Saturday, October 13, 2012

Homeschooling Week 5

Week 5 has been the hardest week yet for us.  With some major personal trials going on since September it has taken us over 3 weeks to get through 1 week of schooling :(  Since A still naps in the afternoon (yippee!) we only have mornings to really do our school work.  And sadly just about every morning has started with a phone call that has lead to my whole morning being taken up :(

Things are finally getting back to normal and I will have everything set to go for next Monday!!!  I am looking forward to getting back into a regular school routine and for A to be more engaged.  We have 2-3 extra weeks worth of schooling to fit in somewhere.  And with holidays coming up I would really love to have some extra time to add in some holiday crafts, for both kids!!!  Here is to hoping things get back on track next week!!!  And stay on track :)

So what did we learn this week(s) :) ?!!?  And what did we read? 

Stories we read!

pre-k homeschooling books
  • Bible
    • Esau's Terrible Mistake
    • Jacob Lies to His Father
    • Jacob Leaves Home
    • Is Esau Still Angry?
  • Mother Goose
    family descendents
    Showing of how 1 person has so many descendants
    • Willie Winkie
    • Dapple Gray
    • Pat-a-Cake
    • Little Miss Muffet
        • Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book
          • The Mouse Deer's Wisdom
          • The Two Brothers
        • Uncle Wiggily's Story Book  
          • Uncle Wiggily and Puss in Boots
          • Uncle Wiggily and the Lost Boy
        • Stories from Around the World
          • Puss in Boots (France)
        • Eric Carle's Animals Animals
          • Flying Squirrel
          • The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature
            • Fall
            • Halloween
            • Thanksgiving
            • Actual Facts About the Moon
            • Christmas 
            • New Year's Eve
          • Things People Do
            • The School Teacher

          Just some of what we learned!!

          • Memory Verse:
            • Tell your neighbor the truth because we belong to each other.  Ephesians 4:25
          • Character Trait
            • Honesty:  I speak truthful words and act truthfully.
          • France (Stories from Around the World)
            • Flag
            • Map
            • Eiffel Tower
          • Science
          • Learned about fall - pre k homeschool
            What we learned about Fall
            • Fall Months: October, November, December
            • What Fall is Like
            • What We Wear
            • What We Do
            • Halloween (October 31st)
            • Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November)
            • Facts About the Moon: Full, Crescent, No Moon
            • Christmas (December 25th)
            • New Year's Eve (December 31st)
          • Readiness Skills
            •  Direction
            • What is Missing
            • Follow Directions
            • What Comes 1st
            • Tracing Shapes
            • Find the Hidden Pictures


            1. I enjoyed this post. I only know of a couple other people who are so open about their homeschooling endeavors and what actually happens with it all. Thanks.

              1. I'm glad you enjoy following are ups and downs :) I am happy to post about our time while homeschooling. I figure if I am having good times and then bad ones that other homeschooling families are probably going through the same thing. I want others to know that they are not the only ones having problems and hopefully I can encourage them and they can encourage me :)

            2. The activities, books and lessons you are sharing sound like so much fun! Great job, and keep at it. We all get behind because that's life, but it's so nice that homeschooling is flexible. Anne

              1. Thanks Anne!! We are really like the curriculum I picked :) It was a hard choice to make but so far we are liking everything we are doing and I have been adding in some extra stuff! Thanks so much for the encouragement!!

            3. I"m sure you'll be back on track in no time, and it is def. the perfect time of year for making crafts. good luck w/everything!

              1. We have started to get back on track this week and I have some fun crafts that I will be posting about in the weeks and months to come!!