Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Agoo Leggings - Review

I don't know if you are like me, but as soon as we get home from being out Baby K's pants are OFF :)  After we walk in the door I change her diaper but I never put her pants back on.  There is really no need for her to have them on when we are at home.  It makes diaper changes so much easier and who wants to hide that adorable diaper?!?!  We live in VA and even though we have been having unusually warm weather I feel bad on those cold days when Baby K has no pants on.  Her little legs have to be cold, right?

For Mom and Keiki sent me a wonderful pair of Agoo Leggings which solves the cold leg problem.  They are super soft and the most adorable print.  They are made of bamboo which is why they are so soft.  They fit both Baby K and A (who is 3 1/2).  They fit A great under a skirt and are just a little bit big on Baby K.  On Baby K I have been scrunching them up a little but have had no problems with them staying on her.  She ALWAYS pulls off socks the second you put them on her but with the Agoo Leggings she has yet to mess with them.  Today she wore them with an adorable little jean skirt and was still able to show off her cute little diaper.  A told me that they were gorgeous.  She should know since she is my little fashionista :)

 From the manufacture

Baby K trying to get away
Agoo Bamboo Leggings are designed for little girls and boys on the move. Be it crawling, climbing, running or dancing, Agoo Bamboo Leggings offer protection with fabulous function and flare. They're great for keeping legs cozy in cold weather. They're terrific for EC babies ad toilet training. They're perfect for crawling on hard surfaces. They're ideal for those with sensitive skin. The innovative, Eco-friendly Agoo Bamboo Leggings are made from 100% sustainable Bamboo fibres. One size fits all.
We were NOT in a picture mood
Leg Huggers are designed to fit your child's legs perfectly from birth through childhood with just one size.

They are 13 inches long and have a 1" knitted, elastic ribbing on both ends. They are soft and luxurious, odor resistant, and breathable. They keep legs warm in the cold and cool in the heat, thanks to their unique bamboo fibers.

Wicks Away Moisture
UV Protective I love this for summer :)
Odor Resistant
Soft and Comfortable
No Chemicals or Pesticides

Baby K in her Agoo Leggings
For Mom and Keiki carries over 15 prints of the Agoo Leggings.  They have super girly prints as well as prints for the boys, including soccer balls (we are a soccer family)!!  I love that I can wear these on both of my children and that they will grow with Baby K.  It is not like the ones that you buy at Target (for about the same price) that only fit for a month or two and look horrible after you wash them.  I have washed the ones sent to me about 5 times already :) and they still look as great as when I took them out of the package. 

A wearing the same leggings
You will have a chance on Friday to win your own pair of Agoo Leggings from For Mom and Keiki!!!  Thank you so much Gloria for your generosity.  Make sure to check her out on Facebook and let her know you are from SAH Cloth Diapering Mama!! 

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  These leggings were provided by For Mom and Keiki for review NOT the manufacture.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review. 


  1. I LOVE that both of your daughters can wear the same pair! They look great w/the CD and the skirt. :)
    I am the same way, pants off the two boys as soon as we walk in the door! It is soo much easier, I'm glad I'm not the only one. We live in WI so it gets pretty cold here, a pair of leg warmers would be great for my boys. :)

  2. I am sooo in love with these leggins. They are so cute. My DD is in love with elephants so we really want the elephant pair I saw on the website

  3. these are adorable. UV protection....that is awesome since I live in So Cal!!

    debnmike m