Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Luv My Box - Review -ADULTS ONLY!!!

This post is meant for adult ONLY so if you are not an adult please do not click the read more tab :)  Thanks so much for your cooperation!  I do not want to offend anyone so if you would rather not read please don't click the link either :)  But their will be NOTHING graphic in this post!!!  I will just be stating what I received, thoughts on each item, and overall thoughts on the subscribing service!  Thanks so much! ~SAH CD Mama

I received a wonderful box of "goodies" from Canada a couple weeks ago :)  The special "goodies" that I received are a great addition to any couples "couple" time!!!  I received Luv my Box's October box which was centered around bath time.  And no I do not mean bath time for the kids :) 

What was in my box?!?!

SAH CD Mama - LuvMyBox Review
The outside of my box (a little plain)

I Rub My Duckie: Waterproof Massage (battery was hidden under everything)
Dona by Jo Bath Foam: Aphrodisiac infused ritual
inttimo by Wet: Aromatherapy Massage & Bath Oil in Invigorate
inttimo by Wet: Aromatherapy Massage & Bath Oil in Forbidden Fruit
Not Soap Radio: The Stuff that Cupid Dips His Arrows in

SAH CD Mama - LuvMyBox Review
Inside the box :)

What I liked about the box

SAH CD Mama - LuvMyBox Review
The goodies
Honestly my favorite things that arrived in my box were the smallest items.  My 2 favorite items items were the inttimo by Wet Aromatherapy Massage & Bath Oil, especially in Forbidden Fruit and Not Soap Radio: The Stuff that Cupid Dips His Arrows in!!!  They both smelled amazing!!!  And think about it...does Massage Oil mean that Hubby HAS to rub your back?!?!?  I will be buying a big bottle of the Forbidden Fruit if for nothing else then to smell it :)  LOVED the smell, fruity yet sexy :)  I also really liked the Do Not Disturb sign that had instructions on the back :)

SAH CD Mama - LuvMyBox Review
Instructions :)

  What I didn't like about the box

I am really not a negative person when review items but I have to say I was not thrilled with most of the box.  The I Rub My Duckie was pretty much useless.  We had to pry the battery compartment off with a screw driver to even put the battery in it.  The Bath Foam was OK but there was 2 more body washes in the set and it seemed like a lot.  As for the Bath and Body Work body wash I can go to the mall and buy it so it didn't seem very special to me.  And just about everyone has a loofah in their house :)  Also I personally was not thrilled that since the box had to go through customs the outside label said personal massager on it.  

SAH CD Mama - LuvMyBox Review

Overall Thought

Overall, I thought it was a really neat idea for a box.  I just think that they tried to fill it up with extra items to hit a certain price point.  Honestly a lot of it I could have done without.  But the idea of a fun, sexy box delivered to your door each month is an awesome idea!!!  I feel that each box will get better with time (this was only the 2nd box) as they develop customers, ideas, and a following.  As for the price of the box I feel that $34.95 a month that is more than I am willing to pay.  I mean if you get a subscription you have to pay that price each month.  And for how much of the stuff I would use in each box I don't feel that it is worth it for me.  Now the special holiday boxes (for him OR her) at only $19.95 are a little more the amount that I am willing/wanting to pay :)  But no whether you purchase a subscription or not you HAVE to check them out and like them on Facebook.  They are a wonderful addition to your news feed with awesome tips on how to keep things spicy!   

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