Wednesday, October 17, 2012

100th Store Celebration Contest - Genghis Grill

You may remember when I told you all about Genghis Grill a couple weeks ago and how I love to go eat there :)  Well I am now here to tell you that they are celebrating the Grand Opening of their 100th store this month!!!  But instead of just telling people they are opening their 100th store they are going to do it with style :)  They are having an awesome contest where a  winner is chosen EVERYDAY and then a grand prize winner will be chosen on November 9th.

So you maybe wondering what exactly do I have to do to enter this contest?!?!  All you have to do is upload a photo to either their Facebook page or their Twitter page and use the hastag #ConquerWithKhan.  They want to see what you have conquered!!  It could be anything from jogging up a long trail, an A on a school paper, an original piece of art, or anything else you took control of and CONQUERED!!!  Hurry because submissions have to be entered by October 19th but you still have time and I know you have conquered something in your past (ex. having a baby?!?!)!

If you don't remember exactly what Genghis Grill is you can check out my 1st post about it!!!  But how about a brief summary also :)  Genghis Grill is a Mongolian BBQ (stir fry) restaurant that has an awesome bar of over 80 ingredients that you can chose from and that is cooked to order on a HUGE grill where you can watch if you like :) 

This is a sponsored post.  It has been sponsored by Genghis Grill! 

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