Friday, April 20, 2012

Juppy - Guest Review by Ashley E.

What is the Juppy Baby Walker?

Juppy Packaging
"An alternative to dangerous wheeled baby walkers that eliminates the stress and strain on the parents back while the baby safely learns to walk." (from Juppy website)
Baby A sitting with help
When the Juppy arrived it came in a beautiful silky little carrying pouch that is so small it's hard to believe a baby walker could fit inside.  That is a big selling point for the Juppy, it's so small it can fit in your purse and you can take it with you anywhere!  When you take the Juppy out of the case you can feel the high quality material that is used which makes it feel sturdy and safe for you little one to be in.  It has a zipper in the back and which makes it easy to slip on, also it has adjustable straps to adjusts to your height.

Why the Juppy Baby Walker?

Baby A Standing
The Juppy is doctor approved and uses parent assisted guidance which reduces your child's risk of injury.  This products allows you to support your child as they learn to balance and walk without having to constantly be bent over putting strain on your back.  Also I learned how many injuries babies suffer each year from wheeled walkers.  According to the Juppy website there are 21,000 injuries annually due to baby walkers.  Causes being: rolling down the stairs, children getting burned due to being able to reach hot liquids, and drowning due to rolling into a pool. (From Juppy website.)

My Opinion

So easy for Mommy
When I first saw the Juppy I thought "What an awesome idea!!"  It is so versatile and can not only help your child learn to walk but also learn balance.  When I put Abby in it she was instantly all smiles!  She was learning how to sit so I used this to help her get her balance.   She isn't quite ready to be walking yet but we put her in the Juppy for some weight bearing and balancing fun!  I really like that you can take it anywhere, I'm thinking it may go with us to the beach so my daughter can get her toes in the water and be safe as she is learning to walk.  I would recommend this product to anyone with young children, especially any caregivers with pre-existing back problems.
You can currently buy the Juppy for $29.95 or $19.95 without the inside lining.  Also if you want for an additional $6.95 you can have it personalized.  Is it worth the price? I think the price is very reasonable for a walker, especially one so versatile! I will definitely be telling my friends about the Juppy!!

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