Monday, March 5, 2012

For Mom and Keiki - Week 1 Spotlight

For Mom and Keiki is based out of Yorktown, VA (close to Williamsburg).  For Mom and Keiki is a  place that values motherhood as the most important job a woman will ever have.  They carry a huge assortment of products that range from cloth diapering to dryer balls to stuff for the Mama.  They also carry one of my favorite brands of cloth diapers, FuzziBunz (the gateway diaper)!!!    They have a wonderful website that is easy to use and find what you are looking for.  You can also find them on Facebook

When I first emailed the wonderful owner of For Mom and Keiki, Gloria, she quickly responded and was more than generous to agree, not only a giveaway but also a review of one of the wonderful products she carries (you will have to wait until Wednesday to find out which one).  Gloria has been wonderful to communicate with through the whole process.  She has been quick to respond to all of my emails and sent out my review item within 24 hours.  I started communicating with Gloria 7 days ago and have had my product to review on Friday.  I can tell how a store's customer service is by communicating with them about a review and giveaway.  Their 1st priority is their customers (as it should be), but their last priority is about giving stuff for free.  When a person is so generous and does it so quickly, I can only imagine how wonderfully they treat their customers.  I was lucky enough to find Gloria and her wonderful store through Facebook and have been very privileged to work with her on this giveaway.  I hope that next time I am down in the Historic Triangle I have the chance to meet the lady behind the store!!

Now for a little about For the Mom and Keiki from the owner:

Have you cloth diapered any of your children (I'm assuming yes) and how many?

Yes, I have and all 4 with Prefolds and covers and pins!  My oldest is 21 and my youngest is 13. Prefolds were basically all that were available, though I did use some of the precursors of what is on the market today. I can honestly say that Prefolds are not difficult, and my older children and hubby had no issues with changing diapers or using pins. Of course, today, there are snappies, or you can go without either pins or snappies.

Why and how did you get into cloth diapering?

I started from day one with my first. It was just a natural off shoot of how I(we) lived. Before there was crunchy, there were tree hugging hippies--and that is me! I am an environmentalist. This is what I do! There was no question ever about whether or not I would cloth diaper. I also did all of this while traveling (we are a military family) and this before there were wet bags and all of the fantastic accessories available today to help with cloth diapering. 
Why did you start the business?

When I began about 14 years ago, I was renting and selling breast pumps and selling nursing bras and slings. This came about through my work with breastfeeding moms. Back then, my priority was to help moms and babies. This has not changed even with my expansion into carrying cloth diapers and accessories, about 4-5 years ago. It has just evolved into wanting to help families live a healthier and environmentally responsible life.

Where did the name came from?

I have spent half my life in Hawai'i. Keiki is Hawaiian for child.
What is your favorite item you carry and why?

This is difficult. I love everything! Right now, I would have to say--something I am personally using....

I love wool dryer balls!

I also love the mama cloth pads! They are soft and comfy! And easy to use! How can you cloth diaper and not take the next step for yourself?! I am glad I did, and wish that I had done so sooner!

For items, I no longer use as my children are older....

The slings and Boba wraps. Oh, and I wish the TummyTub was around when my kids were babies!
How do you chose the items you carry?

Many of the items I choose to carry I have either used myself in the past with my own children or am using now for my family and myself. I will also bring in items at the request of my customers. I will check into all requests, and the items that I think are good, ethical products and "green," I will bring in.

What are your dreams for the company?

For the first time, I am thinking about opening a "Bricks and Mortar."  At the moment, I am online of course, but I also see local customers out of my home office.  My business has been growing, and not everyone is comfortable coming to a "home store,"  so I think it is time to start looking. Hopefully, there is something out there that is affordable!
I would like, no LOVE to thank Gloria for the wonderful store that she provides to not only CD families but "GREEN" families.  Thanks you so much Gloria for your wonderful selection and your gracious generosity to the fans of SAH Cloth Diapering Mama.



  1. HA.. I got called both a hippie and a crunchy this week! What you get called all depends on the generation calling you the name I guess! Like this. =)

  2. I own husband called me a hippie and I have also been called crunchy. Why does everything need a label?