Monday, March 5, 2012

Virginia Spotlight!?!?! What is this?

Over the next, at least, 3 weeks I will be spotlighting Virginia based stores and a WAHM.  I will not be telling anyone in advance who/what these spotlights will be :)  You will have until I post the Monday part to guess on Facebook who it will be.  If you guess correctly (at anytime, any of them) you will receive an extra entry into that giveaway.  Your guess only count until I have announced the company.  You will just have to wait and see.  I do have to say that I am a Pennsylvania girl at heart, born and raised.  Especially a Pixsburgh (Pittsburgh) girl!!!  But I now live in Virginia and am very excited and honored to help these VA based companies get the recognition they deserve.

What exactly is a spotlight?  It can be many things but this is how I am going to do it :) 

Monday- A post about the owner/company including info about them, why and how they got started and whatever else is awesome about them :)

Wednesday-  A review of a product either made by them or given by them for review

Friday-  GIVEAWAY DAY!!!!  This will be a giveaway sponsored by the company/person of their choosing.  It might be the product that I review, another product, or a gift card to them.

Please help promote this special series I am doing in the month of March through Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog.  I would like to get these special and generous ladies as much attention as possible and I believe our word of mouth can do wonders!!!!


  1. I really appreciate your Blog and believe your word of mouth.I am defiantly get back to your blog.

    Fuzzi Bunz

    1. Thanks so much jaisymarshal!! I don't believe I have seen your name on her yet. May I ask how you found out about SAH Cloth Diapering Mama?