Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Best Cloth Diapers to Leave for Daddy!!!!

 Being a SAHM, there are not many times that I am actually way from Baby K for diapering to be an issue.  But when I do go out of the house and leave Hubby home with her I need a diaper that he will not mind using.  I really don't want to leave disposables for him because I really want her to be in cloth.  But most of the diapers I have would be confusing for most people who are not around cloth all the time.  My stash contains a lot of AI2s and if you don't know how to fold the insert it could be really bad :)

So what do I end up leaving Hubby, for the off chance that Baby K needs changed?  I have tried a couple different kinds.  And he is a smart guy that he can figure them out!  But my absolutely FAVORITE and Best Cloth Diapers for Daddy are AIOs!!!  I know it sounds obvious to leave AIOs but honestly it took me a couple months and some trial and error to figure out the best one!!!

Thirsites Duo AIO in Scottish Rose

So you must be wondering which is the Best Daddy Cloth Diaper?!?!?  In my household it the Thirsites Duo AIO!!!!  I currently own 2 of them :)  1 in Rose and 1 in Scottish Rose and both are snaps!!!  Before I leave the house I set out both diapers and snap 1 side to the correct snap settings.  It makes it super simple and takes all the guess work out!  When Hubby changes her he just leaves the dirty diaper in the sink in the powder room and I take care of it when I get home!  Baby K gets to stay in her cloth but diaper changes are just as easy if not easier than disposables for Hubby!!!

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