Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fluff and Stuff Boutique - Spotlight

One day last week I logged into Facebook and went to my Blog's page.  I was super surprised to see a message there since people usually email.  But I did have a message from a great WAHM asking if I would like to run a giveaway.  I thought to myself...duh of course I would :)  I asked her for a link to her Facebook store, Fluff and Stuff Boutique and checked it out.  I got even more excited when I found out that she was just starting up and that it was a family business also.  I LOVE helping out WAHMs and especially start up businesses to help get their name out.  I was also thrilled that Katie had come and chosen me to do this for her!!!  Thank you so much Katie for giving me this WONDERFUL opportunity and I hope to bring a TON of fans to your awesome store!!!

A Couple Questions for Katie

Who all is involved in Fluff and Stuff Boutique

Fluff and Stuff Boutique is a family run shop. I, Katie, run it along with my mom, Dawn. My little sisters, Danielle and Taylor, help out a lot, so does my second dad, Kevin. Fluff and Stuff is a shop run across the country. I am in Wyoming (my husband is stationed here in the military) and Dawn, Kevin, Danielle, and Taylor are in Michigan.

Do any of you Cloth Diaper you children and if so how many

I cloth diaper my 15 month old daughter, Peanut. My mom and dad don't have any children in diapers and my sisters are in middle and high school.

Why did you start Fluff and Stuff Boutique

Fluff and Stuff Boutique was started because my mom and I have always made things for Peanut, we just wanted to let other parents be able to purchase our items for their children also. I wanted parents to be able to purchase wool products for their children at a reasonable price and my mom felt that way about her cloth diapering items.
Do each of you have a specialty or do you all have a hand in making everything

My mom and I each make different things for Fluff and Stuff Boutique. my mom, Dawn, makes the sewing items we feature (diapers, wet bags, sandwich bags) and I make the crochet things (woolies, bags, tablet cases). My dad and sisters help my mom out because they all live together. If we all lived in the same state items would have more of a group effort in making them. The producing system we have really works for us though.
What is your favorite item to make 

My favorite item to make changes time to time. Lately I have really enjoyed making woolies for customers. I love it when a customer is so happy with their work they send me in action pictures. That's probably my favorite part of the process, knowing a parent was pleased with an item and they are getting good use out of it.
Where did the name Fluff and Stuff Boutique come from

We thought long about what we were going to name our shop. Everyone had ideas, but we didn't want to limit it to baby items only. We knew we wanted to be able to provide a wide range of items to our customers. A lot of the time people call cloth diapers fluff, and stuff just kind of fell into the title. So we stuck with it and got business up and running.
What are your dreams for Fluff and Stuff Boutique in the future

I have big dreams, I always have. I really would like to see Fluff and Stuff Boutique giving back to the community in the near future. Soon we are going to be running buy one, give one specials. When you buy something an item is given to a family in need, this is a big goal for us to get to.  (I LOVE THIS!!! ~ AMY) I would love to see Fluff and Stuff Boutique items in shops across the country, and on lots of babies bottoms. I would also like to see our shop expand to carry more items


  1. OMG! This is the name of my product line. Guess I should have registered it. Crap! Oh well I've been slacking on it anyways. I'll think of a new name if I open shop again.

  2. Love that this is a family run business!

  3. I love hearing the story of how they chose their name. I'm a naming consultant and helping people find great names for things is my hobby!

  4. How fun that you were chosen by this new company. I wish someone would choose me to help promote their brand and products.


  5. I love wool covers but have never tried crocheted covers before. I'd be great to have a pair for my super soaking toddler.

  6. I absolutely LOVE family run businesses and I love that they are able to make it work w/out everyone being right next door! What an awesome family they must be!

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