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GroVia OS AIO - Review (sponsored by Bouncing Babies)

Bouncing Babies Cloth Daipers I contacted the wonderful Mamas behind Bouncing Babies about 2 months ago to see if they would be awesome enough to sponsor a hop that I had coming up during this busy and hectic time of the year we call "The Holidays!!" :)  They obviously said yes :) or you wouldn't be reading this right now!  But seriously they were wonderful enough to say yes and also to allow me to review something of my choosing.

GroVia OS AIO Review
Outside of Diaper
I looked through their extensive inventory selection and had an extremely hard time narrowing it down to just one item.  I wanted to try them all!!!  But I ended up deciding on a GroVia OS AIO diaper.  I had tried this diaper when I 1st started cloth diapering Baby K at 8 months and I have to say THEN it was my least favorite and I sold it within a couple months.  The 1st time around it leaked on me all the time and I could never get a good fit with it.

But my really good friend and fellow CD Mama kept telling me how it was one of her favorite diapers.  So when I had the chance to try it again I took it :)  And I have to say I LOVE it now!!!  I don't know if I got a bad diaper the 1st time around or if it was Baby K's build at the time but I am very sorry that I sold that 1st diaper now :(  But more on why I love it below!!!  But I want to make sure to thank Stacey and Megan for being such wonderful sponsors and allowing me the chance to review an awesome diaper!!!  You ladies have been wonderful through everything and I have loved working with you!!!  Also make sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest where you can keep up with all the latest happenings at Bouncing Babies!!!

GroVia OS AIO Review
Inside of Diaper

About the Diaper  (From the Manufacture)

GroVia OS AIO Review
Side tag of GroVia OS AIO
GroVia AIO (all in one) diapers have an extremely absorbent organic cotton inside. The outside of the diaper is made out of a soft water resistant TUP material.

What do you get when you combine ultra soft organic cotton with stretchy wings and a side snap design? The PERFECT diaper!!
  • Stretchy tabs for a perfect fit
  • No stuffing, no doublers
  • Trim one size design that grows with baby
  • No cover required
  • Quick dry design
  • GroVia AIO Sizing
  • Their unique design fits babies 10-35+lbs
GroVia OS AIO Review
Sizing of diaper on Baby K at 19 months & approx. 24 LBS

Tip for your GroVia AIO diapers

The GroVia AIO makes a great trainer because the side panels are very stretchy. It also has an organic cotton soaker which allows the potty learning little one to feel the wetness.

Diaper Preparation
This diaper is made from organic cotton and therefore needs to be prepped. Before using it, you will need to wash this diaper in hot water with detergent and tumble dry it each time for 5-6 times before use. As you continue to wash the diapers they will continue to become more absorbent.

My Thoughts

GroVia OS AIO Review
Tush Shot :)
Ease:  Since this diaper is an AIO it is super easy to use.  To put the diaper together all you have to do is snap in the extra soaker if your baby needs it, adjust the rise, and snap on baby.  I do have to say that the side snapping of this diaper took me a little longer to get use to.  You have to make sure the the side wings are no under the soaker (next to baby) or the soaker is not fully functioning.  But once you learn where the snaps need to be (like with any diaper) it is super easy to use.  

Price:  The GroVia AIO diaper runs $23.95 which I feel is a little pricey for a diaper other than a WAHM.  This diaper runs on the higher price end for an AIO diaper.  But they do tend to run some really good deals which make them a little more affordable.

GroVia OS AIO Review
The side snaps on Baby K at 19 months
When and Why I use it:  I love to keep this diaper in my diaper bag for when we are out and about.  It is super easy to use since it is an AIO so I can change Baby K in the weirdest of places and know that I am not going to have to fight or take for ever to change her diaper.  Also it absorbs a TON so I know that once I change her I don't have to worry that she is going to leak when we are out.  And if I don't get a chance to change her she is still go to go!!!

Recommend:  I would recommend having at least one of these diapers for the diaper bag or at times when you need a diaper that can really hold the liquid.  But personally if I was going to buy anymore (which I might!) I would wait until they are either running a deal on them or they are on sale.

Overall (diaper):  Overall this diaper has been a wonderful addition to my stash!  I love to have it in my diaper bag and get upset when it has to go into the wet bag :)  I never leave the house without it if at all possible and I am extremely glad that I gave it another try!!!  I do feel that the diaper fits a toddler better than it fits a chunkyish baby.  Baby K was never really chunky but that extra babyness I think go in the way of a good fit.  So if at 1st you don't get a good fit HOLD ONTO that diaper and try again in a few months!!!  

Overall (Bouncing Babies):  Megan and Stacey have been wonderful to work with.  I have loved communicating with them and they have been super helpful with anything and everything I needed!!  I hope you check them out because they are 2 wonderful Mamas that I want to be around for a really long time!!!  I hope to work with them again in the future if they will have me :) 

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  This diaper was provided by Bouncing Babies and not GroVia for review.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review.

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