Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thankvember Blog Hop - Preview

The Vagabond Studio

SAH CD Mama will be involved in a wonderful event this November, Thankvember hosted by The Vagabond Studio.  This time of year we all get so wrapped up in everything that is going on and what will be happening in the next 2 months!  This year I have teamed up with some other wonderful blogs to make sure that we stay thankful this time of year!!

Each day for the month of November I will be posting what I am thankful for.  Some may be repeats of past days because of what happened on that particular day but I will try not to have many repeats!  And they will ALL be what I am truly thankful for and not just something made up so I can post :)

I have had a rough past couple months and that really puts into perspective the little things that we take for granted and should be thankful for.  Please join me on this journey for the next 30 days as I take a closer look at my life and what I have to be thankful for!!!

If you are thankful for something that you would like to be added to a blog post I will take up to 2 fans a day to be added to what I have to be thankful for!!  That means up to 60 people could be featured on SAH CD Mama!!!  If interested please email me at with a sentence to a paragraph about something you are thankful for and if you have a blog, a store or a website please include the link also :)

Interested in linking up for the blog hop? Just check out the Linky below to get linked up and participate with us!


  1. I have had a rough couple of months, too. I had almost forgotten how much gratitude helps. So glad to find you here, today on the facebook group and here as well.

    Happy Thankvember!

  2. YAY!!! I'm so glad that you're joining us!