Friday, December 30, 2011

Why and how I decided to switch to cloth diapering

A lot of people at my church made the switch to cloth diapering about a year and a half ago.  At that time my 1st daughter A was just about done with diapers all together so I didn't see the point.  Then I got pregnant with my 2nd daughter K.  I never even thought of cloth diapering at that point.  I had forgotten all about it by then.

Over the summer my husband and I joined a small group at church with one of the assistant pastors and his wife.  She had been cloth diapering there 2nd child (I think since day one).  Her and another mommy in the group had started to talk about cloth diapering and some of the different types of cloth diapers.  I was a little intrigued but then put it out of my mind once again.  The next week the other mommy came in and she had started to cloth diaper her little girl E also.  That made me start thing about the whole thing.

That following week I started to research the different types of cloth diapers that are available.  I also went the a local cloth diapering store that was recommended, Abby's Lane.  They were super helpful and gave me a lot to think about.  They showed me all the different types of diapers there were and showed me the diapers I had researched and thought I might like.  They also suggested a couple of diapers that might work great for K and that they use themselves.  They told me about washing and accessories I might like to have and everything else you could ever think you might need to know.

Baby K in her 1st CD!!
I didn't feel comfortable at that moment making a purchase without A.) talking it over with my husband and B.) making sure I knew what I wanted to try, so I went home empty handed.  I then posted on Facebook to get recommendations from my cloth diapering friends of what brands and types they though I should try and what I was already looking at.  I got a few comments, but everyone recommended something different.  I guess I was looking for more than one person to recommend the same thing.

So I went to church that following Sunday and one of my cloth diapering friends had gone to Abby's Lane that week to buy more diapers for her daughter E.  While she was there she bought K and me our 1st cloth diaper.  We received a Tiny Tush Elite in light pink with Aplix.  I was so surprised that she would do that for us.  It was extremely kind of her and now less than 3 weeks later we are full time cloth diapering (but we will get to that later).

I had decided that night and the next day that if I was going to try this cloth diapering thing 1 diaper really wasn't going to tell me much.  So I found a cute little store that a lady runs out of her home that had some of the diapers I was looking at on sale.  So I went down there Monday morning and bought 2 FuzziBunz Perfect Size in Medium (Grape and Crushed Berries) and 1 Gro-Via All-in-One in Mod Flowers.

I went home and wash all 4 of my new diapers that day during nap.  When my husband got home he noticed that I had gone and bought 3 new diapers.  I'm not really sure what he thought at the moment.  He was not extremely thrilled that I decided to do it but at the same time didn't care.  So the next morning K had a new Tiny Tush on her little tushie and cloth diapering had started!!!


  1. This reminded me of my husband. I had told him that I was really interested in cloth diapering and I got "the eye roll" because he knows that once I start something I go all out. I got 9 used OS Fuzzibunz off of Craiglist and we've been full time cloth ever since! (Except for a week long vacation across country) Less than two weeks later I bought a 3 pack of Smartipants and fell in love! We now have mostly Smartipants and G diapers, because I realized that I HATED to unstuff dirty diapers. So now we are looking for good options that I don't have to unstuff (I sold my Fuzzibunz) Anyway, that's why I bought the AIO Grovia from you :) I also ordered a Tots Bots easy fit. What is your favorite and why?

  2. I actually LOVE my FuzziBunz!!! I use the Perfect Size instead of the onesize. The stuffing and unstuffing really doesn't bother me. I have not used Smartipants or G diapers. I also had a friend who suggested the itti bitti SIOs since I love my perfect sizes so much. The itti bitti's are also a sized diaper if you get the d'lish series (which has AIO and SIO) or the Boo (which I use for overnight) but their Tutto is a onesize. I will be explaining my LOVE of itti bitti in an upcoming post (soon) so I don't want to giveaway all the details. Look for it probably this weekend!

  3. I started cloth diapering part time when my youngest was a couple weeks old. I didn't have enough diapers to do it more than once in a while and I wasn't sure that I would like doing it full time. I bought a bunch of used BGs and Fuzzibunz and just took the leap into full time cloth diapering when he was 12 weeks old. I have used disposables on a few occasions but for the last 19 months have mostly used cloth :)

  4. I feel that it really is hard to get a real feel if you are going to like it full time. It is a lot more work, in my opinion, to do it part time. But it is a good option to start with if you don't have a lot of money to start out with. Save up the money you are saving on disposables and slowly add to your stash as time goes on. It will take longer to get to the point of full time but once you get there it is FANTASTIC!!!! My only regret is that I didn't start sooner :(