Monday, September 3, 2012

Cheap, Cheap Wipes!!!

 I have been CDing since December but it has taken FOREVER for me to switch to cloth wipes!  You may already use them and wonder 'why hasn't she taken the plunge yet?'  Well simply because I didn't want to spend the money on them.  And yes I know in the long run I will end up saving more money using cloth wipes than using disposable.  But for some reason spending around $50 on good wipes just seemed too much to me.  I wanted to spend that money on more diapers instead of wipes.  So I continued to use disposable wipes.

Honestly for me I think disposable wipes are just easy.  I use them for EVERYTHING!!!  Not only do I use them to clean tushies but I also use them to clean hands and faces and floors when kids spill stuff.  But I know use way too many and spend way too much on them.  So I had wanted to switch to cloth wipes for a while.  I ordered some a while back from Amazon.  I don't remember the brand currently but they were a good deal.  It was something like $8 for 15 wipes or something.  They were the cheapest I could find.  But they never lasted long and I really didn't like them.

24 wipes for UNDER $6
 So I went back to disposable wipes.  Till I saw on a friends Facebook page that she was using washcloths she found really cheap from Walmart.  So of course I had to get some :)  I ended up getting 24 wipes for UNDER $6!!!  Best deal ever!!!  I will say that they are a little rough when you first take them out of the package but once you wash them they are better!

Found at Walmart
If you are thinking about making the switch check these out because it is worth the $6 even if you don't like them :)   

Check out other wonderful post about cloth wipes from some of the, in my opinion, greatest bloggers out there :) 


  1. I went out and grabbed some these awhile ago and they are working out great. Can't beat the price either!

  2. I was able to get used Diaper Rite flannel wipes for about 50% from Diaper Junction. Otherwise, I probably would've made my own. I've been using wipe bits from Ruby Moon as a solution. It's great! With a solution like that, you can still use them for the same things you were using disposable wipes for: washing faces, wiping up messes, etc.

  3. I've always used simple baby washcloths. I tend to get a ton at baby showers and such so I just use whatever I'm given. I don't think I ever actually purchased any myself until a few weeks ago. They work fine. :) Glad you found such a good deal. :) I was considering buying some made specifically for cloth diapering but all the wipes I see online look a bit too thick and I can only imagine that would make them hard to use.