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Oh Katy OS Pocket Diaper - Review

Outside of the Oh Katy with both insert
The Oh Katy is a OS Pocket diaper just like all the other OS Pocket diapers....right?!?!  Well yes and no.  Oh Katy has done a couple things different than the others.  The biggest thing I have found that they did differently is where you stuff the pocket.  Oh Katy's pocket is in the front of the diaper instead of the back.  The other big thing is that they showed their customers how to secure the used diaper (like a sposie) by using the cross over snap.  Other than that it is a pocket diaper and who doesn't love a pocket diaper :)

Inside of the Oh Katy with both inserts
I got my 1st Oh Katy from a little store called The Cloth Nook (  The owner had shown me one when I was 1st looking at cloth diapers and showed me the cross over closure idea.  I thought it was pretty cool but I was really unsure about OS diapers at that point.  When I made my next order (once I decided to switch to full time diapering) I decided that I was going to give it a try.  So I got my 1st Oh Katy.  About a week later I got my 2nd Oh Katy when my order from came.  I had taken advantage of their free OS diaper coupon at the time and it just happened to be an Oh Katy :)  so now I have 2, a red one and a twilight one.

About the Diaper (from the manufacture)

Rise setting #1 (smallest)
Oh Katy® one-size diapers are coveted for their trim fit, ease of use, and leak proof protection. Featuring a patented front-opening pocket design, ultra soft fleece, hip snaps for a sturdy fit on newborns and toddlers and gentle elastic to fit even the chubbiest thighs. No need for a waterproof bag, simply roll it up and use the crossover tabs to secure your neat bundle. Every Oh Katy® diaper comes with two inserts: a full-size, adjustable insert and a newborn insert/doubler.
Rise setting #2

 Unique Features:

  • Patented front-opening pocket design
  • Infant side snaps to prevent wing-droop
  • Wrap and snap feature for clean storage
  • Ultra-soft microfiber fleece to keep baby feeling dry
  • Multiple inserts included
Rise setting #3 (largest)
Also if you go to the Oh Katy website their is a section that has pictures that point to and describe all the different features of the diaper.  Please check out Oh Katy Features

My Thoughts

Rise setting #1 and large insert snapped to smallest setting
Rise setting #2 and large insert snapped to 2nd setting
 Ease:  The Oh Katy is very easy to use.  Just like most OS pocket diapers all you have to do is snap down the rise, stuff the pocket, put on baby and GO!!  My biggest complaint about this diaper is that you stuff it from the FRONT instead of the back.  Oh Katy sees this as a big selling point because you don't have to touch a poopy insert.  At least for Baby K her poopy doesn't get that high that it is a big deal and even if it did, I bet the WHOLE diaper would be poopy.  So when you have to unstuff the pocket you are ALWAYS touching pee pee no matter how wet the rest of the insert is.  Also I find it a little hard to stuff when using BOTH inserts.  When I use both inserts it is for nap time so I want the extra insert to be in the front for my tummy sleeper.  When stuff from the front it wants to move to the back while trying to get both in.  So it takes a little longer to get everything situated. 
Diaper unsnapped and insert snapped down to largest

Price:  The Oh Katy is a heck of a price for a OS diaper.  It runs $17.95 everywhere that I have looked.  I have also seen them run specials where you buy 5 and get 1 free, which would make it $14.95 for a OS diaper!!

Diaper rolled like a disposable to be stored in wetbag
When and Why I use it:  I originally tried this diaper because someone had recommended it to me and then I got a free one from with one of their coupons.  So I now have 2 Oh Katy's.  I use this diaper as one of my nap time diapers or for a longer car ride.  I leave the rise unsnapped and stuff it with both inserts.  Baby K usually will nap 2-3 hours in this diapers and some of the big insert will still be dry.  The fact that it is already all the way unsnapped at 10 months worries me a little for how long it will truly last.

Oh Katy on Baby K with both inserts
Recommend:  I would recommend this for someone to try this diaper if they have tried all the other OS pocket diapers and want to try something different.  I like the Oh Katy's that I have but I would not buy anymore.  There are other OS Pocket diapers out there that I would buy first.

Overall, I would give the Oh Katy a C+ maybe a B-.  I really am not a fan of the stuffing from the front instead of the back.  This truly is my biggest complaint along with the fact that Baby K already has it all the way unsnapped when stuff with both inserts.  Also this diaper only has 3 rise settings where others have 4 (making them last a little longer).  I would say to try out the Oh Katy if you are looking for something different to try.  It has an excellent price point of a OS pocket diaper.  The biggest thing I got from the Oh Katy diaper was the idea that you can use the cross over snap on ANY diaper, that has one, to roll it up like a disposable before putting it in your wetbag.  You can buy Oh Katy at Abby's Lane or Kelly's Closet.

Baby K from behind with both inserts
Just a little extra:  One thing that I also found with the Oh Katy is since there are only 2 snaps across for the rise setting it tends to bulge out in the middle when the insert gets wet.  And that does not look very flattering, especially on a little girl.  Also the large insert has 3 rows of snaps.  Small, Medium, Large, and then unsnapped.  I like this for when you do use the rise setting on the diaper.  That way you don't have to figure out what to do with the extra part of the insert. 

All opinions are my own.  I reviewed this diaper on my own and one of the diapers was purchased by me and the other was a free diaper coupon.  These diapers were not provided by the company.  No compensation was accepted for this review.        

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