Sunday, March 24, 2013

Journey to Walk MS 2013

3 years ago my family participated in their 1st Walk MS.  My oldest, and only at the time, was 1 1/2 and rode in her stroller for the whole walk :)  I was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I knew that I was helping in some small way.  Sadly for the past 2 years I have not been able to participate :(  2 years ago it was 2 days before Baby K was born and last year it was the same day as her birthday party.  I know neither was a really good reason to not participate but at that time I was overwhelmed with everything and didn't think I could take anything else on.

Once again Walk MS 2013 by me lands on Baby K's birthday weekend (plus having company in town).  But that is NOT going to stop us this year!!!  Both of my beautiful daughters will be traveling with me back to my home town area in PA to attend Walk MS 2013!!!  Most of my family as well as my Hubby's family lives in the area and some of them have even offered to walk with us :)  Plus my Aunt has decided to fly in from Texas for the walk!!!

Now you are probably wondering why this Walk MS means so much to me.  Why I feel bad that I haven't participated in 2 years.  Why I would be traveling back home just to participate.  Why it is so awesome to me that people have stepped up to walk with me.  And why would I write a blog post about it.  If you have stayed with this post so far THANK YOU!!!  And now for some back story and answers to all the questions you may have :)

Back in the early to mid 90s my Mom was diagnosed with MS.  If you don't know what MS is, it stands for Multiple Sclerosis.  I don't remember the exact year anymore but I was so young and it has been so long that I don't remember a time when she didn't have it.  Some of my earliest memories of when it started to get bad where of shopping trips to the mall where she had to use a cane and take many breaks.  I know that my Mom is the one who has had to learn to live with the disease but it was hard growing up and watching what it was doing to her.  It is still hard to know what it has done to her.

So what exactly is MS?  There are 4 different types of MS, Relapsing-remitting MS (80% have this kind), Secondary-progressive MS, Primary-progressive MS (15% of people), Progressive-relapsing MS.  The type that my Mom has NEVER goes into remission and it is ALWAYS getting worse.  There are many different symptoms of MS but you do NOT have to have every symptom.  I will not go into exact detail about the symptoms my Mom has to keep something private :)  But the symptoms my Mom does have, has changed her life drastically!

Walk MS is just a small thing that I can do to show her that I support everything that is has, is and will go through.  As well as to help raise as much money as I can to help find a cure!!!  A cure is what we hope and pray for everyday, what we need!  A cure is what would give her the life with her granddaughters that she always hoped for.  So my wonderful daughters and I will be heading back to PA in just over a month to walk under the team name MIMI'S CURE!!!  Because that is what we need!  If you would love to help in anyway search for your local walk and get involved!!  You can find if there is a walk near you here.  There are also other events to get you involved!!  Including Bike MS, Muckfest MS, and Challenge Walk MS.  If you would like to donate to find a cure you can do so on my Walk MS page, or if you live close to Beaver County PA and would like to be apart of the team you can also sign up for it on that page :)

Now I will not ask for donations on the Facebook page everyday or make you feel bad if you are unable or unwilling to donate.  But I will keep you updated on my progress and what is going on, probably weekly to every other week.  And I will definitely let you know how the walk went!!!  But I will say this, if everyone of my 4,646 fans as well as my 617 friends donated $1 that would be a wonderful donation of OVER $5000!!!  But if you do only 1 same thing, let it be to wear orange one day in honor of MS and let people know why you are wearing orange!!  Bring awareness, because that is the 1st step to finding a cure.  And words of encouragement for the girls and me are always welcomed!!!      

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  1. So sorry to hear about your mom, but what a wonderful thing you're doing.