Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wool.....What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing!  Say it again!  WRONG!!!  But for some reason the War song popped into my head and I had to finish my version of the song :)  Wool is absolutely wonderful!!  But it can also be extremely intimidating and scary if you have never used it before.  It was well over a year into my cloth diapering adventures before I even thought about attempting wool.  And all I have to say is I am sad and sorry that I did not try it sooner!!!

It is not nearly as horrible as I thought it would be to deal with.  But when someone tells you that you have to hand wash it, don't put it in the dryer, and use lanolin on it, that would make most people run for the hills :)  And that is exactly what I did for over a year.  You really don't "wash" it you more let it soak :)  and then roll it up to get the excess water out.  But you can read more one washing here (coming soon)!

So I guess the real question is why wool?  What is so awesome about it?  And why do I not wash it between every use?  Yuck!!!

So why wool?  Well why not :)  But honestly wool can be an awesome cover, especially for overnight!  Well for starters wool is 100% breathable.  That means, especially for overnight, that your little one's tush can breath and get oxygen ALL night long!  So what exactly does that mean?  It means they are less likely to get a rash from sitting in a wet diaper for 12+ hours!!!  Less rash means HAPPY TUSH!  When you use a PUL cover overnight it traps everything into the diaper, not just the liquid!  It traps any ammonia smell or other funk that is going on in there.  So some little one's that get rashes easily can get some relief from wool due to it breathing!

They are great for heavy wetters!  You would think something that doesn't have a "waterproof" layer would be a disaster waiting to happen.  But guess're WRONG!  Wool can hold around 2 times its weight in liquid.  So between the absorbency of the wool and the waterproof barrier of the lanolin you are set!!!  So that means, your heavy wetter CAN wake up DRY!!  No more changing the sheets in the middle of the night.  No more screaming because they are soaked.  It means nice, peaceful, sleeping nights :)

Wool also last a LONG time.  There is no PUL to pull away from the outer fabric.  There are no snaps to break, or aplix to get less sticky.  Plus the longer you wear them and wash them the more the felt.  Which you would think is a bad thing but in all honesty it makes them even better!!!  When wool felts it makes the inside a little fuzzy.  So the fibers of the wool are getting closer together.  With enough felting the wool will shrink some but it will also become bullet proof and nothing with get through it!

And one of the best things is that you only have to wash your wool every couple weeks to every month, depending on how often it is used.  You really want to wash your wool when it starts to stink.  WAIT!!! WHAT?!?!?  Only wash how often?  Wool is NATURALLY antibacterial and antifungal!!!  Due to the lanolin that is already present in wool plus the lanolin that you add makes wool antibacterial and antifungal!  Because of this natural property it makes you wool resist that yucky stuff :) And that means less washing!

And the best thing of all is that it is super cute and soft!  This is not wool like an old mans itchy wool suit.  This is soft and silky and makes you want to cuddle up with it :)  Give wool a chance and it may become your new best friend!!!

Is there a question you have about wool that has not been answered?  Check out the other post on wool (coming soon) in the Cloth 101 section or send me an email at and I will either personally answer you or it may just show up in an upcoming post :)        


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