Sunday, January 8, 2012

The switch to FULL TIME cloth diapering!!!

Once I decided that cloth diapering was the way I wanted to go I made the decision that I was going to buy the diapers that I wanted and how many I felt I needed all at once. For me it was going to be easier that way. I know that not everyone is lucky enough right now to be able to do that. I spent probably a total of just over $200 for all of my diapers. If I was still doing disposables I would have already spent $80 in diapers!!! When you think of it that way my diapers will be "paid off" in just a little over another 2 months!

The switch for me has been so much easier than expected. I now only have to wash every other night. Either after I get Baby K's jammies on or right after I put her to bed I throw all of my diapers in the wash with 1/2 of the recommended amount of Tide (I believe it is 1/8 cup) on heavy and hot/cold. I then go in the basement and hang out with my husband for the night. I can hear my washer from the basement so when it is done I run upstairs really quick and set my washer to do an extra rinse (I don't have that as an option on my machine) and I usually refill the cup. Then before I go to bed I throw them in the dryer and when we wake up Baby K has fresh, clean diapers. I'm not soaking and hang washing and all that other, you know what, that most people think of when you say the dreaded word "CLOTH DIAPERS".

When I told my parents that I was thinking about trying out cloth diapers there 1st words were, "with PINS and RUBBER PANTS?" No not with pins and rubber pants! Cloth diapers have come such a long way in probably the last 10 years and even further since I was a baby. Now they are cute and playful and most have either Hook and Loop (aka Velcro) or snaps (my personal favorite). You can either stuff or lay in or it is all in one. There are so many different choices that most of the time people look at you like you are crazy. And you are wondering why when you know the simplicity and ease and wonderfulness that is CLOTH!!!

I do have to say when I 1st started looking into cloth diapers I was overwhelmed. It seems like there are about 10 different types and a million different brands. You have the popular well know brands and then you have the unknown brands that stores sell and then you have all of you WAHM brands. Where do you even start?!?! My suggestion decided how much you want to spend on diapers in the 1st place. Do you want to spend on average $10 a diaper or $20 + on a diaper? Do you want a known brand or do you want to support the WAHM? Are you after thinking economically or do you want ease? I believe that there is a diaper out there for EVERY Mama if you are willing to do just a little research, read some blogs, go to a store (if you have one and actually look and feel) and just TRY!!! You can always sell them if you decided it really isn't for you.

The only regret I have in the whole things....WHY DIDN'T I START SOONER?!?!?! With Baby K or even better with my older daughter A. All those disposables that are in landfills now and all the hundreds of dollars I WASTED on them. I probably spent at least $1000 or more diapering just my 1st daughter. I could have saved so much money if I would have started on her but I am saving it now the 2nd time around. I have changed my ways and my diapers :) and I never want to look back!!!


  1. I couldn't agree more! I tried when my first was about 9month old and tried to be too cheap! I bought used on ds and ended up with diapers that were stinky and old! I quit after multiple attempts at making it work! This time I only purchase new, and have found that you don't have to purchase the pricey brands! I actually live prefolds and flats and covers! I started with kawaii pure and natural pockets, loved them, they are cheap too, but unfortunately ds has a suede loth sensitivity! I tried aio, like grovias, they are trim, nice, soft, but very pricey! Ever time I tried something new, I went right back to prefolds, flats and covers. So here I am, 4 months into this cding

  2. Journey and still love it! I don't have anyone around that CDs and my family thinks I nuts, but I love it! Sure we have had some bumps, and there were a few times I was ready to give up, but I didn't and I glad that I stuck it out! Now if I can just find the ultimate nighttime solution for a belly sleeper heavy wetter! Good luck!

  3. I'm glad you like it so much!!! I have actually never tried flats, prefolds and covers. They kind of scare me :) I found if you wait for sales and take advantage of FREE diapers when places are offering them you can get what you need for a reasonable price.

    Baby K is a belly sleeper and I have only tried 1 thing and it has worked great. I got an itti bitti Boo (the whole diaper is absorbent) and I add an extra bamboo booster and use a thirsties cover. I haven't had a single problem with it yet!!!

  4. Since I started cloth diapering there have been days, weeks even, where it was really difficult. Sometimes things just got in the way, traveling, funky diapers, no time to do laundry, forgot to do laundry (in the beginning lol). Now that I have two babies wearing cloth, any day that I go all day using only cloth, or all week using only cloth, I feel great. Anytime I walk down the baby aisle in the grocery store, check out the outrageous prices of diapers and know that I don't have to buy them I feel GREAT! I hope when you walk past the diaper aisle you feel that way too, because I definitely always have a smug smirk on my face when I see other moms picking up huge boxes of diapers to buy ;)

  5. I'm so glad you're doing cloth full time!! I know, when I first told my mom about it she told me a story of her mom (my grandmother) taking my mom's little sister's diapers out into the yard with this huge wet pail and having to scrub them, then rinse them with a water hose. My mom said she couldn't handle that, so when disposables became a big thing when I was a baby she was all about them. I really think cloth pays for itself... people argue with me and tell me that no, that's not possible because of all the water and electricity you use. Well, if you think about it, if you only do two or three loads per week (and especially if you are a line dry person), it's really not that much.

  6. I am with you. My biggest regret is that I didn't start cloth diapering when my son was a newborn! With my next on the way, I will be. Congrats on full time cloth!

  7. I'm still trying to make the jump to full time cloth. I still need a diaper sprayer and a few pail liners...of course I could just be making excuses. I bought a box of sposies this week and I felt so bad about it. I don't think we will be buying any more.

    I'm also going to try making my own diapers, but we'll see how that goes. LOL.