Sunday, July 1, 2012


Let me just say I would like to know when I became the SAH, cloth diapering, baby wearing, nursing, and now homeschooling Mama!!! :)  I never in a million years thought that this is who I would become...but I have and I LOVE it :)  So this coming year I made the decision that I am going to homeschool A!!!

A will be 4 in September so technically she does not need any "formal" schooling until next year but she NEEDS something :)  This past year A attending 3 year old preschool at a Church of Christ that is about 30 minutes from us.  I LOVED her being there and she loved it there.  But sadly the drive just became too much :(  This next year she would be going to school for 3 days for 3 hours a day and I would be driving 2 hours a day to take her and then pick her up.  It was just going to be too much and gas is just too expensive.  So my only options were to either continue to send her where she was at (which really wasn't an option), send her somewhere closer to home for double the cost, do nothing with her or homeschool her.

I decided on the homeschool route so that I could teach A what I thought she needed to learn and what she wanted to learn.  I taught preschool for a number of years and know what she needs to know going into Kindergarten.  Sadly at 3 1/2 though she already knows just about everything she needs to know to go into Kindergarten and a lot of what she will know when she is done with Kindergarten.  Yes she is actually that smart and yes I know ALL parents say that.  But she takes after her Daddy!  Especially in Math and Science.  Plus I have a degree in Mathematics so it does explain a lot :)

I put a lot and I mean A LOT of thought and prayer into my decision.  I actually had started thinking about this route before I even put her in school last year.  But I really wanted to try her out somewhere and have her learn from someone other than me and the Hubby.  But after last year I think this is now the best decision for us.  A knew a lot going into school last year so I really don't feel that she learned that much.  Don't get me wrong I loved her school and I think they do a great job.  But a lot of kids go into preschool not having a real learning foundation.  Where A had already learn a lot at home from us.  She already knew how to spell her name going into school (and she started before she turned 3), how to count to around 14, all her colors and shapes, and a couple of other things.  She learned how to spell her nickname the very 1st week of school and I had never worked on the with her before :) 

So overall, sending her to preschool last year was great because she learned how to learn from someone else and in a classroom setting.  But staying home and learning this year I think will be a great advantage for her :)  I have not decided if homeschooling is going to be a permanent thing in my house or not yet.  I am going to see how this year goes and then decided from there.  I do think that if A goes to Kindergarten in public school next year she will be bored.  So that is a major thing to take into consideration.  But depending on how she does this year and if I can keep up with it, her and still taking care of the house and Baby K will be the main deciding factor.

See what curriculum I chose and why!!! (Coming Soon)    


  1. I've been toying with the idea, but am still on the fence. I think my parents would freak out if I did this, but then again, they freaked out when I said I was going to cloth diaper, too. I still have time to decide about school.

  2. I have been on the same path with my daughter, who is also 3 1/2. With money being tight there was no way I could put her in preschool so I have been looking at the different curriculum. I look forward to see what you chose!

  3. We will be starting our 4th year homeschooling and I've never looked back! It isn't "easy", especially with a new baby in our house, and things take a little longer to finish, but raising my children is the most rewarding job in the world! Good luck and I am looking forward to reading about your new homeschooling adventures.