Friday, April 27, 2012

Doll Gift Set from Bella's Inspirations - Review (pictures will be added on 4/29)

I found the wonderful and I mean WONDERFUL Nancy from Bella's Inspirations on Etsy.  Nancy is a wonderful and loving Grandma to 2 special little ones :)  She has a true passion, and gift, for making doll accessories that help you little ones be a super Mommy.  Nancy sent A the same package that is also in the giveaway.  She received a diaper bag, a changing mat, a doll diaper, and a burp cloth.  You should have seen A's face when it arrived!!!  She was super excited when I opened the package and could not wait to run upstairs and play with her Baby Stella.  Her bag is always full of diapers and Stella's clothes.  She honestly loved the diapers so much that within less than a week I made a purchase of 3 more diapers from Nancy and Bella's Inspirations.  Once again when they arrived A could not wait to try them all on Stella.

A is learning so much from playing with her dolls.  She is learning how to take care of her "baby", everything that needs to be done for the baby, and how to treat her baby.  A plays with Stella on a daily basis and this wonderful set from Nancy has given her some of the best tools to foster her imagination.  Just like any little one A can sometimes be rough on her toys but the items we received have stood up to her crazy playing.  You would never know looking at the items from Bella's Inspirations that they are handmade with love.  They are some of the best constructed items I have even seen.  I would buy from Nancy again in a heartbeat and I truly hope you check out her store!!!

A Review from A

I LOVE the cute diapers!  They look cute on Stella and are like Sissy's.  Everything goes in my bag and I carry it all around.  I put Stella down on her blanket (changing mat) and change her poopy :)  Stella likes the diapers.  She thinks their cute.  Stella needs dipies that match Sissy!!!  Thank you Miss Nancy.

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  This doll gift set was provided by Bella's Inspirations for review.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review. 

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