children just as much and care just as much about who they will be come.  Teachers are there for children when no one else is or cares to be.  They put their heart and soul into every child and every little thing they teach them!!!

I want to THANK some of the teachers that have had the biggest impact on my life and still do!  Thank you so much Mrs. Marker (Bowden) for being my 1st teacher and always being there when I needed anything throughout the rest of my time at Rochy!!!  Thank you Mrs. Sinclair for being the teacher that made school fun.  You were one of my sweetest teachers and I was so thrilled that my girls got to meet you this past summer.  It meant a lot!!!  Thank you Mr. Cucinelli for making History fun for the 1st time and for being the funny man that you were!!  Thank you Mr. Proctor for giving me a love of high level Math!!!  Thank you Mrs. TC for being the most fun teacher ever!!  You have always been loved and I have loved running into you at the mall every once in a while :)

For the teachers that have made the most lasting impression ever!!!  Thank you so much Mrs. Deal for being a teacher who is loving, caring, and kind.  You were there for me during some hard times senior year and I will never forget that!  You are a teacher that students want to be like and admire.  You are the type of teacher that I can only hope and pray for that my children will one day encounter.

Thank you Mrs. Acon for being the teacher that believed in me.  You might have thought I was crazy when I wanted to take Senior AP English but you never discouraged me from trying when everyone else told me NO!!  You knew I could accomplish anything if I put my mind to it and I did with straight A's that year!!!  For the 1st time :)  After having you as a teacher I knew that I could go on to do bigger and better things as long as I kept believing in myself.

Thank you Mr. Tomko!  I know you will never be able to read this but you will honestly always be missed.  You were a crazy teacher but always pushed your students to be the best they could be.  My Hubby and I still talk about your 2 out of 3 saying and you have made a bigger impact on your students than you will ever know.  You are missed!!

Thank you to all my wonderful teachers!  And please appreciate the teachers your children have because they make a bigger impact than you will realize!!!       

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