Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Death, Life & Second Chances Video!!! You will NOT be sorry!!

I have been wanting to share this video with my wonderful fans for a while now but I didn't know the reaction I would get to it so I haven't....until NOW!!! This is the video that my church played during our Easter Sunday service. It was shown in 3 different parts throughout the service but can be seen all together HERE!!! I was worried about showing this for a couple reasons. 1st I didn't know how to bring religion into my blog and how it would be received. Obviously I am finally getting the courage to say I'm doing it and I don't care :) and 2nd and this is a WARNING you WILL cry!!! Well at least I did. But my Hubby is in this video and if you watch the whole thing you will probably be able to tell which one he is by me telling you it made me cry for the rest of the service!!! I know it is a kind of long video but please but in the 9 minutes of your life to watch it. I promise you will not be sorry and you may even get something out of it :) I would love ALL comments on this :) Thanks and please enjoy!!

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