Friday, March 1, 2013

Aplix VS. Snaps

When it comes down to picking diapers probably the most important decision you will have to make is Aplix VS. Snaps!!!  But what should you chose?  What is best for you?  What is best for baby?  Such a had decision :)

For me it was an easy decision!!  I went with SNAPS!  Why?  Honestly because I like the look of snaps better than the look of Aplix.  But I also started cloth diapering when Baby K was 8 months old.  If I would have started at newborn and used newborn diapers I would have chose Aplix and then switched to snaps with OS diapers.

Aplix is a great choice for a newborn or before baby messes with their diapers.  When baby is a newborn you are changing them so much that aplix would make it faster and easier.  But once baby starts to mess with their diaper aplix will also be easier for them to take off :)

Snaps on the other hand are harder for baby to play with but also take a couple extra seconds to for parents to use :)  I also feel that it gives the from of a diaper a cleaner look!  So it comes down to how old is baby? What type of look do you like?  And how easy do you want it to be for you AND for baby :)

So what are your diapers?  Aplix or Snap?  Why?


  1. I agree about the aplix! I do however love snaps because of the durability! I notice that a lot of newborn diapers have aplix which makes sense!

  2. I do like that Aplix saves time but I still tend to go toward snaps. Like you, I like the look of snaps better, they seem more durable- Aplix gets pilly and attracts hair and lint- plus it catches on to things it shouldn't. I still think about buying diapers with Aplix from time to time but when I ask my hubby's opinion, all he hsa to say is, "Streaking toddler." Yeah. 'Nuf said. :)

  3. I like how fast Aplix is, but lately my Aplix ones are starting to be less sticky, so they make me nervous for night time. My baby is 5.5 months old, so I think any of his newer diapers will be snaps.

  4. Definitely snaps! I agree with you that it looks better!! Aplix is nice for quick changes and I wish I had it while my DD was a newborn to four months... I just dont enjoy the tabs sticking to things in the wash if I forget to put them down... I know soon my squirmy baby will start tugging on them and learn to remove them as she loves being nakey. They are nice and helpful when you have a baby constantky rolling over during a change but its short lived and i love the way snaps look and the different combinations you can do with them! They take longer to put on but overall the best!!!