Monday, April 16, 2012

Booty Buns OS Diaper - Review

Outside of Diaper
The Booty Buns OS Diaper is not your average pocket diaper.  It is different than any other pocket diaper I own!!  And NO that is not a bad thing :)  For starters it is not a TRADITIONAL pocket, it's an envelope pocket.  Now if you are still new to CDing you are probably wondering what an envelope pocket is.  And envelope pocket opens on both sides, making it super easy to stuff and technically you don't have to unstuff it to wash.  Also the Booty Buns OS Diaper has a snap in the front to keep the insert in place (genius)!!!  Plus their is a layer of PUL at the front to help with wicking onto your little ones clothes.  And the last thing I find that makes this diaper different from ALL other pocket diapers.........How soft and flexible the diaper is!!!  The 1st time I held the Booty Buns OS in my hands it just fell over :)  It is not stiff like a lot of diapers are and the colors are great!!
Inside of Diaper

The wonderful Booty Buns allowed me to chose what color I would like to review on Baby K.  It was a hard choice :)  I had narrowed it down to Love Booty and Royal Booty (LOVE the names).  I decided to go with Royal Booty because there are not as many purple diapers on the market as their are pink.  The diaper came with 2 inserts, like most OS diapers do.  I do wish that you could snap both inserts together and then put them in the diaper.  I like to use both inserts for nap time or long car trips.  You can use both inserts together but I wish I could snap them together and then to the diaper for added security.  There are also a TON of rise settings and cross over snaps.  It goes super small to super big!!!
Newborn insert and full size insert

About the Diaper (From the Manufacturer)

Our Original Booty Cloth Diaper, is the only TRUE ONE-SIZE POCKET CLOTH DIAPER available on the market. Our patent pending design will grow with your baby all the way from birth to potty training because it fits from 3-45 pounds.

Smallest rise setting
Our Original Booty Cloth Diaper comes with 4 rows of riser snaps to give you 5 levels of height adjustment; 10 rows of double waist snaps, and 2 rows of crossover waist snaps to find the best fit for your baby's booty. We also have a hip snap on either side to help prevent wing droop. The amount of snaps we use along with their strategic placement allows our diapers to mimic the sizing found in conventional disposable diapers from preemie to potty training pants. Please see here to find out which snap settings compare to each size. Please note, that it may be necessary to adjust the waist snaps to smaller or larger depending on your child.

2nd rise setting
Our ONE SIZE POCKET CLOTH DIAPERS consist of 3 different components: shell, insert and liner & we now offer a matching cloth wipe with each diaper. The shell is composed of an outer layer and an inner layer that create a pocket in between the 2 layers. There is an opening in the front and the back of the diaper creating an envelope style pocket. The pocket is used for stuffing the absorbent inserts into. The liner is placed on top of the diaper becoming the layer closest to your baby's booty. The cloth wipe measures 7.5" x 7.5" & is double sided; one side is 100% cotton flannel & the other side is jersey micro-terry cloth.
3rd rise setting
The outer layer of the shell is made from waterproof polyurethane laminated fabric {PUL}. The inner layer of the shell is made from super soft suedecloth. Suedecloth is known for its ability to wick moisture away, keeping baby drier, and ability to stay new looking longer. Our cloth diapers have double gussets the suedecloth and another elastic strip at the back to better contain explosions. Each diaper comes with 2 inserts {newborn and large size}. Each insert is composed of 3 layers of microfiber terrycloth.  These super absorbent inserts can be used alone or as doubler for night-time or heavy wetters.  The diaper and insert snap together to keep the insert in place. We also include a 100% cotton flannel liner to place between your baby and the diaper. The cotton flannel makes cleanup from a BM easier and helps babies with sensitivities to synthetic fibers.

4th rise setting
Every part of our one size pocket cloth diapers is 100% machine washable:
shell, inserts, liner & wipe.

My Thoughts
Ease: The Booty Buns OS is super easy to use. All you do is snap the rise to the setting for your baby (They even give you a chart for compared to disposables), snap in your inserts, pull it through, and snap on baby. Can you really get any easier? Plus they give you a coordinating piece of flannel for the inside to make it even easier to clean up when baby poops!!! And now they also supply you with 1 wipe. It is a true ALL-IN-ONE package!!

Price: For me the price is on the high side! The diaper is $25.50 and then shipping is another $6 (no matter how many diapers you buy). For me, I like to stay under $20 for a pocket diaper. But when you add in the wipe and the flannel liner it makes the price not so bad :) For an everything "kit" it seems a lot more reasonable. 
5th and largest rise setting
When and Why I use it:  Well I use it because it was sent to me :)  NO that is not the only reason I use it!!!  I use it because it is super soft and I love the bright vibrant color.  I also use it because even with only the large insert the thing can hold!!!  I have not used this diaper at nap or night.  I have used it for longer car rides though.  I love using it when I know that I am going to be able to show it off :)  Especially under a cute skirt.
Recommend:  I would totally recommend this diaper!!!  Especially if you LOVE pockets and want to try something different.  There are only so many different types of diapers out there to try.  And I love trying all the different types.  The Booty Buns OS diaper is the classic pocket with a new and different twist.  It is worth having at least 1 of these in your stash.  If for nothing else then the AWESOME colors.
Booty Buns OS on Baby K
Overall:   I would give the Booty Buns OS an A- to an A.  I absolutely love everything about this diaper except that I can't snap the 2 inserts together.  I know it sounds like a silly thing but to me, for some odd reason, it means a lot :)  I love that this diaper can be used from Itty Bitty to Potty Training!!!  It truly is a OS diaper.  You can tell when you look at the diaper how big the size range is for it.  Booty Buns you have done a wonderful job!!!  You can order a diaper from their website or from one of their retailers :)  

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  The diaper was provided by Booty Buns for review.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review. 


  1. The size range on these is really amazing - from 3 to 45 pounds!!

  2. I haven't tried one with an envelope pocket yet but from everything I've read most people love it so i would definitely be curious to try one

  3. I too love the size range and all the goodies it comes with!!

  4. I love the review, I love envelope pocket diapers. I haven't used the pocket diapers much just when my daughter was in a cast, and this one seems awesome. I am in the market for new night time diapers since my daughter is tall and the best bottom covers don't fit anymore. I might have to buy one even though they are pricey.