Monday, September 10, 2012

The Birth of a Precious Baby Girl!!!

I decided that since A turned 4 this past Saturday (9/8/12) I would write about her birth!  Don't worry their will not be all kinds of blood and guts spelled out into words but at the same time it will not be a flowers and roses!  When I had A NOTHING went as planned!  I had probably the worst Doctor ever and a really bad experience!  So lets start :)

I was due with A on September 7th, a Sunday, in 2008.  I was 2 cm dilated for weeks and the doctors kept telling me that there was no way I was going to make it to my due date.  Man were they WRONG!!!  They decided to induce me on September 8th because that practice did not let you go past your due date.  But since my due date was a Sunday that waited till Monday morning.  I was fine with being induced.  A was my 1st baby and I really didn't know any better, plus I was ready for her to get out!!! 

So I arrived at the hospital super silly early on the morning of September 8th to have my precious baby girl.  They were suppose to start the induction at 7 am but there was no bed for me.  I was already super nervous to get everything started and ended up waiting around another 2 hours before things finally started!  They ended up finally starting around 9 am.

Being strapped to a bed was absolutely horrible and to make things worse I had a nurse who would not let me get up to go to the bathroom.  She made me use a bedpan :(  As if you are not miserable enough, lets throw that in also!  I don't really remember a lot of the time line now 4 years later but I believe it was somewhere around noon that they broke my water.  After that my contractions became unbearable and I ended up getting the epidural at 2:22pm!

I was finally able to rest some and we watched a lot of Food TV.  Not the smartest thing when you can not eat!  Eventually I ended up with HORRIBLE back labor and nothing would take it away!  They ended up giving me a couple more shots of extra medicine which sadly didn't do anything :(

MY Doctor's, the one that I wanted there, shift sadly ended at 7 pm and there was still no baby :(  The Doctor who then came on was the ONLY one in the entire practice that I did not want to deliver A!!!  But unfortunately that is who I got stuck with :(  He was the Doctor that you were yelling questions at as he was running from the room after each appointment.  He was the most rushed and uncaring Doctor I have ever met.

Finally around 8 pm it was time to PUSH!!!  I pushed with the nurse for around an hour and then she called the Doctor!!!  I was finally going to meet my little girl.  They decided to give me another extra shot of stuff to help with the back labor again.  STUPID idea on their part!!!  If you think you can't feel anything with an epidural add the extra stuff on!  You have no feeling and no sensation at all!!!  And to top everything of little did I know that Mr. Impatient Doctor was going to make everything horrible!!!  He walked in the room and got all dress in his gear and ready to get my baby.  He let me push 1 time for him and that was it!!!

Without asking or telling before hand he immediately did an episiotomy and vacuumed A out!!  He told us what was going on as he did it!  I was super upset and horrified.  It was not what I wanted at all!!  Poor A had a bruise on her poor little head for 3 months!!!  The only good thing that came from the experience was that I got to FINALLY HOLD my baby!!!  And I changed Doctors when I had Baby K :)  But on September 8, 2008 at 9:29 pm I welcomed my 1st baby into this world weighing 8 lbs. 1 oz. and she was 21 inches long!!!  Love you A!!!       


  1. Wow! That's terrible that he would be so quick to use the vacuum! Because of complications, there were OBs ready to use forceps on my son AS A LAST RESORT. They talked to me about it looong before hand, and made it very clear that they wanted me to deliver him without any interventions, because forceps or a vacuum come with a risk of trauma. I'm glad it all turned out so well!

    1. Looking back on it all and the research Hubby did after she was born, we think being vacuumed out is why she had such bad reflux. I was super P.O.ed and changed doctors for Baby K!!! Never went back and I tell people I know NOT to go there!!!