Monday, October 1, 2012

Homeschooling Week 4

Week 4 went well :)  Still having a really hard time getting in a good grove :(  I am hoping it comes soon!!!  We are having a hard time right now actually completing everything we need to do in a day.  And honestly it is not that much that we are suppose to do :(  The problem comes when Baby K wants to stand at the table and scream or when A feels like being a 4 year old and gives me problems.

Her newest excuse is my hand is tired from coloring (after coloring for 30 seconds) or I am tired today.  I keep asking her if she wants me to send her somewhere for school or if she wants to continue school at home.  Her answer is ALWAYS I want to stay home and do Mommy School.  And when Hubby gets home and she learned something really cool she is super excited to share it with him.  I think if I had a better routine things would go a lot smoother :(  Here is hoping I can get things scheduled!

So what did we learn this week?!!?  And what did we read? 

Stories we read!

  • Bible
    • God Rescues Lot
    • Abraham Gives Isaac to God
    • God Answers a Prayer
  • Mother Goose
    • The Lion and the Unicorn
    • To Market
    • Bobby Shaftoe
    • Old King Cole
        • Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book
          • Polly and the Frog
          • The Generous Bird
        • Uncle Wiggily's Story Book  
          • Uncle Wiggily's Valentine
          • Uncle Wiggily and the Bad Dog
        • Eric Carle's Animals Animals
          • Mother Doesn't Want..
        • The Children's Book of Virtue
          • Little Fred
          • The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature
            • Actual Facts About the Sun
            • 4th of July
            • What Summer Brings
            • Actual Facts About Thunder and Lightning
          • Things People Do
            • The Hotel Manager

          Just some of what we learned!!

          • Memory Verse:
            • Let the peace of God rule in your hearts...and be thankful.  Colossians 3:15
          • Character Trait
            • Thankfulness:  I show gratefulness with words and actions
          • World Cultures
            • Played Hotel (Maid, Chef, Waitress, etc.)
          • Science
            • All About the Sun
            • 4th of July
            • What Summer Brings
            • Thunder and Lightning
          • Readiness Skills
            • Tracing
            • Find the Hidden Picture
            • AIL Rhyming Words
            • Finish the Sentence
            • Drawing Lines
            • Identical Pictures
            • Same and Different Sounds
            • What Belongs in the Kitchen

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