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Tina From September Wool Soaker - Review

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Front of  Tina from September wool soaker
Front with adjustable tie
There are a ton of different "commercial" brands of wool diaper covers out there!  But what do you do when you want to use wool but still support the WAHMs?  Well honestly, you search REALLY, REALLY hard to find a WAHM that does wool....unless you know where to look or have heard of them before :)  So that is what I am here for!!!  To let you know about an awesome WAHM that makes awesome HAND knit wool soakers/diaper covers for your little ones!!

Now I know that everyone LOVES a WAHM and wool (if you have used it)!  So by now you are probably ready to place your order and want to know who I am talking about.  Well, I have had the privilege to work with Tina from September!!!  She makes beautiful hand knit wool soakers :)  And I have the privilege to let you all know about them!!!

My Thoughts

Back of Tina from September wool soaker
Back of Soaker
Tina does a wonderful job HAND knitting her wool soakers!!  They are all one of a kind because
they are not machine made like the big brand wool!  The one I received is a beautiful dark plum color!  It is closely compared in size to a "big brand" ML, but this one has an adjustable waist so you can get a nice fit around little ones tummy! 

The soaker is single layered where the big brands are usually double layered.  But that honestly doesn't make a difference as long as you lano!!!  Plus the whole thing about wool is that it is not made to hold moisture!!!  You should have enough absorbency in your diaper so that the whole is acting as a barrier between the diaper and everything else!

Baby K in Tina from September wool soaker
Baby K not really cooperating :)
Overall, I have had a very pleasant experience with my 1st WAHM wool item!!  Wool can be very intimidating in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it you will wonder why you ever waited so long :)  Baby K loves to wear her "pretty" at night and ask for them regularly!   

Also make sure to check out all the happenings on Tina's website, Facebook page, and Pinterest!!!

Tush shot of Tina from September wool soaker
Full TUSH shot!!!
All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. This wool cover was provided by Tina from September for review. No additional compensation was accepted for this review.

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