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Couture Fluff OS AI2 Twiggy Fit Diaper - Review

Outside of Diaper
So all WAHM diapers are the same, right?  Wrong!!!  Every WAHM has their own little tweaks and style to their diaper.  And of course Tanya at Couture Fluff is no exception!  Tanya offers 3 different types of diapers in 2 styles and a ton of other items!!!  You can check out all of her items on her website :)
Tanya sent Baby K and I a OS AI2 in the Twiggy Fit to review!!  The Twiggy Fit is super slim compared to some diapers and you can never go wrong with an AI2!!  The outside of the diaper is a really cool print (Baslik I think?!?!) and the inside is done in a coordinating blue.  Plus the soakers color matches also :)  Tanya gives you the option to have no rise on your diaper, a fold down rise or the traditional snap down rise.  TOO MANY CHOICES :)

About the Diaper from Tanya
Inside of Diaper

Couture Fluff diapers can be made into
~ fitteds (absorbent sherpa core)
~hybrid fitteds (non-absorbent poly fleece core)
~AI2 (waterproof PUL core)
 There are now TWO fits to a Couture Fluff diaper. 
~"Marilyn Fit" is wider in between babies legs 
   Will fit 12-35+ pounds
~"Twiggy Fit" is more narrow in between babies legs
   Will fit 8-35 pounds

Booster (left) and Soaker (Right)
In Stock diapers feature a NO rise setting. Buyer can choose snap down, fold over or leave it the way it is. However, custom slots can choose snap down, fold over, or no rise choice. (Unless otherwise noted in the listing)
Feature a LONG rise diaper~  truly fitting babies through potty learning.
A three soaker system, as is the top and bottom soaker, the MAIN soaker are cotton velour and organic bamboo fleece. The optional BOOSTER, snaps into the main soaker and is made from a layer of Zorb II.
Use the main soaker for regular use on a baby in full rise mode. Add the third, booster soaker for overnights and extended wear. Or for your super soaker!
Use the booster soaker for infants still on a snap down rise setting as a smaller soaker.
Smallest Setting
All belly snaps are hidden so nothing irritates baby's tummy. A fold over or a snap down rise snaps will not be hidden BUT the are covered by the soaker.

'Wings are skinny to prevent wing curling.
Small, obscure label so baby is not a walking advertisement. 
 My Thoughts

2nd Setting
Ease:  There is a little more work involved, at first, when it comes to an AI2.  You have to snap in the soaker, snap down the rise, position the soaker correctly on the baby and then snap on the diaper.  Not a huge deal but a little more work than other types of diapers.

Price:  WAHM diapers tend to be more expensive than the big company diapers.  But they also have a lot more love and care put into making them.  I've said before that I have a hard time spending more than $20 on a diaper and these around around $24+.  But when you know it is going to a real person and not a huge company it makes the price tag more bearable (at least for me).
Largest Setting

When and why I use it :  I use it all the time :)  Duh!!!  I love the way WAHMs are constructed.  They fit Baby K great and for some reason the snap placement is always great!!!  I have used it at nap time once and I wouldn't again :(  When Baby K woke up the outside of the diaper was wet.  I have never had this happen before so I am not sure what went on.  But when I use it on her any other time of the day it is just fine.

Recommend:  Honestly I would not rave in a review about a diaper and then not recommend it :)  I honestly at this point don't even know why I still have this section on my review!!!  But if you are willing to pay a little more for something that is unique I would go with a WAHM diaper!!!  Tanya has a TON and I mean a TON of prints to chose from.  There is something for everyone and most likely (where you live) you will be the only one with that diaper!!!
Couture Fluff on Baby K
Overall:  I would give the Couture Fluff OS AI2 Twiggy Fit diaper a B to B+.  The construction is great and so is the design of the diaper.  For me I would like the soaker pads to be a little longer than they are.  I like to have them folded over 4 times where Baby K pees :)  And these just don't reach.  They are better for boys probably :)  But I would definitely check Tanya out on Facebook and her website to see if there is something special for your little one. 

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  The diaper was provided by Couture Fluff for review.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review. 

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  1. I love that this is a long-rise diaper! This would be great for my son who will hopefully be potty training soon. I also love that it's a 3 layer soaker. Great for my boy who loves to drink all day!