Monday, June 24, 2013

What Is In My Stash?!?!? Wouldn't You Like To Know!!!

One of the biggest discussions in the CD community is....What's in your stash?  But not just that we always want to know WHY!!!  Is there something that we are missing out on that we need to add?  Why does that diaper work for that kid but not mine?  And of course...Where can I get one and how much :)

I have my stash broken down into 5 categories, Daytime Diapers/WAHM Diapers, Nap Diapers, Daddy Diapers, Diaper Bag Diapers, and Overnight Diapers.  I actually do use this madness of categories on my diapers on a daily basis, when washing, sorting and putting away my diapers :)  It also makes it easier for me to be able to tell the Hubby (when I need 2) which diaper to grab and where from :)  Now what falls into the different categories in my house?


"Brand" Diapers

itti bitti D'lish SIO (specifically size Large) - I currently have 8 of these diapers in my house!!!  At 8 the SIO diapers are the most of 1 brand I have in my stash :)  I absolutely LOVE these diapers and could not live without them :)  As of right now I have 2 Red, 2 Chocolate, 2 Purple, 1 Fuchsia, and 1 Bubblegum.  I am trying to sell off some of the red and chocolate ones though because I just have too many diapers :) plus I would like to get some more of the new colors!!! 

Lalabye Baby - I absolutely LOVE this OS bamboo insert pocket diaper that I reviewed a while back!!  It is one of my go to diapers for car rides when I know it will be a little while before Baby K gets changed.  I have the "Ring Around the Rosie" (Bright Pink) diaper as part of my stash and LOVE it for the cuteness and absorption it brings to my stash while still being super trim :) 

Moraki - This is the newest and last pocket diaper that was added to my stash.  I have started to lean away from pocket diapers recently but have kept around my absolutely favorite ones.  I mainly only use pockets at nap anymore but I have kept around the Moraki pocket/AI2 diaper and the Lalabye Baby pocket diaper as my only 2 daytime pockets!!!  I love the Moraki because of how awesome the inserts are!!  They are made of 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton, which means they absorb a ton :)  Plus I have 3 inserts (1 of each size) that makes it possible to customize!!!  It is bulky when you use all 3 inserts but it is great for being able to go a while without changing.  I have had the privilege of adding a Hippie (tie-dye) print to my stash!!

WAHM Diapers

Diaper Donks - I absolutely LOVE my Diaper Donks diapers!!!  I now have 2 in my stash and they are not going anywhere any time soon :)  I have had the privilege of being able to review 2 different diapers from Diaper Donks.  The 1st was an AI2 with ruffles (review) and the 2nd was a Skirtie AI2 (review)!  These diapers are wonderful and adorable!  The ruffles and the skirtie make them something different than the normal WAHM made diaper.  I only have 3 "brands" of WAHMs left in my stash and Diaper Donks is one that made the cut :) 

The Diaper Addict - Amie from The Diaper Addict is somewhat of a local to me :)  She lives about 30-45 minutes from me and makes an awesome Hybrid AI2 (review).  This diaper has only fleece to make it waterproof and I have NEVER had a leak with it :)  It is super cute, fits Baby K great and use to be a nap diaper till Baby K learned how to take it off :)  Now it has become a wonderful fashion statement under an adorable dress or skirt.  But being that it is a Hybrid AI2 it made it a little bulky for under pants.  But that never stopped us from wearing it in the house :)  

Hey Dude Diapers - I received my 1st Hey Dude Diaper as a review and fell in love with it :)  It is an adorable American Flag AI2 (review) that has been a wonderful summer addition to my stash :)  I love to put this diaper on Baby K when we go into DC.  It just seems fitting!!!  But I do not limit it to just summer, it is a year round diaper!!  I loved this diaper so much that I ended up buying Baby K a Minnie/Mickey mouse Hey Dude Diaper for her 2nd birthday party!  She has changed her pattern a little between the time of the 2 diapers but overall it is still a good diaper.  I do like the older pattern better though, but still LOVE both diapers :) 


Tiny Tush - This was my very 1st diaper that I ever owned!!  It was bought for me by a friend and is the reason that I started cloth diaper AND this blog (read about it here).  I love my Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 and I don't think I will ever be able to part with it :)  It is the reason SAH CD Mama is what it is :)  But other than that I LOVE it as a nap diaper because of it's 2 inserts.  Baby K can nap for up to 3 hours and I need a diaper that is going to be able to hold, especially since nap is right after lunch...think drinks!!!  I have never had a problem with this diaper at nap and I love my "Pretty Pink" diaper!  This was also the 1st diaper that I ever reviewed on the blog and how I really got started reviewing diapers (review).

FuzziBunz - This was the 1st brand that I ever bought myself!!!  I started out with 2 Perfect Size FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers in Grape and Crushed Berries.  I quickly added 2 more Perfect Size diapers in Blueberry and Tootie Frootie.  I loved my Perfect Size diapers and the size Medium fit Baby K PERFECT :)  But then I won a OS Elite in Cotton Candy and feel in love.  I loved the Minky inserts and how they were OS but they were clean looking on the outside because of the adjustable elastic.  I ended up purchasing another OS Elite FuzziBunz Diapers in Grape.  They make great nap diapers because of the 2 inserts and they are super cute :)  I ended up selling my Perfect Size diapers when I started moving away from pockets, and I do regret it from time to time, but I kept my Elites!!!

Daddy Diaper

Thirsties Duo AIO - This is the best diaper that I have found to leave for Hubby :)  It is the simplest AIO that I hav found and is EXACTLY like a washable disposable!!!  I have 2 of these in my stash for Hubby while I am out of the house.  I leave one side snapped so he knows how to snap it on Baby K and he is good to go!!  I really could use a couple more in my stash but I just haven't bought them :)  Currently I have a Scottish Rose (LOVE IT) and a Rose :)  I would really like to have the new Polka Dance and probably a Scottish Storm also!

Diaper Bag Diapers

GroVia AIO - I love to have my AIOs in my diaper bag!  The making changing Baby K outside of the house so much easier!  Who wants to deal with a lot of hassle while you have a wiggly toddler on a changing table in a public bathroom?  The GroVia AIO makes it super easy and fast to change baby while out and about!  For a more in depth look check out my review!!  



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