Friday, February 24, 2012

Scarlet's Naturals Honey Lotion - Review

I contacted Scarlet's Naturals about a month or so ago to see if they would be interested in doing a review and or giveaway.  The owner of Scarlet's Naturals, Desiree, was willing to do both!!  Yippee for us :)  Desiree asked me what I would like to try.  I really wasn't sure at 1st so she suggested their Hiney Honey Cream but I said no since Baby K has yet to have a rash.  So I asked if I could try their Honey Lotion.  I knew it was something that I could try on 3 out of the 4 people in my house (Hubby is NOT a lotion person).  Desiree agreed that it would be fine for me to try.  At the time when we were communicating she was actually out of the country but as soon as she got back she whipped up a batch of her wonderful lotion and sent it straight to me.

I was super excited when I received my lotion in the mail!  I could smell the wonderful scent (Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey) as soon as I opened my mailbox.  I soon found out I could smell it so well because the unreliable post office/man had busted the top of my bottle and squeezed most of the lotion all over the inside of the bag.  I contacted Desiree and sent her a picture of what I received.  She could not believe how careless the mail was and immediately sent me a new bottle in the NEW packaging (not the picture on the site).  This time when my package arrived it was in pristine condition and there was a nice little note on the back of the business card she added.  Desiree had wonderful customer service with my postal mishap and by no means had anything to do with the way it was packaged.  The post office just isn't careful with the mail (have you seen the stuff they send packages through?)

Now to the wonderfulness that is Scarlet's Naturals Honey Lotion!!  I have never used an all natural lotion like this before so I really wasn't sure what to expect.  The 1st time I used it I put on way to much and my hands looked greasy (but didn't feel it).  So I washed it off and was extremely sad.  That afternoon I talked to one of my friends about it and she said, "They are all like that.  You just have to let it soak in."  She has been using a different type of all natural lotion so she had more experience with them than I did.  I went home that evening and tried again :)

This time I did not use as much as the time before and I gave it a minute or to to soak in.  After a couple of minutes my hands no longer looked greasy, they smelled great, and were SO soft!!!  I used it again the next morning and that afternoon I saw a friend and showed her the lotion that I received.  She loved the smell.  Then I had her feel my hands....she said they were really soft.  Then I told her that I used the lotion that morning and have washed my hands about 15 times since I used it.  Then she couldn't believe that they were STILL that soft!!!

I am usually pretty cautious about what I use on my children so I tried the lotion on myself 1st.  The next time I gave A (my 3 year old) a bath I used the lotion on her afterwards.  She loved the smell and is a real lotion freak :)  After I finished lotioning her up she then wanted to lotion me so I let her do my hands.  When i woke her up the next morning she still smelled like the lotion.  I couldn't believe that the scent lasted that long.  Her dry little legs were still silky smooth and so were her elbows and knees.

I have since used it on Baby K also and love how she smells when I am done applying the lotion.  You do not need to use as much of the Honey lotion as you do regular lotions.  This is extremely thick and I would almost consider it more of a cream than a lotion.  The lotion comes in 3 different scents as well as unscented. Not only does Scarlet's Naturals sell lotion but they also carry 6 other products.  Plus all of their products contain ingredients found locally to them including honey and beeswax from their own hives!  Also all of their products are Cloth Diaper SAFE!!!  Ceck out Scarlet's Naturals website to see all the product's that they sell and check the out on Facebook to see everything that is going on plus deals and promotions.     

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.  The lotion was provided by Scarlet's Naturals for review.  No additional compensation was accepted for this review. 


  1. Now I want to try it!! =) Wear it sunday so I can smell it!!

  2. I love "bee" products! We have just started keeping bees at Zephyr Hill!

  3. I also love "bee" products! This is a line of products I really want to try! Your review makes it sound SO awesome!!

  4. I love that the lotion lasted after so many washes!