Monday, September 24, 2012

Sweet Pea Diaper Cover - Review

Inside of Cover
When I left the Happy Baby Company, not only did I leave with a review and giveaway for Lulu's in the Fluff detergent (FB Link), I also left with a review and giveaway for a Sweat Pea Diaper Cover!!!  The owner of Happy Baby Company, Adam, was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for a Sweet Pea Diaper Cover, if I did a review on the cover I purchased :)  Well that was a no brainer!  I was going to do a review on the cover anyway so why not offer my AWESOME fans the opportunity to win their own cover!!!

I have to say that if you are ever in the Pittsburgh area or even live close you have to go and check out the store.  It is super warm and inviting and both of my girls LOVED it there!!!  Plus if you haven't checked out Happy Baby Company on Facebook yet you HAVE TO!!!!  They announce all kinds of specials and programs there as well as a ton of information!!!

A Little About The Diaper (from the Manufacturer)

Smallest Rise Setting

Sweet Pea Diapers One-Size Cover is the cover that a lot of our customers buy one to try out, and then come back to buy a bunch more. The PUL is super-buttery and soft, and has a great stretch to it. The double-leg gussets hold in even the biggest of poo-splosions, and once your baby is 10 lbs or more, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better fitting one-size cover. We can truly say that the Sweet Pea Diapers One-Size Cover is awesome.

Middle Rise Setting


Economical one-size design that truly fits from birth to potty
Wipe-clean interior for easy cleaning
Leg gussets to hold messes in!
PUL exterior for softness and durability
Fits most babies from 10-38lbs
Waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate)

My Thoughts

Largest Rise Setting
Ease:  The Sweet Pea Diaper Cover is SUPER easy to use!!!  I use mine at night with the Substainablebabyish Multi-Size Snapless Fitted and it works great!!!  I leave it totally unsnapped for the rise to be big enough with such a fluffy diaper :)  And Baby K is still tiny enough in he waist that I can snap all of the snaps in the middle still.  And with the double gussets you know nothing is going to come out and that every part of the fitted is covered!!!

Price:  You can't beat the PRICE!!!  $10.95 for an awesome OS cover with double leg gussets is pretty much unheard of!  When I told some about the cover and then the price the 1st thing they said was "I bet it doesn't have double gussets!"  When I told them that it did, the just about freaked out :) 

Recommend:  If you need a new diaper cover and want one at a great price I would definitely try the Sweet Pea Diaper Cover.  I have loved mind and honestly wish I had more of them!  And I eventually will :)     

Overall (Diaper):  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my diaper cover!  It is the best double gusset cover I have tried so far and wish that I only had them :)  Eventually I will convert my cover stash for overnight to all Sweet Pea Covers!  In time :)  I have had no leaks with this cover, it is super soft and I LOVE the purple color I have :) 

Overall (Happy Baby Company):  I have loved working with the Happy Baby Company and cannot wait for my next trip to the store!  It will be a few months before the next time I get there (spent to much time in PA lately!) but I can't wait!  Next time I go I will be buying more Sweet Pea Covers and some more Lulu's in the Fluff!!!  So keep an eye out for me Adam because I will be back!!!

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  This diaper was bought by myself and reviewed with the intentions of a giveaway to follow sponsored by The Happy Baby Company  .  No additional compensation was accepted for this review.

Pictures of Baby K in the diaper coming soon!  Diapers are in the middle of being disinfected due to a rash and I don't want to reinfect baby :)  Thanks for your understanding! 


  1. What you wrote in your review is so true "Sweet Pea Diapers One-Size Cover is the cover that a lot of our customers buy one to try out, and then come back to buy a bunch more." That would definitely be my experience. I couldn't believe how much I love this $10 cover and was really impressed by the quality, fit and durability. It works great for us day and night. Anne Sweden at Zephyr Hill

  2. I have two of these and fin they are not my number one, but I really do like the possibility of overlapping the flaps--especially when my baby was very small. They have held up well and I will probably be appreciating them just the same in a few months with baby number two!

  3. My main concern when purchasing diapers is price, of course. I like that these are affordable or at least in my price range. I love being able to buy new diapers (rather than used) and not breaking the budget!

  4. This is awesome! I love the ease of these. I also love the bright vibrant colors they use.
    Thanks! =)

  5. These look great! I like the way you describe the PUL. I can almost feel it with your description.

    1. Geri you are so sweet!! I try very hard to describe the items in my reviews so that you can really get a good feel for them when you can't see them in person!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to acknowledge that!

  6. I love that these covers have double gussets and wipe clean interiors, both important features in a cover!

  7. We recently started using covers and fitteds for overnight diapering because we were having problems with our heavy wetter staying dry through the night. I love the system but the price is killing my budget these are a little more affordable and look to be well made. I'll have to try them!!

  8. I love th ewipe clean interior for some reason it seems so much more santitary

  9. I love the price and I'm glad to hear how great it fits

  10. Wow Ten and some change! thats a great price for something with such rave reviews. I also like the double gussets. This is going on the list for sure!

  11. These have great features for the price! I like that the tabs can overlap.

  12. I love these covers! we also use them over s'bish fitteds for nights and they work great! No leaks and easy for my husband to use too. You can't beat it for the price!

  13. Wow it does sound like a great diaper, and at a great price too. I want some for my two boys. I love one size diapers because I can use the same diaper for either boy, and do not have to sort out big and little.

  14. Sounds like an awesome cover! Would love to try one, I've only used Bummis and MotherEase, I was not a fan of MotherEase, but LOVE our Bummis! :)

  15. I've only heard good things about this company and your review here is no exception. The price is also really great.

  16. Great review, I too, have only heard good things about these covers. It makes me want to run and out and buy several!

  17. I really need new covers for my coming little girl, and this would be an awesome one to win. I love covers with double gussets!

    -Hannah Avery

  18. I have been a cloth diaper lady for 11 years (off and on). I have never found a cover like Sweet Pea. I love the ease of use and the fit. The fit is amazing. They are also adorable and durable. I have been ruined for all other covers. :)

  19. I have one of these overs and absolutely love it. The PUL is so soft and stretchy and it's a great fit. Would love to win another one.

  20. we have not yet tried this cover, but i love the fact that it has crossover snaps!

  21. I didn't know they had double gussets - love them.

  22. I love both the price and the double gussets.

  23. I love how it has double gussets and it looks to be generously sized. at 10.95 u cant beat the price!

  24. I am happy to find another diaper cover with double gussets also!