Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - 9/12/12

In honor of Baby K turning 17 months TODAY I thought that Wordless Wednesday should be about her!!!

I title this picture "I Like To Get My Hand Stuck"!  She now like to take the covers off of her highchair where toys go and shove her hand into the opening and get her hand stuck!!!  It usually ends in lots of tears and her doing it again!

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  1. Oh no! Lol! Our little ones are only a couple of days apart, Baby E turned 17 months on the 4th! =)

    Trisha @ Momma T and Baby E

    1. So he must be April 4th?!? That is my Mother-in-laws birthday :)

    2. Yup, her birthday is April 4th! It's also my nephews birthday, My daughter and nephew were actually born 11 hours apart =)

  2. That sounds an awful lot like my toddler :-)