Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Wear Or Not To Wear...That Is The Question

Is it a silly question?  Yes and NO!!  Not everyone believes in baby wearing and even some who do believe in it don't use the right type of carrier!  No this is not going to be a post about "You are doing it WRONG," this is going to be a post about how baby wearing helped when A was little and how I fell in LOVE with it with Baby K!

When A was born I knew NOTHING about ANYTHING when it came to having my own baby!  I knew the basics like most do but nothing very in depth.  I knew carriers were nice for little babies but that is about it.  When A was 1st born I don't even think I had a carrier for her.  I think not too long after she was born we bought a crotch dangler (Don't jump all over me :)  We didn't know any better 4 years ago!!!).  But A had really bad reflux when she was little until around 9 months.  So we would put her in the carrier and go for walks every night during her "fussy" time.  Within the 1st month after having A we bought a Dr. Sears Sling.  Hubby did a lot of research on reflux and Dr. Sears website and book were a go to for us.  That is where we found out about the sling.

A in her Dr. Sears Sling 4 years ago!

A loved to be carried in the sling but it was a little uncomfortable because it only goes over 1 shoulder.  But it did it's job great!  If it was too cold out Hubby would carry her in the sling and zip her up in his jacket to keep her warm.  She feel asleep every time (while also sucking on his pinkie)!!!  Our Dr. Sears Sling was a life saver with A and I am very glad we had it.  But at the same time I wish I knew then what I know now about types of carriers, etc.

When Baby K came along I wanted a Moby!!  I was bound and determined to have a Moby before she came along.  I'm not really sure why I was so adamant about having one but it was a must!!  So I had a Moby before I brought her home from the hospital :)  They 1st time I ever put Baby K in the Moby was the day we brought her home from the hospital!  We went for a short walk and I fell in LOVE with my new carrier.  I do have to say that it was kind of a pain to wrap and put on every time but it was well worth it!  I loved carrying Baby K in the Moby and it made life a lot easier because I had 2 free hands to deal with A while we were out and about.

But sadly Baby K eventually out grew the Moby.  She no longer wanted to be right up on my chest :(  She wanted to be able to see what was going on and would push against me the whole time she was on me!  So I eventually retired the Moby and just started carrying her.  We every once in a while would put her in the crotch dangler if we were going for a hike but that was maybe once or twice.  It was just easier for us.

But I really wanted one of the awesome snap on carriers that I saw all of the CD people use.  I felt like I was missing something!  And I was :)  One day I saw a post from Abby's Lane come up in my news feed that Beco has come out with a new print (that was blue, my favorite color!) and they named it AMY (check out the print here and I bought it here but they no longer have any in stock)!!!  (My name!)  So I just had to have it!!! I had to do some convincing for the Hubby to buy it for me since Baby K was already over 1.

I ended up getting it for my birthday when Baby K was almost 14 months!  I have not used a stroller other than maybe once or twice since I got it at the beginning of June!  I love to wear her and it makes my life a lot simpler.  I usually wear her on my back so that I can take care of what is in front of me and be able to see A when she is in front of me also.  I so sometimes wear her on my front but not often.  I also just recently received a ErgoBaby Organic Carrier for review that I am loving also and the Hubby will wear because it is all black :)  I wore it hiking a couple weeks ago and it was GREAT!!!  I wore Baby K on both my front and my back while hiking and both ways were super easy.  Her feet were not kicking me, I had full range of my legs, and her weight was equally distributed (but more in the upcoming review!!!)

Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend finding a carrier that works well for YOU!!!  Yes most of the really good ones are over $100 but in the end it is well worth the price.  In the full 3 months that I have had my Beco (and now my Ergo) I have used one of them at least once a day since I got them.  Today alone I have already used it twice and the day is only half over!!!  Check them out especially if you have a store close (like I do) that carries them and you can try them one and test them out!             

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  1. I can't even imagine parenting without babywearing! We also have the ErgoBaby Organic Carrier, and I absolutely love it! My baby girl loves it too.

    Thanks for linking up at The Tuesday Baby Link Up! Hope to see you there again next week!