Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sustainablebabyish Multi-Size Snapless Fitted - Review (Sponsored by Dearest Diapers)

I am apart of a couple different blogging groups on Facebook.  These groups are full of fellow bloggers and also some great CD and Natural Parenting stores.  These groups have been an awesome help with questions I have had as well as getting me in touch with potential sponsors.

How my diaper was packaged

One day while I was looking through the most recent interactions in one of these groups I came across a post from the awesome Rana from Dearest Diapers (FB) looking for potential bloggers to do a review and giveaway for a product that she carries.  And she carries a ton of different items :). Obviously, I got super excited to work with Dearest Diapers since they are one of the stores that I hear so many people talk about!  They also have such a huge selection of products that most people will be able to find everything they are looking for.  

Outside of Diaper
Rana ended up emailing me after I told her I would be interested in working with her asking for some suggestions of what to review.  I gave her a list of about 5 different products that I would love to try out and that I knew my fans would love.  On my list was Sustainablebabyish Fitteds!  I have heard a ton about their products and Rana said she hadn't done a review/giveaway for one of their products yet!

Rana sent me a Sustainablebabyish Snapless-Multi Fitted Diaper!  She sent me an adorable Lilac serged diaper for Baby K!  It came packaged wonderfully, in Red Tissue paper with one of her adorable business card attached with a cute note on the back saying that she hopes I like it :)  I love when sponsors/stores take an extra second to make what they are sending you more personable.  It makes me feel like they really care about me and that I am working/communicating with a real person and not just a computer.  Thanks so much for that little extra Rana!!!  It truly means a lot!

A Little About the Diaper (from the Manufacturer)

The first multi-size cloth diaper from Sustainablebabyish.  Heavy organic bamboo|cotton terry body with turned and top-stitched leg elastic. includes two 3-layer organic bamboo fleece doublers for adjustable absorbency & one diaper pin.  Add more doublers for additional layers.

Pin or Snappi® friendly.  Snapless-multi fitteds work very well with either option.

On Baby K with a Snappi
The Sustainablebabyish snapless-multi is based on the pattern for our best selling bamboo fleece night time fitteds.  Slightly trimmer body & longer wings allow securing with one pin & fast diaper changes.  The same fit you have come to love, now in a multi-size, snapless version, with adjustable absorbency & comfortable T&T leg casings.  Fold the front down for a shorter rise.

weight range approximately 10-35 lbs

This fitted cloth diaper requires a cover.  Pair with Sustainablebabyish wool for a leak free combination.

one diaper-one tree
A tree is planted for every sustainablebabyish cloth diaper you purchase.

My Thoughts

Ease:  At 1st when I looked at the Sustainablebabyish Snapless-Multi Fitted I have to admit that I was a little intimidated!  Well for one there are NO snaps and NO aplix :)  So you have the diaper and then 2 boosters.  But I was able to figure it out extremely fast and it was not as bad as I thought at 1st glance.  When I use it on Baby K (nighttime) I lay both doublers inside the diaper right under the elastic at the back of the diaper.  I then lay Baby K in the diaper pull it between her legs and then I fold over the top (fold down rise).  I then bring both tabs over and Snappi it together.  No that bad :)

Price:  The Snapless- Multi Fitted is $20.95 or you can get one of Dearest Diapers Custom Colors for $21.45.  Around $20 is how much you are going to pay for a good quality Fitted diaper.  I think the cheapest I have seen are $18 but I haven't used one of those.  All of the Fitteds that I do own are in the $20-$22 range.  So for how great this diaper is the price is well worth it!

When and Why I use it:  I use my Fitteds for nighttime.  They are my favorite nighttime solution and they work great!!!  I have used this diaper during the day the 1st couple times I wore it on Baby K until I had fully prepped the diaper.  I do have to say with both doublers in it is a little to bulky for during the day.  But really during the day you do not need both doublers because baby is not in the diaper for 12+ hours :)  If I were to use it for daytime use I would 1st try it with out any doubler (probably just 1 for nap time) and then if it wasn't lasting as long as I feel it should I would then bump it up to 1 doubler.  But it works GREAT for at night and that is really where my stash is lacking.

Recommend:  If you are having a hard time finding a nighttime solution that works for you I would definitely recommend trying the Sustainablebabyish Snapless-Multi Fitted diaper.  It has last on Baby K for around 14 hours and still not all of the diaper was wet!!!  The one thing that I did not like about the diaper was where they have their tag at.  It really is not in a convenient place for using a Snappi.  I have to put it to the outside of the tag and it just make it a little more difficult.  It wouldn't be so bad if the company was wasn't so long :)  

Overall (diaper):  I would give this diaper an A!!!  It has been a great nighttime solution and the terry outside is super soft.  I love the cute colored serging that makes the diaper extra cute and not just all white :)  This is a diaper I feel everyone who has a baby that sleeps all night NEEDS to try!!!

Up close view of the thoughtful message from Rana
Overall (Dearest Diapers):  I would give Rana and Dearest Diapers an A+++...well you get the idea.  Rana has been wonderful during this review.  She let me give her a list of items that I thought would be great to review.  She shipped the diaper out to me super quick and with a nice little personalization on the back of her business card.  Rana is someone that I would love to work with again in the future and that I feel everyone needs to have an interaction with in some way.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Rana and Dearest Diapers!!!  You have been a wonderful sponsor and please keep up the wonderful work that you are doing out there in Cali!

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  This diaper was provided by Dearest Diapers and not Sustainablebabyish for review.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review.

Pictures of the inside/part of the diaper and tush view coming in the next couple days :)  Tomorrow is diaper laundry day!!!


  1. I've heard great things about them and would love to try them. They seem to fit your baby great!

  2. I have also tried their Organic Bamboo Fleece Fitteds and they are great for night-time as well. I would love to try these fitteds as well :)

  3. These look a little bulky but I'm willing to try almost anything at this point. I know each baby is different so maybe my new little one on the way will fit well in these. I'd love to see what all the s'bish love is about. :)

    1. Please keep in mind that I have both boosters in the diaper in all of these pictures because they were taken right before bed. They would be less bulky with either no boosters or just 1 booster.

  4. I have been wanting to try titters for nighttime use, I have yet to try one, but this diaper looks so soft and I would love to try it on my baby!

  5. I think it's a cute gesture that they plant a tree for each diaper sold.

    Anne Sweden

  6. These sound like an awesome night time solution and I would like to try them especially for that purpose.

  7. I also heard a lot of good things about these diapers but never got a chance to try. Thanks for the review I think I will get one for the night time for my next baby !

  8. This looks like a great diaper. I have heard lots about these Sustainablebabyish and how everyone just loves them! I would really love to give it a try! I think fitteds are a must have for any cloth diapering family for night time!

  9. I love that his is so absorbent and comes with the doublers that you need to adjust for day, nap, night

  10. I am looking one for my tummy sleeper, this looks softer .

  11. They seem really absorbant, with doublers for sure! LOVE SBish!

  12. My friend has these and loves them and I've been wanting to try them as well - my preferred diapering system so far is fitteds with a Snappi for closure.

  13. Wow! That looks like an awesome (and soft) diaper! I would love to put one to the test for nighttime use - I have never really found a system that I was 100% happy with for night times.

  14. I loved fitteds for nighttime use and have wanted to try these but I was hesitant b/c of the snapless-ness too! Thanks for the review!

  15. I've heard so much about sbish in the last year, I am a cotton or hemp/cotton girl myself but recently I have gotten 3 bamboo diapers, not sbish, I like them all but when I read about bamboo these are the ones that keep coming up. I love things about bamboo, like how easy it grows, how fast and how it is so absorbent. I would love to try one of these, I'm sure we would use it to bits :)

  16. I love fitteds and wool for nights. We have a couple Sbish snapless in rotation and they work great.

  17. we have been trying in vain to find a nighttime solution- these sound great!! i would love to try one out- thanks for the pointers about the doublers- i think that would have intimidated me too!! both companies sound wonderful! great review!