Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hipster Fluff OS AI2 - Review

Outside of Hipster Fluff
 The Hipster Fluff OS (one-size) AI2 (all-in-2) is the 1st WAHM diaper I have EVER tried!!!  I can tell you I was not disappointed.  I have my favorite "big" name diapers (like most do) but I have NOTHING like my Hipster Fluff!  Not only does the fabric make it stand out but the overall design.  Hipster Fluff officially opens their cyber doors TONIGHT (3/13) at 8 pm EST on Hyenacart.  You can also check Taylor out on Facebook to see all the available fabric options and to get the last Hip News!!   

Inside of Hipster Fluff
I personally meet with the creator of Hipster Fluffy, Taylor, about 2 weeks ago.  She is a wonderful young Mother with a passion for cloth diapering and making them adorable yet functional.  Taylor let me chose the fabric that I wanted (which is not always the case with reviews but greatly appreciated) and matched the snaps and inner lining to my chose.  When I saw the picture Taylor had posted on Facebook I thought, that is adorable!!!  Then I saw my name under it and squealed with delight :)  The fabric I chose goes with just about everything I wear on Baby K and is one of my favorite to show off under a skirt.  When I showed my husband the diaper that night he was extremely surprised that it was handmade and very impressed by it.  He is not against but not totally for CDing so for him to take an interest in the diaper made me excited.  Taylor has done a wonderful job with her diapers and I see big things in her future!!   

About the diaper (from Taylor)

Smallest setting (Baby K's setting)
The OS Hipster Fluff AI2 diaper has the following features:
  • 19" snap down rise fits most babies from 9-32+ lbs
  • Turned and top stiched for babies comfort against sensitive skin
  • Cotton print outer
  • Hidden PUL
  • Micro-Chamois inner for a stay dry lining against your babies bum. 
  • Hidden snaps

Two snap-in snake style soaker options offers versatility. 
  • OBF- 4 layers of organic bamboo fleece topped with cotton velour. When folded become 8 thirsty layers.  My favorite of the soakers
  • Zorb- Our zorb soaker is one layer of zorb sandwiched between two layers of organic bamboo fleece. Folded up it is equivalent to 12 layers of OBF.
My Thoughts

Medium Setting
Ease:  The OS AI2 is extremely easy to use.  There is a snap at the back of the diaper to attach your insert.  This is great so that the insert stays in place and also so you can just throw it in the diaper bag and not have to search for the insert while you are out.  There is a total of 3 rise settings on the diaper.  That means that there are to sets of snaps on the front to use plus you are able to use the diaper fully unsnapped.  Baby K is 19.2 lbs and 11 months.  I currently have her on the lowest rise setting.  So all you have to do is snap down the rise setting, snap in the insert, fold it however you like, and snap it on baby.  
Largest Setting

Price:  The OS AI2 is $22 plus shipping and also has a newborn AI2 for $15 plus shipping.  $22 is about the price of most WAHM diapers but I have seen some that are up to $30!!  I can tell you that $22 is a great price for this diaper and I will be getting another one :)  

OBF soaker
When and Why I use it:  I don't just use my Hipster Fluff because it was given to me to review.  I truly use it every other day (have to wash it sometime).  It has become one of those diapers that I use when I know people will see her in it.  It is just so cute that I want to show it off :)  I have not used it at nap time because of that reason.  I don't want to put her in her cutest diaper to go and be in her room and it not be seen.  I have had Baby K's Hipster Fluff on her for probably around 2 1/2 hours with out any leaks.  And since it is an AI2 if you get extra inserts you can reuse the shell!!!

Recommend:  I cannot recommend this diaper enough.  If you are going to add one diaper to your collection soon it has to be this one!!!  Between the adorable fabrics that Taylor has, the great design, and the overall craftsmanship you cannot lose.  Your little one will look like a little Hipster and be a total trendsetter!!!

Thank you so much Taylor for such a WONDERFUL and adorable diaper.    

OBF soaker snapped into diaper
Baby K from behind
All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  The diaper was provided by Hipster Fluff for review.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review.         

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  1. I checked out the Hipster Fluff FB page and I am loving all of the cute prints. These diapers are just too adorable. I'm also really interested in these diapers because of the inserts. That's a lot of absorbency, but I can tell from the picture of your little one wearing the diaper that it is very trim.

    1. For some reason I was not notified of any of the comments on this post :( The diaper is extremely trimmer for how well it absorbs. I think it is trimmer than the Oh Katy with both inserts. It fits great under her pants and I have seen much bulkier diapers. I will try and get some better pictures of her in it and add them to the giveaway this weekend!!

  2. I love Taylor and am eager for my baby to arrive -- I already have multiple customs in the works with her (I can't resist, they're all so cute!) and reading your review has only made me more anxious to be able to use this fluff on my Hipster! :)

  3. Very cute diaper, I like that she offers more than one kind of soaker. Great price for a WAHM diaper (LOVE that you did not compare the price of a WAHM diaper to that of a china diaper as some other reviewers have done). Great review by you and for Hipster Fluff.

  4. This honestly one of the cutest diapers!! I like that only soft material touches babies skin. Also I like that she uses bamboo in her inserts!

  5. All the diapers are soooo cute. I can't wait to try one out some day (soon I hope)

  6. I got one of her testers and I want more! I love her inserts too! so soft!! :)

  7. These are absolutely adorable diapers. She has an eye for detail and cuteness. :)

    debnmike m

  8. The bamboo fleece soakers sound really nice. I bet they feel wonderful to a baby!

  9. I have one of her diapers from the grand opening! My super-soaker son fell asleep for 4 hours in it and we didn't have a single leak. Love, love, love!! :)