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Scarlett Fluff - Fitted Review

Scarlett Fluff Fitted Review 1/2013
Outside of Diaper
I have not tried many different fitteds in my CD lifetime.  I personally only use them really for overnight use.  I know some people who use them during the day, but I am not usually one of them.  But I have to say that I LOVE using my Scarlett Fluff Fitted during the day!!!  It works great, holds a lot, and is adorable :)

If you have not used a fitted before then you really are missing out.  They are a wonderful option for nighttime or for using during the day (without a cover for breathing)!  Fitteds hold a ton, and personally I have never had a leak with one.  If you are planning on using for an extended time period make sure to use some kind of a cover because they are NOT waterproof by themselves!!

Scarlett Fluff is a wonderful new WAHM on the scene, that specializes in fitteds.  Most WAHMs that I have worked with in the past, and also follow, make AI2s.  I was extremely pleased to find Rachel and Scarlett Fluff because they were doing something new and different to the WAHM CD world!!!  Thanks so much Rachel for stepping outside of the box :)

About the Scarlett Fluff Fitted (from Rachel)

Scarlett Fluff Fitted Review 1/2013
Inside of Diaper
-Comfy and stylish one size fitted cloth diaper. 
-Fits babies from 9-35lbs.
-These diapers are made to be very absorbent and great for day and night use.
-Fold down rise and cross over snaps for a better fit on smaller babies.
-Snap-in doubler included for extra absorption.

This diaper has a soft knit outer, cotton velour inner, and a hidden layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece between the two which will help make it extra absorbent.
It has a 2 part soaker system. Each soaker is made with a top layer of cotton velour followed by 2 layers of heavy organic bamboo fleece, making a total of 6 absorbent layers! The soaker snaps onto the diaper so it does not move as much when baby is moving everywhere. There is also a snap-in doubler included that will snap in between the two soakers. This doubler is made of a layer of cotton velour, hemp jersey, and organic bamboo fleece. When the doubler is used you will have 9 absorbent layers plus the layer of organic bamboo fleece that is sewn into the diaper.
Scarlett Fluff Fitted Review 1/2013
Pure cuteness!!!

Fitteds do not have PUL in them to make them waterproof, but not having this does make them extra breathable for baby's bum. Therefore, they do require a cover to be considered completely waterproof, but it is known for moms to let their little ones run around in them without covers as they are very absorbent and should last a while before becoming damp on the outside.

This diaper will reach it's full absorbency after 6-8 washes

My Thoughts

Scarlett Fluff Fitted Review 1/2013
Ease:  This fitted is super easy to use!  It goes on just like any other AI2, even though it is a fitted.  All you do is snap in the soaker and booster, and snap on Baby.  Add a waterproof cover (your choice) for a waterproof diaper!  And since the whole diaper absorbs you know you will be covered for hours!!!

Price:  The price of a Scarlett Fluff Fitted runs between $28-$33 depending on the fabric used.  Regular fabric is the cheaper price and the more expensive price is due to HTF (Hard to Find) fabric.  Other "manufactured" fitted diapers can range anywhere from $19-$40+.  So the fact that you are getting a WAHM diaper for around the same price is AWESOME!!!! 
When and Why I use it:  I will be honest and say that I have not tried this diaper overnight.  I have 2 diapers that I use for nighttime already so I just haven't.  That and I hate to cover up the adorable print :)  But I do use this diaper during the day WITHOUT a cover.  I have never had a leak and Baby K will wear it for around 2 hours at a time no problem!!!  This diaper would be great for long car rides with a cover or wool!!!

Scarlett Fluff Fitted Review 1/2013
Tush Shot :)
Recommend:  I would definitely recommend this diaper!  I have loved having it in my stash.  I love the fact that it is a fitted that really holds so that I am able to use it without a cover during the day.  One night I will try it overnight and see how it goes :)  Maybe once I finally get some wool I will!!!

Overall:  This diaper has been great!  The only thing that I would say I don't like about it is how thick the wings are on the diaper.  They tend to curl up on Baby K whether I use the fold over rise or not.  Rachel and I talked about this and came to the conclusion that it is probably because the diaper I have is serged and not turned and top-stitched.  This makes the wings thicker (because she uses the same pattern) than they would be if they were top-stitched.  It is not a problem but for looks I think it would look better top-stitched :)  
Scarlett Fluff Fitted Review 1/2013
Wing Roll

Make sure to check out Rachel and Scarlett Fluff on Facebook!!!  And to purchase diapers please check out their HyenaCart Store!!!  And use the code REVIEW10 for 10% off anything in the store from now until 2/1/13!!!

All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. This diaper was provided by Rachel at Scarlett Fluff for review. No additional compensation was accepted for this review.       

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